Where was Black Widow filmed? Budapest, the House & ALL the Filming Locations

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The twenty-fourth film in Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first movie of Phase 4 is set after the events that took place in Captain America: Civil War but before Infinity War and Endgame.

Black Widow was filmed in England, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, and outside Atlanta in Georgia. Scarlett Johansson, who has worked on the character for 10 years, has now the chance to dive into the dark past of Natasha Romanoff.

The Black Widow Filming Locations

Completing the main cast are Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Little Women) as Natasha's figure-sister Yelena Belova and David Harbour (the sheriff from Stranger Things) as Alexei Shostakov or the Crimson Dynamo Red Guardian. Rachel Weisz (The Favourite, The Constant Gardener) plays the mother Melina Vostokoff.

Welcome to the most complete guide to the filming locations of Black Widow that you can find. Now let’s get started.

The house at 1995 Ohio
The opening scenes in an undisclosed town in 1995 Ohio (although the car's license plate shows Hamilton County, which is basically Cincinnati) were filmed in Georgia.

According to Atlanta Magazine, the production set up a basecamp to the northeast of Tucker at Holy Cross Catholic Church.

This area has many wide streets with houses with gardens like the neighborhood where the Russian undercover agents lived until they had to escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s men.
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Natasha Romanoff family house
Jovial Jay from Mculocationscout.com reported that the neighborhood where the girls spent a few years of their childhood is situated next door, at Embry Hills (north of Tucker and east of Chamblee).

The house is located at 3278 Embry Hills Drive. This is a private residence - if you are visiting, please be considerate to the owners of the property.

A lot of filming also took place in Rome, GA. When the family is on the road, Rome’s Barron Stadium briefly appears.
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The Black Widow family in Cuba
An aerial unit recorded some footage in the Bahamas used for the scene when the plane arrived in Cuba.

However, the scene when the family lands and meets General Dreykov (played by Ray Winstone, who looks like a mafia boss) was filmed at the RAF Upper Heyford, a former Royal Air Force station in Oxfordshire (England).

This facility has been used several times before to host productions such as the BBC series Good Omens and Killing Eve, or the movies Annihilation and Wonder Woman.
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Swat at Macon Train Station
21 years later, Natasha is on the run for violating the Sokovia Accords (see Captain America: Civil War).

The scene with the S.W.A.T. forces and the U.S. Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (played by William Hurt) was filmed at Macon's Terminal Station. Opened in 1916, this historical railroad station was closed for several days of filming.
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Natalia Romanoff in Norway
However, Romanoff is already hiding in Norway. This spectacular fjord, located near Sæbø in Møre og Romsdal county, is called Hjørundfjorden.

The filmmakers used the MF Goma ferry that connects the shores of the fjord, reminiscent of the Norwegian town where Home for Christmas was filmed.
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Black Widow drehorte filmsteder
The production was also filming scenes in the small town of Sæbø in Ørsta, at the Joker grocery store.

Local press reported that the crew had to stay on a boat at Åndalsnes since the Grand Hotel was already fully booked by the crew of the Norwegian movie Asphalt Burning (Børning 3).
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Black Widow city
The sequence in Morocco was filmed in the northern city of Tanger, located just a 40-minute ferry ride away from Spain.
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Antonia Dreykov Taskmaster bridge scene
The metallic bridge is probably based on an actual bridge, but the behind-the-scenes videos show that this sequence was filmed on a soundstage, so most of this structure was created via CGI.

The Black Widow in Budapest

Keleti Railway Station
Budapest is a vibrant city rich in history and period architecture, which has become a hub of the film industry in central Europe. However, the Hungarian capital usually doubles for somewhere else.

This time Budapest plays itself. This sequence opens with establishing shots of the metropolis from the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill. Natasha arrives at the iconic Keleti Railway Station (pictured).
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The Black Widow House

Black Widow house
Black Widow meets her sister Yelena Belova in an apartment in Budapest. There is an establishing shot at Népszínház and Kiss József streets (Kiss is a popular Hungarian surname), but the interior courtyard and the staircase with the lift are in the Adria Palace (or Adria Palota), located at Szabadság tér 16 (Liberty Square).

Built between 1900 and 1902, this magnificent run down building has been featured in many productions including A Good Day To Die Hard (2013), Atomic Blonde (2017), and Blade Runner 2049 (2021).
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Yelena apartment in Budapest
The rooftop chase was filmed almost next door from Adria Palace, at the old Budapest Stock Exchange Palace (also known as the MTV building).

This edifice is often rented out for events and film shoots. Productions like Outside the Wire, Shadow and Bone, and the Hanna series have been filmed here.
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The Black Widow in Budapest
The girls take the motorbikes parked a bit far away from Liberty Square, at Magyar and Ferenczy István street.

A stunt unit filmed through the streets of Budapest, showing some of the capital city’s most notable buildings by the Danube river's shore, including the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Justice.

The car explosion takes place at Alkotmány street. The sequence ends at the Nyugati Subway station (pictured).
Image courtesy of Marvel - Maps: Motorbikes / Alkotmány Street / Subway

Such a total poser
The girls end up recovering from the last scene and talking about fighting poses in a gas station with a small bar.

This location was filmed in a fast food restaurant called Fecó Büfé in Etyek, a town situated on the outskirts of Budapest.
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Melina pig farm
Rick Mason (played by O-T Fagbenle, Luke from The Handmaid's Tale) provides an old Soviet helicopter to rescue Shostakov.

This scene and Melina's farm were filmed at Hankley Common near Farnham (Surrey, England). The area has appeared in several James Bond movies including the Skyfall house, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day, and period films like 1917 and Macbeth.

However, the shoot created some controversy because the film crews built the farm set and started filming while the permit to use the site was still pending.
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The prison set
The prison was an enormous set built at Pinewood Studios London. The shoot required more than 400 extras.

The scenes taking place at the Red Room were also recorded at the studios, with plenty of CGI thrown in.

Blue Bayou
The Rome News-Tribune reported that the production, named with the working title of "Blue Bayou" recorded a scene at Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome.

It's not confirmed, but this may be the location of the post-credits scene where Belova encounters Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus).
Image courtesy of Marvel - Map

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1- Brian McGehee - Feb 22, 2022, 9:46 AM
The shot with the American flag bridge is direct across the street from the stadium. I used to live there and worked less than a mile away from them. I even got stopped by a DUI checkpoint at the exact spot they filmed it just a few months prior.

2- Anonymous - May 6, 2022, 5:44 AM
I don't believe Natasha's grave scene was filmed at Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome. I looked all around there in the summer of 2021, and nothing seemed similar to the shots in the film.


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