Where was Skyfall filmed? The casino, the house, and all the locations

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Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, Skyfall was filmed primarily in the United Kingdom but also contains a long opening scene shot in Turkey.

The movie features many interesting filming locations, including the Macau Casino, the abandoned island, and Bond's ancestral house, the Skyfall Lodge.

Daniel Craig as James Bond with Aston Martin

The twenty-third 007 movie follows James Bond as he confronts his past while tracking down a cyber-terrorist targeting MI6, played by Javier Bardem.

Released in 2012, the film was both a critical and commercial success, receiving widespread acclaim for its performances, direction, and cinematography.

Here is our (almost) spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Skyfall. You'll find the locations in order of appearance.

The filming locations

Skyfall location
The opening sequence takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, where Bond and Eve Moneypenny go after a mercenary called Patrice.

Pictured, the Deutsche Orient Bank building, located in the Eminönü district in the heart of Istanbul.
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  Image courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Map

Büyük Valide Han caravanserai
The car (and motorcycle) chase goes through the narrow streets of the city, around the famous Grand Bazaar.

This gate is from the 400-year old Büyük Valide Han caravanserai.

The iconic Nuruosmaniye Mosque also appears in the background when Bond is on the top of the roof.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Varda Viaduct
The rest of the chase was filmed on the streets of the city of Adana, in the south of the country.

A key scene takes place on the Varda Viaduct located near Adana.

This marvel of engineering, completed in 1916, stands at 322 feet (98 m).
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

MI6 Building 007
The SIS Building (still known as the MI6 Building in the movie), is the real British Secret Intelligence Service headquarters in Vauxhall Cross, London.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Four Seasons Hotel London
M's meeting with Mallory takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square.

This elegant luxury hotel is housed in a historic landmark building in the City of London.
Image courtesy of MGM and Jim Linwood - Map

Scorpion bar Skyfall
According to Moviemaps, the tropical beach scenes with the bar were filmed on a set built at Calis Beach in Fethiye.

Fethiye is a picturesque coastal town in southwestern Turkey known for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and dramatic cliffs.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Undercroft Old Royal Naval College
As 007 travelers reported, the funeral was filmed in The Undercroft at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

The vaulted King William Undercroft, which now houses the reception area, shop and café, is located beneath the famous Painted Hall.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Knightsbridge house
M's home is located at 82 Cadogan Square in Knightsbridge, between the Chelsea and Belgravia neighborhoods.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Smithfield Car Park
The Smithfield Car Park in West Smithfield served as the entrance to the MI6's underground complex.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Old Vic Tunnels
According to Movie-locations.com, the MI6 facility interior and the training area were filmed in the Old Vic Tunnels near London's Waterloo Station.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

James Bond at the National Gallery
Bond meets MI6 quartermaster, Q (played by Ben Whishaw), at the National Gallery's Room 34.

Filled with 18th-century British paintings, the duo contemplates The Fighting Temeraire by Turner.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Shanghai Skyfall
In Shanghai, the swimming pool was CGI'd to one of the city's skyscrapers.

As Reelstreets pointed out, the swimming-pool is actually located in the Canary Riverside Plaza Hotel in Canary Wharf, London.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
The hall at the Ascot Racecourse doubled as the Shanghai Aeroport.

Located in Berkshire, the racecourse is known for hosting the prestigious Royal Ascot meeting each June, attended by members of the British royal family and visitors worldwide.

The exterior is an establishing shot of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Broadgate Tower
The taxi doesn't actually leave the passenger anywhere in Shanghai, but at the Broadgate Tower building, which is located near Liverpool Street Station in London.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Skyfall Casino

Skyfall Casino Golden Dragon
The Golden Dragon Casino in Macau was a huge set built on the famous 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios outside London.

The scene with the boat on the water and the dragon's gate was filmed on the studio's Paddock Lot.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Skyfall Island

Skyfall island
La isla de Hashima, también conocida como Gunkanjima o Isla del Acorazado, es una isla desierta situada frente a la costa de Nagasaki en Japón.

Once a bustling coal mining community in the early 20th century, it became abandoned in the 1970s, leaving behind a ghostly landscape of crumbling buildings and empty streets.

Some establishing shots from the sailboat were filmed here, but all the interior scenes were recorded on a set at Pinewood Studios.
Image courtesy of MGM and Σ64 - Map

Charing Cross Station
Raoul Silva manages to escape into the underground tunnels beneath the isolation cell, filmed at the Charing Cross Station.

The production used the station's disused Jubilee Line platforms and service tunnels.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Charing Cross decommissioned station
The Temple Station was actually filmed on the Charing Cross decommissioned platform.

This area is still maintained to test new ideas and designs, and also because it's used from time to time as a filming location.

Many productions, including Killing Eve, Thor: The Dark World, and 28 Weeks Later feature scenes filmed here.

007 Stage tube crash
The train crash was staged practically, at full scale on the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios.

Ten cameras captured this spectacular scene, which was edited in post-production with the help of some digital effects.

The National Liberal Club
Silva gets out of the underground tube system emerging at The National Liberal Club located near the Embankment Station.

This Victorian building has housed the club since its founding in 1882.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Westminster Station on Parliament Square
Bond emerges about half a mile from there, at Westminster Station in Parliament Square.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

007 Aston Martin DB5
The garage under the railroad tracks where the silver Aston Martin DB5 is kept was filmed near Deptford in the southeast of London.

The area has changed significantly since the film was shot in 2011, with many new housing developments.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

James Bond Skyfall Road
The scenic road on the way to Skyfall, Bond's childhood home in the Scottish Highlands, is located along the River Etive in the mountains of the Glen Coe area.

The spot is marked on Google Maps as the 'James Bond Skyfall Road'.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Skyfall House

Skyfall house
The Bond family's ancestral home, known as Skyfall Lodge, and its chapel were built on the grounds of Hankley Common nature reserve near Farnham in Surrey.

Owned by the Ministry of Defence, this park has served as a filming location for tons of productions, including the new Napoleon movie and The Sandman series.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Old War Office Building
In the final scene, James is standing on the roof of a building in Whitehall Place overlooking the towers of the Old War Office Building, with Big Ben in the background.
Image courtesy of MGM - Map

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