Filming Locations: Where was Captain America Civil War filmed?

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Despite the name, more than a Captain America series film, this movie could be called Avengers: Civil War, or Avengers 2.5 as many fans refer to it. The plot picks up where Age of Ultron left off, after the battle of Sokovia. Steve Rogers leads one of the two superhero rival teams. Both factions will sort out their opposite views about government oversight by giving example: coming to blows.

This Marvel blockbuster used the city of Atlanta and Pinewood Studios as the base for the film. Captain America: Civil War was shot on location in Germany, Puerto Rico, and Iceland.

Where was Captain America Civil War filmed

The usual selection of stars returning to the franchise include Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, or Paul Rudd, and some newcomers like Tom Holland aka Spiderman.

Here are the complete filming locations of Captain America: Civil War:

Avengers headquarters
From all the filming locations in Atlanta, it stands out the building that served as the Avengers headquarters.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Captain America Civil War Filming locations
The new Porsche Experience Center seems designed to be a kind of Disneyland for adults. The complex consists of a museum, restaurants, and a drive track where you can try some of these exclusive machines for a fee.
Image by AutoWeb

African market in Lagos
A large set looking like an African market in Lagos, required many extras in an area in downtown known as The Gulch. Image by Thetorontokid2

funeral scene
Some more filming locations in Atlanta include the Peachtree Christian Church (pictured) where a funeral is held, the Atlanta Civic Center (serving as the infectious diseases laboratory in Lagos), the Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead district, and the suburb of Norcross. Image by Melsnap

The Avengers in Berlin
Now we travel to Germany for the next few locations. Here takes place one of the most expected scenes, when the two complete Avenger sides have the chance to debate their differences face to face, using an airport as a boxing ring. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Captain America Civil War Airport
The venue for the meeting is the Leipzig/Halle Airport near Schkeuditz in Saxony.
Image by Neuwieser

The First Avenger Civil War Drehorte
The background for the helicopter escape scene was all created by computer-generated graphics. It was not possible to show the real location in the film, as it was too close to the Reichstag and other government buildings (more details here). The original idea was to use the Paul Löbe Haus and the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus, connected by two pedestrian bridges over the river Spree.

Messedamm Underpass
An action sequence taking place in Bucharest was filmed in the Messedamm Underpass, near Potsdamer Platz. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

ICC Berlin
Also, they were filming in the old (1979) futuristic architecture of the conference center ICC Berlin (pictured), and around the Olympic Stadium of Berlin. Some locations of the fictional town of Winden in Dark were also shot here. Image by Loewe Chr

Milla de Oro Puerto Rico scene
Now we are overlooking the roofs of Milla de Oro in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. There were also filmed sequences for the first part of the movie in Lagos, Nigeria.

Winter Soldier in Siberia
Wondrous Iceland was doubling for Winter Soldier's land as a Soviet agent: Siberia. This would be a great filming location for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Vík scenery Iceland
The production team was filming around the amazing landscapes near the village of Vík, in South Iceland.
Image by Jay Kumar

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  1. A confusing point in the movie for me -
    Avengers are in Berlin then zap the big fight is at the Leipzig airport. When did they make the 120 mile trip? Did I miss something?

  2. The motorcycle screenshot and chase takes place in Bucharest in the movie, not Berlin.

    1. Yes, but it was filmed in Berlin. And the building in Vienna where they wabt to sign is actually the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. - Very confusing for a me as a Berliner.

  3. Same with San Juan standing in for Lagos, Nigeria and not Wakanda. But very interesting article nonetheless. Thank you, I was wondering about the church for Peggy's funeral!

    1. yeah you would have thought they might have used a London, ENgland church at least lol

  4. Awesome to know where they filmed the movie !!

  5. Thank you all, we updated and corrected the post!

  6. In the scene when Sparks goes to speak to Peter Parker was that Lefrak City in Queens?

  7. Actually the picture from the airport where they are about to fight is actually from the new part of the Atlanta airport. The inside is from Germany

  8. The power station that was shut down to release Winter Soldier was in Atlanta, on the south side of the Grant Park neighborhood.

    1. yeah the church was in ATLANTA too - must have been easier on the budget for them


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