Where is Killing Eve filmed? The House & All the Filming Locations

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Killing Eve series is back for the fourth season and we added the acclaimed dark comedy-drama to our filming locations database.

Since the beginning, the show has been roaming Europe, following the trail of blood that the unpredictable professional assassin Villanelle/Oksana left behind.

Where is Killing Eve season 3 filmed

We've seen the Eve-Villanelle duo bringing their love-hate story in England, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Bulgaria, and Romania, although obviously the real locations are not always shot where the story takes place.

Season 3 brought wonderful locations in Spain and Romania to the list. The cat and mouse games will continue, discovering great unusual shooting locations through the continent.

Here is our updated report of the most relevant and interesting Killing Eve filming locations. Contains no spoilers!

Marriage scene Andalusia palace
The season kicks off with Villanelle's troubled wedding. The exteriors were shot in Castillo de la Monclova, a 14th century palace located near the town of Fuentes de Andalucía in Seville province.

However, the interiors were filmed at Tyringham Hall in Buckinghamshire.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Castillo de la Monclova / Tyringham Hall

Killing Eve London Locations
The awesome work of the Twitter account @KillingEveSites helped to find many new season 3 shooting locations.

In London, a flashback scene back in Moscow in 1974 with young Dasha (Harriet Walter) was filmed at Seymour Leisure Centre in Marylebone.

The Sanatorium where Eve's husband Niko Polastri (Owen McDonnell) is recovering was filmed at the Grove House Roehampton in Wandsworth.
Image courtesy of BBC/AMC - Maps: Seymour Centre / Country House

Eve apartment in London
The house where Eve lives, the Han restaurant, and the Tesco supermarket from the first episode are in New Malden, in and around High Street.

The new office is located in Greenfield Road, Whitechapel. The souvenir shop where Konstantin buys a lame fridge magnet for his daughter is the Crest of London.

The shop is located just around the corner from Eve and Bill’s old MI6 office off Trafalgar Square (4 Warwick House Street).
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Maps: New Malden / New MI6 Office / Souvenir Shop

The Killing Eve House

Barcelona Flat
The Villanelle house in Barcelona was shot on the main floor of Cases Ramos.

This is a Moorish architecture building, located at 31 Lesseps square in the central Gràcia district of the Catalan capital. The Neo-Arabic apartment was designed in 1906 by Modernist architect Jaume Torres Grau.

The scene taking place in Girona was filmed in the El Born neighborhood in Barcelona downtown. The spice shop was built on a soundstage in London.

Girona is a beautiful medieval city located 50 miles (80 Km) north of Barcelona. It was also featured as King's Landing in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, just a few years ago.

On this occasion, Catalan was added to Villanelle's ability to perform in multiple languages.
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC and Google Maps

Shoot in Villa in French Riviera
Episode 2 Management Sucks, locations in Barcelona also include our favorite psycho-killer walking near Arc de Triomf and a scene setting at Restaurant Joanet with Dasha in Sant Agustí Vell square.

When Villanelle is sent to the French Riviera (or the Côte d'Azur), she actually meets inexperienced sicario Felix at the Passeig de les Drassanes in Sitges, a beautiful coastal town off Barcelona where Who is Erin Carter? was filmed.

The clown children's party scene was filmed at villa Casa Paradiso at Sant Andreu de Llaverneres near Mataró.

In London, the funeral was shot at The Clapton Hart in Hackney Downs.
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Maps: Sitges - The Clapton Hart

Granada Alhambra scenery
Episode 3 Meetings Have Biscuits kick off with an establishing shot filmed overlooking the Alhambra palace located in Granada, Andalusia.

This mid-13th century fortress is a stunning complex built by the Moorish kings centuries before to be expelled from Spain, around 500 years ago.
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Map

Godmar Castle murder scene
However, Villanelle’s mission actually takes place in the Godmar Castle (Castell de Godmar) located in the outskirts of Badalona city.

This private residence was originally (during the medieval times) a fortified country house, transformed into a manor house over the centuries.

Dasha and Villanelle have a vermouth back in Barcelona with a baby at Barceloneta square.

Some more locations in Barcelona for episode four include Carrer del Bonaire and Passeig del Born.
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Maps:Masia - Plaça de la Barceloneta

Carolyn in the bar and the toys shop in England
In London, Eve and Mo meet in the graffiti-filled Brick Lane in Spitalfields.

Villanelle goes shopping in a perfume shop and visits Floris, a British family perfumers store, at 89 Jermyn Street.

Carolyn meets Henrik in the elegant Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood Hotel (Holborn). The teddy bear store is Hamleys on Regent Street.

In the last scene a police officer stops Carolyn's car in Saint Albans Road.
Image courtesy of BBC / AMC - Maps: Brick Lane / Perfumery Scarfes Bar / Hamleys Store

Locations in Romania
The fourth episode scenes taking place in Poland with Niko were filmed in the Transylvanian town of Viscri in Romania.

Located 26 miles (42 Km) southeast of Sighișoara, Viscri is a charming postcard Saxon village, featuring a UNESCO World Heritage fortified church and picturesque rural houses.
Yuli's high school (Konstantin's daughter) in Moscow is the Gara Regala Băneasa, a former railway station in Bucharest.

Konstantin and Yuli go down the National Heroes Memorial staircase at Carol Park (pictured below), also in Bucharest.
Image by courtesy of BBC - Maps: Viscri / Secondary School / Heroes Memorial

Locations in Romania Also in the same episode Still Got It, the French lady job was shot in the Chenies Manor House in Buckinghamshire.

Carolyn and Paul have lunch in the exclusive Savile Club in Mayfair (London).

The colorful swimming pool in Barcelona is actually the Bazinul Dinamo, in Bucharest.

Grizmet hometown in Russia
The Grizmet (Гризмет) train stop where Villanelle arrives back home in Mother Russia, is in Cucuieți Sudiți, located in the outskirts of Bucharest.

The exteriors of the town in the fifth episode Are You From Pinner were filmed in the Comandău (Komandó in Hungarian), a small hamlet nestled on the Carpathian mountains in the Székely Land region.
Image by courtesy of BBC - Maps: Train stop / Komandó Town

Episode 6 End of Game
In episode 6 End Of Game Villanelle meets Hélène at The Bentley Hotel London in Kensington.

The hairdressing scenes in Timișoara were also filmed here. The ice hockey match in Russia was shot at the Lee Valley Ice Centre in London.

The bowling alley in Barcelona (pictured below) is the Rowans Tenpin Bowl at North London's Finsbury Park.

The crazy driving with Irina was filmed at the old RAF Upper Heyford base station in Bicester, also seen in the Good Omens series and the Annihilation movie.
Image by courtesy of BBC - Maps: Hotel/ Ice skating rink / Bowling alley / Air Base

Armoury and bridge scenes
Episode seven Beautiful Monster opens in the Armourers' Hall in London, where Villanelle meets Hélène (Camille Cottin).

The omelet restaurant is The Gilbert Scott at St. Pancras. The hotel hall in Aberdeen was also shot in the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel.

The golf course is Camberley Heath Club in Surrey. The Twelve assassin Rhian (Alexandra Roach) meets MI6 agent Mo Jafari (Raj Bajaj) near the Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park.

The heart attack scene takes place in the Liverpool Street Station.

The Season 3 finale
The season finale Are You Leading or Am I? features the Royal Albert Hall.

The dancing scene was shot in the Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley, a classic venue boasting an original 1950s ballroom.

The tube station is the Waterloo and City Line at Bank Station. The Bridgeway Bets was set in St George’s Walk in Croydon. Someone didn't recognize the Tower Bridge?
Image courtesy of BBC/AMC and London Lime - Maps: Royal Albert Hall / Rivoli Ballroom

Killing Eve season four
In the first episode of season four, there is a scene set in Russia filmed in the mining town of Lupeni in Romania.

It was very easy to track down this location as the producers didn't remove the sign in Romanian on top of the building (Palatul Cultural Minerul). Also, there's an establishing shot where we can clearly read "nu parcati" (do not park) in Romanian.
Image courtesy of Image courtesy of BBC/AMC - Map

Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh as agent Eve Polastri, Jodie Comer as psychopathic killer Villanelle, Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens, head of the Russia Section at MI6, and Kim Bodnia as Konstantin Vasiliev, a Russian intelligence agent, handler of Villanelle.

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