Where was Home for Christmas filmed? The House & ALL the Locations

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Our favorite Nordic romantic comedy is back for season three. The series follows Johanne, who goes love hunting again, trying to find a boyfriend that she can take home for Christmas.

Home for Christmas was filmed in the picturesque Norwegian town of Røros and Oslo, the country's capital city.

Where was Home for Christmas filmed

Elise Broch plays the lead role as Johanne, who is stuck between her life ambitions and the social expectations of having a partner and children.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Home for Christmas.

The real Home for Christmas town

Home for Christmas Town
The producers were looking for a place with snow and cold. Røros was chosen as the location for the show because this town of 5,581 inhabitants has one of the nicest shopping streets in the country (Kjerkgata street).

Also, because the pastel-colored houses match the footage shot in Kampen, Oslo’s 19th-century wooden village.
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Image courtesy of Henrik Dvergsdal - Map

Røros Home for Christmas
Although Røros is located up north in the Trøndelag county, at almost 5 hours drive from Oslo, the village is very well connected with the city thanks to the Widerøe airline daily flights.

You can fly up to the Røros airport in the morning and come back to Oslo in the evening.

Hjem til jul filmsted
This hit series also received its share of criticism in Norway. The show hides the real village where it is filmed.

Can you see what is missing in the image above? The bell tower of the iconic old Røros church was removed from all the scenes.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Weihnachten zu Hause drehorte
So even a small production like this one uses digital effects to accommodate the show's requirements.

Pictured, the Christmas market stall after and before set dressing.

The Home for Christmas house

Home for Christmas house
Johanne's pink house is located at Normannsgata 21B in the Kampen neighborhood of Oslo.

According to the Norwegian website 730.no, this charming detached house built in 1889 with parking space and garden is on sale for a little more than six million and a half kroner.

At the current exchange rate, this is about US$784,000. Not bad for a 51 square meters (548 square foot) one-bedroom home.

The ad states that the cabin has a cold attic with the possibility to raise the ceiling in the living room to make a loft.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Home for Christmas location
Røros is also a historical mining town, designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980.

The village has preserved up to 80 magnificent 17th and 18th-century buildings.
Image courtesy of Markus Tacker

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