Tadfield and the nice and accurate filming locations: Where is Good Omens is filmed?

Michael Sheen and David Tennant Good Omens
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Good Omens is a six-episode part miniseries based on the hilarious fantasy book by Terry Pratchett (the brilliant author of Discworld saga) and Neil Gaiman (the creator of American Gods). The story follows an angel and a demon who have been on Earth since the beginning of time. After becoming accustomed to the planet, they are teaming up to find the Antichrist and prevent the apocalypse from unfolding.

The Amazon Studios and BBC co-production is lead by Michael Sheen (Masters Of Sex, Passengers) as angel Aziraphale, and David Tennant (Broadchurch, Doctor Who) as the demon Crowley. Completes the main cast Adria Arjona (Anathema Device), Jon Hamm (Archangel Gabriel), Nina Sosanya (Sister Mary Loquacious), Anna Maxwell Martin (Beelzebub), Jack Whitehall (Newton Pulsifer) and Sam Taylor Buck (Adam, the reluctant Antichrist).

Good Omens was filmed in and around London and in South Africa. A lot of the action takes place in the fictional town of Tadfield. We will be expanding and updating this filming locations report with more details very soon, as we are still missing some key locations of the show:

Where the hell (and heaven) is Good Omens filmed?

Tadfield Good Omens
Tadfield is the fictional town near Oxford, where the birthing hospital of the incompetent Satanic Order of Chattering Nuns is set. The exteriors of Adam's family house and some scenes in the village were filmed in Hambleden, a small and beautiful hamlet in Buckinghamshire.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - Map

Dónde se rodó Buenos presagios
The British convent Tadfield Manor, run by The Chattering Order of St. Beryl is the Bulstrode Park mansion in Gerrards Cross (Buckinghamshire). Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon and Maypm - Map

Where is Tadfield
Angel and demon use St James's Park (near Buckingham Palace) for their meetings, as if they were Cold-War Era Spies. Some more obvious locations are the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. At the end of episode one it appears a not so obvious setting, a short scene featuring the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in the London Borough of Bromley. Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - St James's Park Map / Crystal Palace Map

Escalators building
The hall of the building where both Heaven and Hell headquarters are located was filmed in the escalators at The Broadgate Tower entrance, in the City of London. The spectacular Heaven's top-floor is the Sky Garden restaurant. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre doubles as itself in episode 3.
Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon Broadgate Tower Map and Sky Garden Map

Park location
Hogback Wood, the playground of the Antichrist and friends in the outskirts of Tadfield, was filmed at Painshill Park in Cobham (Surrey). Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - Map

The Book and Hard Times chapters
The Bandstand pictured from episode three is located in Battersea Park (London Borough of Wandsworth). In episode two, Aziraphale and Crowley meet in the Penge Cafe Bistro at 111 High St (London). Below, a scene from episode five with the Horsemen filmed outside The Old School Cafe on the corner of Longcross Road and Accommodation Road near Chobham. Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - Bandstand Map / Old School Cafe Map

RAF Upper Heyford film location
The air force base station is RAF Upper Heyford, a semi-abandoned US airbase in Oxfordshire. Thanks to British Cinematographer we learned that London's Soho street and the bookstore were built in a set in an airfield in Bovingdon. Also several car sequences were filmed at West London Studios.
Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - Map

Tavistock Square Gardens scene
Before heading to the restaurant at the end of the last episode, the couple meets in Tavistock Square Gardens in Bloomsbury (London). Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon - Map

Ein gutes Omen drehort
The scenes taking place in warmer latitudes including biblical scenes and some more dusty landscapes (the Middle East, Rome) were filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. Image courtesy of BBC / Amazon

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  1. where is anathema's cottage filmed?

    1. I believe its the weald and downland museum near Goodwood

  2. Ep 5, where the Horsemen meet is The Old School cafe on the corner of Longcross Road and Accommodation Road, Chobham. Inside is a studio set.

  3. the bandstand from ep3 is Battersea, the cafe interior from near the end of ep2 is Penge Cafe Bistro

  4. The park in the last episode where C&A switch back is Tavistock Square Gardens near Euston station

  5. Yes, not Berkeley Square at all!

  6. The cafe where shadwell and crowley meet is on garratt lane new Henry prince estate (Wandsworth)

  7. Why in the hell does the gate guard have two ranks?

  8. The final scene with the nightingale was also filmed in Tavistock Square. It's a lovely part of London and in the enctre of the square is a monument to Ghandi (you can just see it in the background at one point of the A/C scene.

  9. Where is the cliff house where Anathema Device is set living in as a child? Or was that CGI?

  10. Hambleden has a church and is therefore a village and not a hamlet.

  11. Hambleden, pretty village, also used for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the wind mill) Vicar of Dibley, Killing Eve. Nice pub also...

  12. The last picture above is of Bulstrode Park Gerrards Cross. The scenes of the paintball sequence are all there. I lived there as a child in the 60's.

  13. I think one of the photos is place called Boston Manor House the weather cast


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