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Ever been watching a movie or series and wished you could travel to the world on screen? Atlas of Wonders is the number one solution for all your filming location doubts. We make the best guides for the latest movies and TV shows, tirelessly seeking wonderful shooting locations all around the world.

We are constantly updating and improving our posts with fresh information and images, thanks to our collaborators, readers, and our network of contacts in the film industry. Furthermore, we always link to our sources. All the information published is verified to make sure that the content is trustworthy.

Unlike other websites reporting on filming locations, our content is original and personally researched. You’ll often find hidden gems and tidbits that we’ve uncovered through our shrewd detective work. AoW is one of the few sites where you can still find genuine, first-hand information.

Check out the archive for a full list of the movies and TV shows that we have investigated. Each production is broken down by key places with descriptions and images, as well as links to a map of the actual location.

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Atlas of Wonders is relied on as the website of reference for filming locations. Our articles are frequently cited by leading media outlets including Lonely Planet, The Guardian, Time Out, Forbes, Business Insider, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Huffington Post, Condé Nast Traveller, Smithsonian Magazine, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Variety, Slate, Architectural Digest, BuzzFeed, Narcity, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Reader's Digest, Daily Hive, Thrillist, The Tab, Oprah Magazine, Screen Rant, Bustle, Curbed, Heavy.com, The A.V. Club, ComingSoon.net, The Wrap, Mental Floss, Popsugar, Monsters and Critics, Lifehacker, and many more.

In the early days, Atlas of Wonders started out as... an atlas of wonderful places. You’ll find all the old legacy articles created from 2011 to 2017 here, sorted by continent. We also have a map showing the geographical position of all the locations.


Author Ra Moon
Ra Moon - Founder, Webmaster, and Supreme Leader

Filming Locations by Atlas of Wonders is a website handcrafted by nomad traveler Ra Moon. Just like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, he hails from Barcelona, but is currently based in England. He launched the website in 2011, seeking to combine his experience in the start-up world with his passion for cinema and travel (he’s cooked his legendary omelette in more than 80 countries). Ra has also been published in the prestigious magazine Condé Nast Traveler and the stop motion animation studio Upuno.

Author Rosie Bailey  
Rosie Bailey - Editor in Chief and Beloved Imperial Subcommander

The gorgeous, witty, and intelligent Rosie Bailey has a Bachelor of Arts from Manchester University, where she took up European Languages. Her love of movies began early in childhood, so early that up until the age of 14 she thought that Labyrinth was a nightmare she had had as a baby. It was only with her formal education that she learned to appreciate Russian black and white art films with subtitles.

Author Lisa Tanase  
Lisa Tanase - Senior Writer and Great Tsarina

From beautiful Saint Petersburg to the wide wild world, Lisa is an open-minded free singing bird. She is always looking for new adventures, exploring off-the-beaten-track locations and finding out about the latest movies, shows, and music. Lisa began as a travel writer for her own blog and did amazing work with the Atlas of Wonders Russian version. Legend has it that if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find her, maybe you can try her secret pelmeni recipe.

Author Raziel Leiva  
Raziel Leiva - Editor, Connector of Worlds, and Pop Culture Guru

Raziel Leiva, or Papa Razi as his friends call him, was raised in the US by Mexican parents, so he is culturally an inbetweener. It’s a beautiful place to be because you can freely adapt to many worlds and connect people across the universe, which is one of the reasons he has loved stories (especially movies and books) since he was three years old after watching Return of the Jedi and going to the library for the first time. Raziel uses his journalism experience from Illinois State University, his knowledge of many cultures, and his experience of living amongst many of them, to bring people together through many organizations.


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Many thanks to all the fantastic photographers, collaborators, readers, supporters, friends, and donors who have contributed their work to build this site.


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