The Umbrella Academy Filming Locations: The house and the city where the Netflix series is filmed

Where is The Umbrella Academy filmed
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The Umbrella Academy is one of the most anticipated series of the year. The Netflix production is an adaptation for television by Steve Blackman of the popular comic book of the same name by Gerard Way (the singer of the rock band My Chemical Romance), illustrated by Gabriel Bá.

The story revolves around the seven members of a dysfunctional adopted family of super-powered kids, raised by an peculiar millionaire. After the mysterious death of their mentor, the group has to team up to resolve what happened to him, and do what everybody is expecting from a squad of superheroes: to save the world from imminent destruction.

The cast includes Ellen Page as The White Violin (Juno, Inception), Tom Hopper plays the strong Spaceboy (Game of Thrones), Robert Sheehan is the psychic drug addict The Séance (Misfits, Mortal Engines), The Rumor is a manipulative liar interpreted by Emmy Raver-Lampman (Hamilton), the troublemaker The Kraken is performed by David Castañeda (Sicario 2), and Aidan Gallagher completes the gang as the time-traveler The Boy.

The Umbrella Academy was filmed in and around Toronto and Hamilton (Ontario, Canada). We have exclusive information about the filming locations of the series, and we will be updating this spoiler-free report with more details soon.

Where is The Umbrella Academy filmed?

The Umbrella Academy Location
The entrance to the Umbrella Academy house, the old mansion of Sir Reginald Hargreeves alias The Monocle, is a building located at 4 King St E in Hamilton.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Umbrella Academy House
In this aerial view of the block of houses where the The Umbrella Academy family used to live, we can compare the work of the CGI team with the image below extracted from Google Maps. The courtyard shown in the funeral scene (the very first image of this report) is the Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre in Toronto. However, most of the interiors of the house seem to have been filmed in a studio. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Umbrella Academy filming location
Also in Hamilton, the scene of the bank robbery with the young kids was filmed in the new Canadian National Railway Station at 360 James St. N. Image courtesy of Netflix and Saforrest - Google Maps

Where is The Umbrella Academy set
Most of the series is filmed in Toronto, although the filmmakers are somehow hiding Ontario's capital. The skyline of the city where The Umbrella Academy is set has been photoshopped. This scene from episode one, filmed in The Port Lands (Toronto Harbour-Pier 35), includes several new skyscrapers crowned by striking lights, but no sign of the CN Tower. Image courtesy of Netflix and Timothy Neesam - Map

Umbrella Academy film location
Have you seen the new Griddy's Doughnuts place? The crew refurbished an old cafe at 1187 Queen St West, to film this cool quick service restaurant. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The Umbrella Academy drehort
The Icarus Theater is an amalgam of locations. In the first and last episodes, Vanya plays the violin in the Elgin Theatre at 189 Yonge Street. However, the exterior in episode 4 was filmed in the Massey Hall in Victoria St (pictured in the next image below). Both locations were also featured in Guillermo del Toro's 2017 movie The Shape of Water. Image courtesy of Netflix and Amanda N Sherrington - Elgin Theatre Map

The Umbrella Academy shooting location
The organ hall where Vanya goes for rehearsal with the orchestra is the Mazzoleni Concert Hall of The Royal Conservatory of Music. Below, a screenshot of the Massey Hall from episode 4.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Mazzoleni Hall Map / Massey Hall Map

Umbrella Academy town
Vanya's apartment exterior is located in Queen St E. Filming notifications posted around the city informed that further filming took place in Little Portugal area and in Cube Night Club at 314 Queen Street West (episode 7th).
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Where is The Umbrella Academy set
The Soviet swimming pool scene from the first episode was filmed at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre in Toronto. The Pawn Shop is located in King St E in Hamilton. Images courtesy of Netflix - Swimming pool Map / Shop Map

Umbrella Academy filming in Toronto
The Meritech prosthetics building is the Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories of the University of Toronto.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Umbrella Academy Locations
The mechanic's workshop from episode 2 is located at 146 Ossington Avenue. The Queens Mini Mart from episode 3 is a convenience shop at 1666 Queen St W (both in Toronto).
Images courtesy of Netflix - Workshop Map - Supermarket Map

Umbrella Academy Set
The Vietnam Veterans of Foreign Wars place where Klaus and Diego stop by in episode 5 is the Moose Lodge at 3753 Lake Shore Blvd W. The restaurant where Vanya and Leonard have coffee in the same episode is the East Thirty-Six bar at 36 Wellington St E, also in Toronto. Images courtesy of Netflix - Lodge Map - Bar Map

Umbrella Academy film locations
The meeting with the Handler in a countryside road at the end of episode 5 is near Dyment's Market in Fallsview Rd E, Hamilton. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Umbrella Academy astronomical observatory
The Temps Aeternalis organization headquarters, runned by The Handler, is the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Umbrella Academy cabin
Leonard's cabin in the woods is the same location used in Netflix's Polar movie, filmed somewhere outside Toronto. Image courtesy of Netflix

Umbrella Academy town
The Rain Quail Bed and Breakfast where Hazel and Agnes go in episode 8 is the Rosebud Motel from Schitt's Creek series, at 308351 Hockley Rd in Orangeville. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Umbrella Academy City
Screenshot of an action scene from the last episode filmed at Bay St, with the distinctive Toronto Old City Hall clock tower. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

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  1. I think the courtyard shown in the funeral scene (at the top of your page) is the Tanenbaum Opera Centre in Toronto

  2. The cabin in Ep 8 is also used in the movie Polar.

    1. Just googled to see if anyone else had spotted it!!! 😀😀 I suppose Netflix needs to keep production costs down!! 😎

    2. Thanks guys, definitely it is the same house (it was also used in Hannibal series season 3), but we don't know its exact location.

  3. The Queen's Mini Mart in Episode 3 is located at 1666 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1B2

  4. The Pawn Shop is located next door to Sparkle Northern Chinese Cuisine
    165 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B2

  5. The legion klaus goes to is located across from long branch GO station on lakeshore rd

    1. Umm... We can't find this, more details please?

  6. Meritech is the Lash Miller building at the University of Toronto. Also many of the scenes shot during the scenes where Five is in that van are shot around University of Toronto's downtown campus

  7. Is the interior of the house the same set used in the haunting of hill house and alterd carbon?

    1. No because The Haunting of Hill House was filmed in Atlanta and I Altered Carbon in Vancouver. But at first I thought the same because of the movements of the camera and the way some sequences are filmed.

  8. The interior shots of the offices the time people work at are in Casa Loma and one of the locations Vanya goes for her ? audition or rehearsal I can't remember, is Brookfield Plaza across from Union.

  9. last episode 10 in the series, looks like Distillery district in Toronto

  10. I'm trying to pinpoint the restaurant in Episode 4... I could swear I've been there before!

  11. Last photo is Dyments Market in Hamilton

  12. I think the motel in episode 8 is the same one from the Schitt's Creek series.

  13. Looks like East Thirty Six on Wellington St E

  14. The opening pool scene looks like the Wallace Emerson community centre at Dupont and Dufferin.

  15. Pretty sure the greenhouse where Allison and Luther sit in episode 6 is Allan Gardens

  16. And do u have some information about the interior rooms of the academy? Im rrally interested in the living room <3