The real town of Margrave, Georgia: Where was Reacher filmed?

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The Amazon show is an adaptation of Lee Child's Jack Reacher book series set in the fictional town of Margrave, Georgia.

However, Reacher was entirely filmed in and around Toronto, in Canada. The first season is based on the events taking place in the novel Killing Floor.

Reacher Margrave

The story follows retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher, played by Alan Ritchson (Blood Drive, Titans), who is caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy in Margrave.

Completing the main cast are Malcolm Goodwin (iZombie) as Chief Detective Oscar Finley, Willa Fitzgerald as police officer Roscoe Conklin (Scream, Alpha House), and Harvey -Guillermo- Guillén, our favorite familiar from the What We Do in the Shadows series as Jasper, the coroner.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to (almost) all the filming locations of Reacher.

Welcome to Margrave, GA

Margrave Georgia
Established in 1974, the town of Margrave doesn't exist at all: As reported, the village was temporarily built on a property outside Pickering, Ontario.

The streetscape actually looks brand new, doesn't it? Ah, maybe it's because the town is loaded with the Kliner Foundation money.
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Margrave Diner
The main square with the Casper Teale's statue, the gazebo, Mosley's barbershop, and the Margrave Diner were all created on this set for the shoot.

The lot was rented at first only from December 2020 to September 2021 for $15,000 per month plus tax, although the contract was extended for up to nine years to use the set for other film and television productions as a large movie backlot, with a lease of $30,000 per month.

Lawton County
But there are sections of the town that were filmed at actual locations. The Salvation Army Thrift Store scene was filmed at 82 Mill Street in Georgetown, near Brampton.

During the show, we learn that Margrave, inhabited by 1,700 souls, is 'perfectly located for distribution' in the also fictional Lawton County near Atlanta.
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Blind Blake Reacher
The night scene when Roscoe is following Jack in episode two, "First Dance", was filmed on Perry and Queen Streets in Port Perry.

By the way, Blind Blake was a real American blues musician born in Florida who actually died in Newport News, Virginia.
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More Reacher Filming locations

Reacher locations
The prison from the first episode was filmed at the former Kingston Penitentiary, also known as Kingston Pen.

Opened in 1835, this historic maximum-security center was closed down in 2013. Now it can be visited on a tour until plans for future development are completed.

This Victorian-era complex was also a key location in the Mayor of Kingstown series with Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner.
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Stratford Suburban Motel
The fight scene at the motel in the second episode where Reacher breaks the wrists of the drunk kids was filmed at the Stratford Suburban Motel in Stratford, Ontario. (Thank you Mike W. for your help in finding this location!)
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Kliner Industries
The Kliner Industries headquarters that appear for the first time in the third episode, "Spoonful", was filmed at ATL Industries in Uxbridge.
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Reacher city
In episode four, "In a Tree", Roscoe and Jack stay the night in a suite at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel in Richmond Hill.

A superior room with two queen beds can be booked for about US$130 per night, money that seems to have been well spent by the starring duo.
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Highway 407 station
The station where the trio meets the secret service agent is the Highway 407 transit terminal in Vaughan, Toronto.
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Port Perry
The local press reported that the restaurant of the fight in the fifth episode, "No Apologies", is the Piano Inn and Cafe at 217 Queen Street in Port Perry.

Port Perry, lined with beautiful 19th-century heritage buildings, was also the filming location of the Lakeside town in Wisconsin featured in American Gods.
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Apolline's Diner
The Apolline's Diner in Memphis where Jack meets his old comrade, former army investigator Frances Neagley (played by Maria Sten), is the Lakeview Restaurant at 1132 Dundas Street W in Toronto.

This iconic restaurant was also featured in several big productions including The Shape of Water, Hairspray, and The Boondock Saints.
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Alton GA
Cambridge Today revealed that the police car scene, also from episode five, was filmed at the Black Bridge in Cambridge.

Located between Guelph Avenue North and Townline Road, this heritage structure dates back to 1916.
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Reacher house
The safe cabin in the woods is the same location used in Netflix's Polar movie and The Umbrella Academy series, filmed in an undisclosed location somewhere outside Toronto.

Moodies Motor Inn
The motel from episode 6, "Papier", is the Moodie's Motor Inn at 778 Kingston Road W between Pickering and Ajax.

Curiously, we are used to seeing Georgia doubling as many other sites, but this time it's another location doubling as Georgia, which is quite odd.
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Valhalla Equestrian Centre
The gorgeous horse stables with the large wooden-framed riding arena in Venezuela is the Valhalla Equestrian Centre based in King City, ON.

This family-owned complex features a 40-stall equestrian training and breeding facility with barrel-vaulted ceilings in stable corridors.
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Reacher drehorte
Some of the scenes set in New York were filmed at Ontario Heritage Centre (pictured) at 10 Adelaide Street E in Toronto.

The next sequence, when Jack exits the building and someone follows him, was shot on Toronto and Court Streets, located nearby.
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City hall
But where is the interior of the town hall?

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1- Anonymous - Feb 5, 2022, 8:33 PM
The motel featured in Episode 7 when they are investigating the truck is Moodys Motor Inn in Pickering.

2- Ilikewine - Feb 6, 2022, 7:12 AM
I'm heartbroken that the barbecue place is fictional. My husband and I were almost packed and on our way from Colorado! It is sacrilegious to use the barbecue in that way. Is that gal still in police custody in NY?

3- Anonymous - Feb 7, 2022, 8:15 PM
The train station Reacher and co meet the secret service agent is the Jane and 407 transit terminal in North York, Toronto Ontario.

4- Anonymous - Feb 13, 2022, 8:14 AM
Kilner Industries was filmed at ATL Industries on Durham Line 30 in Uxbridge.

5- Anonymous - Nov 27, 2022, 10:23 PM
In the last scene, when Reacher buries his grandfather’s medal, it’s obvious it’s not Georgia. The dirt would have been red/orange clay, not soft and brown.

6- Anonymous - Mar 18, 2023, 3:39 PM
As a Georgia native, I recognized immediately that this movie wasn't filmed in the Peach State. The vegetation was all wrong. Since so many movies are filmed here, I wonder why they didn't.

7- Anonymous - Apr 10, 2023, 6:19 PM
The window tint place where Reacher takes the Bentley is at the corner of Parkdale and Burlington Street in Hamilton, Ontario.


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