Welcome to Kehoe, Colorado: Where was Cold Pursuit filmed?

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Cold Pursuit is a story of revenge that works very well as a black comedy too. Liam Neeson plays Nels 'Mr. Plow' Coxman, a snowplow driver whose son appears to have died of an overdose. Nels will try to find the truth, looking for a drug lord called Viking, played by Tom Bateman Murder on the Orient Express, Snatched). Viking's men will be disappearing one after another in strange circumstances at the hands of the badass vigilante.

The main cast is completed by Laura Dern performing his wife Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks) and Emmy Rossum is Kim, the local detective (Shameless, The Phantom of the Opera). Originally titled Hard Powder, the script is based upon the 2014 Norwegian dark comedy In Order of Disappearance (Kraftidioten).

Although this production is set in Kehoe, Colorado, Cold Pursuit was filmed in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. These are complete spoiler-free filming locations of the movie:

Streets of the town of Kehoe Colorado
Cold Pursuit is set in the fictional town of Kehoe, Colorado. The cute village of Fernie (BC) doubled as Kehoe. Thanks to the magic and the great work of Union Visual Effects, we can play the spot the difference game with the screenshot from the movie (above) and the actual shooting location below.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX - Map

Landscape Canadian Rockies Fortress mountain
The stunning snowy outdoors pictured in the film are from the Kananaskis Valley in the Canadian Rockies. The graveyard is situated under the Fortress mountain (left) and Gusty Peak (on the right). The movie was also shot at Fernie Alpine Resort. The filmmakers had planned to shoot in Banff National Park. However, the direction of the park didn't like the fact that one of the bad guys, the gang boss played by Tom Jackson, is an Indigenous Native American, and the filming permit was revoked. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Davebloggs007 - Map

Nels house in the mountain hill
The beautiful isolated cabin overlooking Kehoe, home of the Coxmans... it actually doesn't exist!
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX

Cold Pursuit cabin
Are you disappointed? It's too bad that Nels's house is not available on Airbnb! The crew built a set in a slope with views to The Fortress mountain in the Spray Valley Provincial Park area.
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX - Map

Screenshot of the valley with and without CGI effects
At your right, the rough shapes of Mount Kidd. The valley down the mountain ridge is where the Kananaskis Village. The city lights of Kehoe were also digitally added. The waterfall and the river where Nels drops the bodies are also CGI compositions. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX

City comparison film Special Effects
I wish our cities looked as cool as the one featured in the movie. Look at this idealized view of Denver, Colorado.
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX

snowblower workshop
The Open Road company facilities where Nels works are located very close to the Fortress Mountain Resort ski area lodge. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment - Map

Kehoe Airport
The Kehoe Airport was set in the Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook.
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Google Maps

Modernist mansion featured in the movie
The cartel leader three-story glass mansion is the Eppich House II, designed in 1988 by one of Canada’s most famous architects, Arthur Erickson. This luxurious property, priced at $16.8m, is located at 1056 Groveland Road in British Properties (West Vancouver). Images courtesy of Summit Entertainment - Map

Blizzard Bar in Alaska
The interior of the Blizzard Bar is The Bourbon pub at 50 West Cordova Street in Vancouver. The members of the drug cartel leave Nels son's body in the Olympic Village Square, near 'The Birds' sculptures. Liam Neeson and Micheál Richardson are real-life father and son - they also played father and son in the movie set in Tuscany where they have to fix an old house Made in Italy. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment - Blizzard Bar Map / The Birds Map

mortuary scene
The Waterfall Building (at 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver) served as the morgue. Lisa's Bridal Salon in New Westminster was used to host a short action scene involving Nels breaking a couple of bones (or rather a couple of dozen of them). Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Patrick Lauke - Waterfall Building Map / Lisa's Bridal Salon Map

Grand Hotel The Empress
The exteriors of Kehoe's Chateau Montclair Resort were also CGI'd and are inspired by the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel in Alberta. The interiors of the resort complex were filmed in The Empress, a magnificent historical grand hotel located in the city of Victoria (Vancouver Island).
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Canadianhockey91 - Fairmont Chateau Location / The Empress Hotel Map

Hard Powder drehort
What about the modern cube house of Brock "Wingman" Coxman (Nels's brother)? The scenes in the house were filmed in a studio, and the exteriors were computer-generated. White Bull's gang headquarters, set in an old theater, was filmed in a warehouse. The nice ceiling decorations were also created in post-production.
Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Union VFX

The setting of the motel
Mountainous scenery was added digitally to the background of the colorful and striking City Centre Motor Hotel on Main Street (Vancouver). Also, according to Whatsfilming.ca, some more Cold Pursuit shooting locations include the Former Canada Post Building and Lord Byng Secondary School (the High School of Riverdale) series. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Mike - Map

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  1. Amazing pictures! British Columbia, Canadá, Vancouver, very nice!!!

    1. What a beautiful picturesque part of the world Canada is.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this information, I was wondering where this movie was shot! Great work :)

  3. Replies
    1. No it was a made up name but based on a town called Fernie. Fernie is a city in the Elk Valley area of the East Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. Check out the images on Google :)

  4. I'm wondering about the location of the waterfall where the bodies are thrown off. Does anyone know that?

    1. Hi Dan, it looks like the waterfall doesn't exist. I reckon it was done with CGI.

    2. Duh,,,,it's on the top of a mountain in the winter,,,,there's no such thing that exists. I live in the Rockies and there's so much of this film which is inaccurate, geographically speaking, but I did enjoy the film regardless if it's flaws.

  5. Great location.....amazing Neesam....

  6. Great scenery. The movie was horrible. Teri let plot. Bad acting and the hokey and corny depiction of the cross and names every time someone died was ridiculous. Almost comedic for a movie where a mans son died and his quest was seeking revenge.

    1. You apparently missed the part about it being Black Comedy. Agreed the acting wasn't much, but it was funny and entertaining.

  7. Very ..Fargoesque. Thumbs up.

  8. This is a cool article. I love that you connected to the maps!

  9. To me 🥶 Cold Pursuit is the perfect revenge movie. Simple story line, good guys win, choosing the right road matters, bad guys pay. Whimsical. Tongue in cheek. Not too much gore. Humorous in the right places. Not too many words. The road less taken. Lots of snow. Even the score says it all. This movie should have five 🌟✨⭐️💫💥 The scenery and locations were inspirational.

  10. Replies
    1. Yes! That was the only location I really wanted to know lol

  11. RA are you sure the 'outside' shot of the "Chateu Montclair Resort" is not really based on "Chateau Lake Louise" in Banff National Park ? The turrets and top row of rooms colour are a dead ringer if you look at stills... CGI merge of locations a la Fargo ?

    1. Awesome! Thanks a lot for finding this, updated!

  12. I want to know more about Nels house

  13. It's a decent movie with the calming effect of beautiful shots of amazing scenery interwoven at the right times plus it's set as a "black comedy" not a drama piece so I think some aren't reading it properly. It's a well written piece with only the shortcomings of some of it's actors taking away from its magnificence. I'd just like to know where they filmed the scene in the beginning when they showed his house on the foreground and the valley of snow and mountains that had the town lights in the background that was a magnificent location?

    1. Hello guys, I hope that with this new update your questions have been answered satisfactorily! :)


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