Where is Lost in Space filmed? Locations for the new 2018 Netflix series

Lost in Space where filmed
Lost in Space is a new version for the CBS classic sci-fi show from 1965. In the not-so-distant future, the members of the Robinson family embark in a mission to explore the deep space, looking for a suitable planet to host life. Due to an unexpected issue, they are forced to land on an unknown world. The fight for survival -and the adventure- has begun.

Several of the 10-episode series are directed by Neil Marshall (who also was in charge of the brilliant terror movie The Descent). Toby Stephens (the villain in 007 Die Another Day) leads the cast along with Molly Parker (House of Cards, Deadwood).

Lost in Space was filmed in the great outdoors around Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada). The Netflix project was hosted at The Bridge Studios in Burnaby. As usually, once published we don't abandon this post lost in the webspace - we'll be updating and improving it, maybe with your help:

Lost in Space arc
Most of the extreme landscapes seen in the series doesn't exist or have been heavily modified using CGI effects, like the spike mountains, the giant stone arcs and the waterfall. Image courtesy of Netflix

 Lost in Space Netflix Locations
The artist's vision of the planet borrows elements from different sites like the Arches National Park (Utah) or the rugged Nā Pali Coast in Kauai Island (Hawaii). Image courtesy of Netflix, David Bailey and Wehardy

Lost in Space locations
The snowy scenes from the first episode were filmed in the top of Brohm Ridge, and in the glacier in the Mount Garibaldi range (near Alice Lake Provincial Park in Squamish).
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Ran Z - Map

Lost in Space shooting locations
A lot of filming took place in the Lower Seymour Reserve in North Vancouver, including Robinson's Jupiter 2 set. The production was looking for new and remote locations in British Columbia, a province in which so many other projects are made every year. Image courtesy of Netflix and McKay Savage - Map

Lost in Space Locations
A filming notice stated that day and night scenes, some of them using fog effects, were filmed at Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver) from Bear Trail to Ross Rd. Many other films and series shot around Vancouver were filmed in this amazing forest, like The 100, The Flash, Battlestar Galactica or Legends of Tomorrow.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Jeff Hitchcock - Map

Where was Lost in Space filmed
Watts Point Quarry near Murrin Provincial Park (Brittania Beach) was set to shoot some sequences, as location manager Michael Gazetas confirmed in an interview for BC Creates.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Lost in Space filming
According to Whatsfilming.ca, Lost in Space filmed scenes at Robert Burnaby Park (Burnaby), Chek Canyon (Squamish) and Greenwood Park (North Vancouver). Image courtesy of Netflix

Lost in Space shooting locations
Some scenes were filmed in a field between the towns of Ashcroft and Cache Creek. Also they shot at the Johnson Farm and Emerald Springs. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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