Where was Westworld filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations including Season 3

Aaron Paul as Caleb
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The third season of Westworld series came packed with spectacular locations, a great cast and a good (and sometimes confusing) story where western meets sci-fi. The show stars Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Anthony Hopkins and now introducing Breaking Bad Aaron Paul.

The plot is inspired by the 1973 film by Michael -Jurassic- Crichton of the same name, taking place in a near future where robotics has developed to the point of reaching the borders where life begins. In this context, a mysterious corporation offers holidays in an adult theme park where guests can be whoever they want, and take their darkest fantasies beyond limits.

Westworld Filming Locations
Westworld first and second seasons were primarily filmed in a movie ranch in Santa Clarita, California. The Warner Bros Studios in Burbank were used for shooting interior scenes. The vast beautiful landscapes that give the feeling of the classic Westerns are located in Utah and Arizona.

Season 3 is expanding the universe of the series into the real world, incorporating new locations in Catalonia, Valencia and Singapore. We are updating this spoiler-free report with every new episode. Please scroll down to find the new third season filming locations:

The Original Season 1 Filming Locations

Where was Westworld filmed
The town of Sweetwater was set in the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio of Newhall, in Santa Clarita. The show was also filmed on location in the Paramount Ranch in Agoura, where is located the famous church of Escalante (pictured).
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image by courtesy of HBO - Melody Ranch Map / Paramount Ranch Map

Las Mudas town
The Westworld town of Las Mudas was filmed in Mexican Village set of Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch, also in Santa Clarita. Some more scenes were filmed in the Mexican and European Street of the Backlot of Universal Studios in California. The episodes featuring a train were filmed at Fillmore and Western Railway near Santa Clarita, a railroad owned by three major studios of Hollywood. Photo HBO - Veluzat Ranch / Railway Location

Monument Valley railroad
Some riding scenes have as a background views from the world famous Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border. Shots of the great American outdoors, including the Colorado River, were filmed in Castle Valley and Fisher Valley near Moab (Utah). Also it is very peculiar the way that the team created some of the scenes of the train interior: The entire coach was mounted on the back of the trailer of a truck. Instead of using the old classic technique of filming moving vehicles by projecting the exterior in screens, the truck was driven back and forth the State Route 128 in Utah. Photo Fred Moore and HBO - Monument Valley / State Route 128

The Maze shoot at Dead Horse Point
The scene pictured was filmed with the stunning Dead Horse Point as background. Sections of this landscape were merged in post-production with the Mesa Gold Bar balcony overlooking the park at the top of Delos complex, shot in the Skirball Cultural Center of Los Angeles. Image by courtesy of Westworld and Jim Dollar - Map

The Bicameral Mind chapter beach
Among the multiple natural landmarks that can be seen on the show are also the Vasquez Rocks, located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, California. The beach scenes were shot at Playa San Juan Leighton in Malibu.
Image courtesy of HBO - Maps: Vasquez Rocks / Beach Location

Delos Arrival Terminal and escalators
The Delos Arrival Terminal was filmed in the interior escalators of Los Angeles Convention Center. Some of the halls of Delos Labs were shot in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.
Images by courtesy of HBO - Maps: Convention Center / Pacific Design Center

Interviewing Dolores and cold storage facilities
The Westworld Park Mesa Hub interiors were also partially filmed at Cal Poly Pomona University, at the College of Environmental Design building. The cold storage facilities at Sub-Level 83 were filmed in an old abandoned shopping center, the Plaza Mall in Hawthorne, California. Maps: Cal Poly Pomona / Plaza Mall - Westworld Drehort

Westworld Mesa Hub Map
This image is a cross-section map first published by HBO and improved by Business Insider, showing the structure of a reverse skyscraper of the Delos corporate office within the Westworld Mesa Hub.

The Season 2 Locations

Season 2 The Door
Lake Powell and the massive Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (below), at the border between Utah and Arizona, were two spectacular new additions for Westworld season two.
Image HBO and National Park Service Digital Image Archives - Lake Powell / Glen Canyon

Park scenery
We know the exact location of the Fort Forlorn Hope where Delores and the rebels were held up by the Confederados, thanks to a reader who found it. The place is nestled in a valley close to Veluzat Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita (map coordinates below). The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah was also featured in episode 8, when Akecheta rides a horse and finds Logan under a tree.
Image by courtesy of HBO - Fort Forlorn Hope Map Location - Coral Pink Sand Dunes Map

Delos mansion and Arnold's house
The Delos mansion looking like a Greek temple is a property called La Villa Contenta at 26880 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. Arnold's house (pictured below), is the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright's 1923 Millard House in Pasadena. Image by courtesy of HBO - Delos mansion / Millard House

The India and Japanese resort complex
The India park Raj World was filmed at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. Season 2 also introduced the Japanese Shogun World Park. Some scenes from S02E06 were filmed at Huntington Library Garden in Pasadena (California). Photo HBO and Brandon Postal - Langham Hotel / Huntington Library Garden

The Passenger landscape
In S02E10, the Westworld hosts walk towards the Valley Beyond going through Trona Pinnacles in California.
Image by courtesy of HBO and Tony Hoffarth - Map

The New Westworld Season 3 Filming Locations

Parce Domine modern mansion
The season begins with Dolores on a sneak visit to rich businessman Gerald. The exteriors of the high-tech house, hanging in a cliff overlooking the beach, look like a CGI creation. However, the interiors were filmed in the awesome Wallace Cunningham’s Crescent House located at 532 Neptune Ave in Encinitas (California). Made out of steel, glass and concrete, the house includes four bedrooms, a gym and an elevator. The circular terrace is actually facing the Pacific ocean, featuring an infinite pool. Image by courtesy of HBO - House Map

AI Rehoboam ball building
Dolores attends the Incite Gala, shot in the Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts on Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. The interiors of the building hosting the powerful AI Rehoboam sphere are the Bank of America Plaza at 333 South Hope Street (the exteriors were filmed in Singapore, you'll find more details below). After a ride on her futuristic autonomous motorcycle, Dolores spies on Liam Dempsey Jr. (the son of the creator of Incite) in the Metropolis Condos complex in downtown LA.
Image by courtesy of HBO - Maps: Grand Arts High School / Bank of America Plaza/ Metropolis

Westworld in Valencia
The Delos headquarters were filmed in the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Spain). This controversial cultural and architectural complex, designed by Santiago Calatrava, served as a filming location for the 2015 film Tomorrowland and Doctor Who series. The Westworld city is a modern version of San Francisco. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Salesforce Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid were added digitally to the skyline of the Mediterranean capital of the Valencian Country. Image by courtesy of HBO and Juanedc.com - Map Location

The Singapore shoot
A lot of filming for Season 3 took place in Singapore. The hospital where Caleb Nichols visits his mother is the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA). The job interview takes place in the glass twisted metal cage building of the Lasalle College of the Arts (pictured below), in the Rochor neighborhood. There is a short scene with Caleb walking near the Tory Burch store in the iconic Orchard Road.
Image by courtesy of HBO - SOTA Location / Lasalle College Map / Orchard Road

Incite company offices
The exteriors of the Incite company building where the Rehoboam system is set, is the new Marina One Residence, hosting some of the most luxurious apartments in the world. In the third season's first episode, after delivering a parcel using Rico's app, Caleb walks the Helix Bridge also located in the Marina Bay area. By the end of S03E01, the scene with Bernard leaving Palawan Island (Philippines) in a boat was shot at Pulau Ubin, an island just off Singapore. Maps: Singapore Marina One / Helix Bridge / Pulau Ubin

Third episode The Absence of Field
The awesome scene under a bridge with Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) and Dolores was filmed in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. Filming took place in the 4th Street Bridge near the Metro Division 20 facility. Check out how many skyscrapers have been digitally added to the shot!
Image by courtesy of HBO and Google Maps

The MacArthur park
The sequence ends up in MacArthur Park, located across the street from the Park Plaza Hotel (The MacArthur). The scenes with Caleb in a park with a lake were also filmed here at MacArthur Park in LA.
Image by courtesy of HBO and Google Maps - Park Plaza Hotel / MacArthur Park Map

Second World War park
The Second World War scenes of Westworld's season 3 with Nazi Swastikas were shot in Besalú, a historic medieval town near Girona in northern Catalonia. Filming took place around the Llibertat and Prat de Sant Pere squares and the 12th-century Romanesque bridge. Image by courtesy of HBO - Film Location Besalu

Serac house
Engerraund Serac's (Vincent Cassel) secret compound, the house with silos where Maeve (Thandie Newton) wakes up in episode two, is called The Factory. Located in the outskirts of Barcelona (Sant Just Desvern), La Fábrica was a disused cement factory, until renowned architect Ricardo Bofill transformed the place into his family home and architecture workshop headquarters in the 1970s.
Image by courtesy of HBO and Eager - La Fabrica Ricardo Bofill Map Location

Singapore modern skyscrapers
In S03E03, Dolores and Charlotte meet in a lounge in the Parkroyal Collection Pickering, the hotel hanging gardens in Singapore. Caleb takes the subway Stadium MRT station in several scenes along the series. The exteriors of the dinner were CGI'd under The Pinnacle@Duxton residential complex, in the actual location of the Poo Thor Jee Temple. The durian-looking building is the performing arts centre of the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Image by courtesy of HBO - Vertical Gardens Hotel Map / Metro Station / The Big Durians

Westworld pier
The jetty from S03E03 'The Absence of Field' is the Hermosa Beach Pier, the same spot featured in La La Land. The skyline of the Westworld city was totally CGI'd into the scene. Image by courtesy of HBO and Kevin Cimarusti - Pier Map

Restaurant lounge and Bank
Singapore appears finally as Singapore in episode four 'The Mother of Exiles'. Serac takes Maeve to the impressing Atlas Bar. There is an establishing shot featuring the iconic three hotel towers connected by a roof terrace, the Marina Bay Sands. The bank scene is the National Gallery building. Maeve goes for a stroll in Orchard Rd and Chinatown’s Smith Street. Maps: Atlas Bar / National Gallery

Dolores in LA Subway
Episode 5 'Genre' features a car chase scene shot in downtown LA, ending up in OUE Skyspace located at 633 W 5th St. The production also closed off Hope St and sections of Grand Avenue to film the stunts. Dolores' troupe takes the subway to Santa Monica at Wilshire station, but it looks like all the scenes were filmed at Vermont/Santa Monica station, decorated with neon light sculptures. The conference room with floor to ceiling windows where Martin talks to Serac is the SKYstudio in Los Angeles.
Maps: OUE Skyspace / Subway Station / SKYstudio

Episode 7 scene with Caleb
The flashback scene with Caleb and Francis from episode 7 Passed Pawn was shot in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, with lots of skyscrapers added digitally into the sequence. Map

Buddha restaurant evening scene and army
Also in episode 7, Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) and Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto) met Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) in the Tao Los Angeles, the nightclub in Hollywood with the giant Buddha statue. The flashbacks of Caleb in the military training park were filmed in a Warner Bros backlot studio exterior set. Map

Connecting bridge Westworld scene
The finale was shot in LA Downtown. The pedway pictured is located in South Figueroa Street & West 3rd Street. Some riot scenes were filmed in the City National Plaza in Flower St. The Italian Renaissance Revival architecture of the California Club building is visible in the background of several shots. The fight scene pictured below was recorded inside the World Trade Center. There is a short scene in which Bill, The Man in Black, seats in a great hall drinking expensive whiskey at Millennium Biltmore Hotel, also in Los Angeles.

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  1. The 'WestWorld' location photo with the caption: "Las Mudas (pictured) and other scenes were filmed in the Mexican and in the European Street of the Backlot of Universal Studios in California. Image by courtesy of HBO"

    is not Universal Studios. It is the 'Mexican Village' set of 'Valuzet Motion Picture Ranch':


  2. The repair facilities was shot in Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood

  3. Delos mansion in s02 ep02 is 27002 West Coast Hwy, Malibu

    1. Wow, I'm wondering how did you get to know about this one, Pete!

    2. I think someone in the cast mentioned a mansion in Malibu and then I just looked at the way the gardens and paths were laid out around the house during the episode then looked for them using Google Earth.

    3. Great, thanks a lot for your help. Update coming soon...

    4. The correct address is 26880 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA. The property is called La Villa Contenta.

  4. The India plantation, in the season two episode with the tiger (I forgot the episode details) was shot at the Langham Hitel in Pasadena

  5. Mesa Hub interiors were also filmed at Cal Poly Pomona, in the College of Environmental Design building.

    1. Thanks for your help finding this location, Arnold :]

  6. Arnold's house was filmed at Millard House in Pasadena.

  7. I found the fort where Delores and the rebels were hold up at 34°29'17.06"N by 118°30'5.85"W It's near the Mexican town location outside Sant Clarita. I have far too much time on my hands! Thanks for the site btw happy to contribute,

  8. The bay with all the floating hosts is at 37° 0'37.28"N 111°31'47.29"W You can see that there was good access to the beach for all the film trucks.

  9. Two of the locations in Westworld series 2, episode 1 were previously seen in Planet Of The Apes 1968 - the beach, and the lake. A location in a later episode, a lake in Utah, was seen in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut.

  10. Also the closing scene where Bernard leaves in a boat was shot at Pulau Ubin, which is an island just off Singapore.

  11. I think the Hermosa Beach pier is remarkably similar to the Point del Petroli poder in Badalona (near Barcelona)

    1. Sí, s'hi assembla molt però no te les mateixes llums d'il·luminació que el de Califòrnia.

  12. The cliff house in the opening episode is CGI it think, but the interiors and pool sequences were shot at 534 Neptune Ave Encinitas CA. Thanks to... http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/wallace-cunningham-crescent-house/

  13. In the episode Genre, as Caleb, Delores and Skittles & co exit the subway station, then a car pulls up and two shooters jump out was shot at 334 s main st

  14. The photo where the Man in Black is sitting in the lobby is shot at Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles hotel.

  15. Valencia is not Catalonia, Valencia is the capital of another autonomous region. The exteriors of the third season were filmed in the city of science, to be exact, the office is inside the palace of music, and the outside is between the palace, L'emisferic (imax cinema) and the "humbracle".


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