Where is Virgin River filmed? The real town in California Filming Location

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Netflix's Virgin River is an adaptation based on Robyn Carr's bestselling 20-book series of the same name. The story follows nurse practitioner Melinda Munroe who after widowing decides to make a fresh start. She moves to the remote Californian town of Virgin River, located in redwood forests, where the series is set. Melinda meets an intriguing man, Jack Sheridan, former Marine and owner of Jack’s Bar.

The 10-episode show stars Alexandra Breckenridge (This Is Us, American Horror Story) as Melinda, while Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy) plays Jack. Tim Matheson (Hart of Dixie) and Annette O'Toole (Smallville) complete the main cast of this small town drama, created by Sue Tenney (Cedar Cove, Good Witch).

Virgin River was filmed in an amalgam of several locations in and around Vancouver in British Columbia. We will be updating and expanding this spoiler-free report with new filming locations soon:

Where was Virgin River filmed?

Virgin River California town
Some exteriors of the fictional village were recorded in Bowen Island. The crew took some establishing shots of the streets and buildings in the charming harbour town of Snug Cove (pictured, the public library), as local site Bowen Island Undercurrent reported. The Fitches Bed & Breakfast may be also located in the area. The Artisan Lane neighbourhood is full of cute and colorful houses.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Doctor Mullins manor Virgin River drehort
We find out that the magnificent Vernon Mullins' Family Practice Clinic house is located at 122 First Street in New Westminster. This Victorian home, built in 1889, is situated in the historic Queen’s Park neighbourhood. According to this property listing service, the house is nicknamed Breezehurst. The mansion is a spectacular Queen Anne-style home featuring more than 6,000 square feet of living space over four floors, a lovely wrap-around veranda, mature gardens and the beautiful stained glass windows of the interiors that we can appreciate in the series. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Melinda House in the forest
Mel's cabin is the caretaker’s house in Murdo Frazer Park on Vancouver's North Shore, near the Pitch & Putt Public golf course. It was built in 1950 and often appears on movies and TV shows (The Flash, The Magicians, Once Upon a Time, Siren...). Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Jack's bar location
Jack's bar exteriors were filmed in the The Watershed Grill near the Eagle Run Viewing Shelter in Brackendale (Squamish). This is a fantastic place with awesome views over the Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park and its surrounding mountains. Several scenes with Mel and Jack were also filmed here in the Squamish river. However, the interiors were shot at the studios in Vancouver. Image courtesy of Netflix and The Watershed Grill - Map

Welcome sign and town street
This establishing shot from the first episode with the 'Welcome to Virgin River' sign was filmed in Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz. This is a small town in British Columbia, around 60 miles east of Vancouver.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Hope and Doc house set
Hope McCrea's house (the mayor of Virgin River) is the Edgar Residence at 6450 Deer Lake Drive in Burnaby. This beautiful large wood-frame bungalow, built in 1912, is registered as a historic heritage building.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Spectacular Waterfall Squamish
The shots of the waterfall were taken at the Shannon Falls Provincial Park. It is located very close from Squamish along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway. Image courtesy of Brook Peterson - Map

Season one real place van in the lake
Filming also took place in the Deer Lake Park and Foreshore Park in Burnaby, where the Virgin River scenes featuring Paige’s food truck may have been set. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Bar in the city and shop scenes
These two minor locations are very close to each other in Port Coquitlam. The bar where Mel and Jack go in episode 7 is Samz Neighbourhood Pub (2342 Elgin Ave). Charmaine Roberts hairdressing saloon is the In A Wink Boutique (2627 Shaughnessy St). Image courtesy of Netflix - Pub Map - Store Map

Harbor restaurant finale
The Eureka harbour from episode 9 is Steveston Harbour in Richmond. Pictured, a scene with Pajo's Fish and Chips in the background. The restaurant Arthur's located next door, where Melinda and Jack have a romantic dinner, is The Crab King (only exteriors). The new Apple TV+ series Home Before Dark set in Erie Harbor, Washington, was also shot here. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Virgin River book map
BookBub published this cool map of Virgin River from Robyn Carr's books and reported that the second season is already being filmed.

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For further information about the story told in the series, here are a few links to #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr's novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River books and her latest tale of love, published this year, The View from Alameda Island:

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  1. Jack's bar exterior looks a lot like a pub in squamish near the eagle viewing area

  2. Great show, writing, directing and acting! Fabulous beautiful views! Enjoying it so much here in old New England! Wish there really was a place like Jack's though we do have a few similar pubs and some with pool! Always great eating places to hang out during storms! Thanks for sharing wonderful photos. Glad to hear another season is coming...bring it on!

    1. I think it's great but how do they ever think it passed as northern California!

  3. Just started watching the show and I love it ... remainds me of BC so much... too bad its a fictional location.

  4. We have been enjoying this series. The scenery matches Dunsmuir/Mt Shasta somewhat, so its a good fake of NorCalifornia.

    1. i was thinking the same thing. i live in cali and swore I recognized fort bragg too, guess i was wrong.

  5. The lakes that Jack and Mel visit - around the 35 minute mark in episode 1 and the 20 minute mark in episode 3 - where are they?

    1. First episode - looks like the Squamish river (near where the Watershed Grill which fronts as Jacks Bar is). The waterfall featured in a couple scenes is nearby Shannon Falls in Squamish.

  6. It's funny Doc's clinic (in last picture) is across the street from the bar :)

  7. There is a shot of the town with the town sign in front and that is taken in Agassiz, BC

  8. Where was the harbour in Eureka located?

  9. The house where Hope falls ill is a heritage house on Deer Lake in Burnaby.

  10. It seems like Virgin River may be loosely based on a small town in Humboldt County—where there are many gorgeous rivers like the Eel. Not only is the story supposed to be set in Northern CA but it also mentions Eureka and Miner’s Flat, perhaps like Myer’s Flat

    1. It also mentions Fortuna. I lived there for 14 years.

  11. Fitches Bed and Breakfast = Klahanie Campground across from Shannon Falls.

  12. I think the cafe where Mel and Charmaine meet in episode 10 is Lynn Creek Canyon Cafe in North Vancouver. I also think the scenes in Episode 3 where Jack and Mel go with the baby for a picnic are on the Pitt River in Coquitlam near Minekhada Park. Loved watching this series and identifying so many beautiful scenes near where I live.


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