Where was Jurassic World (and Jurassic Park) filmed on Kauai Island

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Kauai is for many the most beautiful island of the Hawaiian archipelago, where many movies and TV series have been filmed.

Jurassic Park, from the already distant 1993, found most of its locations here. The 2015 Jurassic World movie went back to the so-called Garden Isle.

Kauai could be described as a paradigm of heaven on earth. It's a paradise blessed with almost eternal spring. At the same time, it has a great variety of microclimates, thanks to the interior valleys, golden beaches, and mountain peaks.

Kauai Na Pali coast

The lush vegetation grows in a fertile land offering enough wild tropical fruit to survive a shipwreck. Whales and dolphins swim its waters, and a welcoming and friendly population lives far away from the trouble of the world.

The best way to appreciate the raw beauty of the island taking a look from the sky. The producers of both films understood very well the power of a scene flying over the spectacular Nā Pali coast.

This cracked impressive range of cliffs is rising to 4,000 feet (1,200 m) over the ocean. No roads were built to reach this part of the island, and it can be only explored by water or hiking the arduous eleven-mile Kalalau Trail.

To complete the picture, we also included other fabulous locations not featured in the films.

UPDATE: Following this link you can find the filming locations where Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was filmed.

Na Pali coast spectacular aerial shot
Drum roll... here they are, the sheer spires of Na Pali coast.

In the movies, these are the first views of the island from the helicopter. Boats are not allowed to land on the beach of the hidden and isolated Honopū valley.
Image by Wehardy - Top image Wallyg

Jurassic World Island concept art
This image belongs to the concept art for Jurassic World, designed by the artist Nathan Schroeder.

The seaside bungalows are suspiciously similar to those from Le Meridien Resort in Bora Bora, which we visited in this post.

Isla Nublar from a helicopter
In the movies, Isla Nublar is the fictional remote island where the action takes place, about 120 miles off the west coast of Costa Rica.
Image by Paul Bica

Jurassic World Filming Locations
Screenshot of the boat arriving at Nublar Island at the beginning of the film Jurassic World part one.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Coast and Pacific ocean in Kauai panoramic
Kauai also doubled as Samoa in Hobbs and Shaw movie from the Fast & Furious saga.
Image by Spettacolopuro

Landscape Pacific coastline from the air
It's interesting to imagine how after millennia, the earth's crust has shifted eastwards, while the volcanic focus that created the entire Hawaiian Islands range remains in the same position.

In this way, the islands have emerged one after another, so that the volcanic hotspot that originated Kauai is now under the subsoil of the youngest island and further west, Hawaii.
Image by Minette Layne

The gyrosphere scene
Also, several scenes were filmed at Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu, an area featuring the same kind of sharp Hawaiian mountains.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

water flows down the volcano's slope
Weeping falls on a rainy day. The famous scene, entering Jurassic Park gates, was filmed near Mount Waialeale, known as the "Wall of Tears", because of the effect of hundreds of waterfalls going down the slopes.
Image by Jay Cagle

Blue Hole Kauai shot from the air
The Blue Hole is an outstanding geographical feature of the Nā Pali Coast.
Image by E.T

Round Hole in the coast near the ocean
A vertigo view by helicopter of what was once a natural cave whose roof collapsed some time ago.
Image by SnackDaddy

Mountain range flying buttress near the shore in Kauai
Island trivia: also scenes of Lost, the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Dino De Laurentiis'76 King Kong have been filmed here.
Image by Howard Ignatius

Na pali Honopu beach from a boat
Honopū beach with its arch 90 feet (27 m) tall, also known by the original name of Cathedral Beach.
Image by Wehardy

Colorful beach and stone arch Hawaii archipelago
What a formidable range of colors and textures in one of my favorite images of this set.
My congratulations to Minette Layne.

astonishing seashore Garden Island Kauai
Near Ha'ena, at the eastern boundaries of Nā Pali coast.
Image by Thisyearsboy

Jurassic World Drehort
Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific or the Mini Grand.
Image by Minette Layne

shooting locations valley
Going north to Waimea, the scene with the electrified fence in Jurassic Park was filmed in Olokele Valley.
Image by Miguel Vieira

Jurassic Park Waterfalls
Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley, nicknamed since the release of the first film of the series as Jurassic Park Falls.
Image by Ben Ward and Opacity

tree Wailua Falls
But the most spectacular location is the triple Wailua Falls. Compare their scale with the tiny cars parked on the left.
Image by Wehardy

Film location in Kalalau
Kalalau is a solitary valley where according to Wikipedia, people in hiding are rumored to live.
Image by Bruce Fulton

Girl standing in Kalalau Cave
At the end of the long trail, close to the beach, there is the secluded Kalalau Cave.
Image by Jordan Fischer

Hanalei Valley orchard plantations
One of the most famous landmarks of Kauai is the Hanalei Valley.
Image by Scott Ingram

Kilauea Lighthouse cliff stormy sky
Also, we would like to show you Kilauea Lighthouse. It is maybe the only exception to the rule that says that nothing can be built taller than a coconut tree in Kauai.
Image by Howard Ignatius

sunset beach Kauai
Let's finish relaxing on a starry night on this gorgeous tropical beach. What else could you want?
Image by Jordanfischer

girl in bikini jumping in a field
With dinosaurs or not, welcome to paradise.
Image by Micah Camara


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