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A Quiet Place where filmed

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In a post-apocalyptic world, some mysterious creatures are hunting a family of survivors, tracking them through sound. The law of safety #1 is not to make a sound at all. They have to live as quiet as possible... otherwise horrible things happen.

A Quiet Place is an acclaimed supernatural horror film, directed and performed by John Krasinski (known for his role on television's comedy The Office). Also starring is his wife Emily Blunt (from Edge of Tomorrow and the incoming Mary Poppins Returns).

A Quiet Place was filmed in a few towns of the state of New York, in Herkimer, Dutchess and Ulster Counties. These are the spoiler-free filming locations for this for a highly recommended thriller:

A Quiet Place location
The farmhouse where the family lives is located in the village of Pawling, off a trail on Dover Road.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Google Maps

A Quiet Place filming
The town agreed to let a section of the Lakeside Park grow over in order to give the location a more sinister feel. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place behind the scenes
Also in Pawling, the production was filming several parts of the movie in a sound stage set here. According to local newspapers, a new metal silo was built and 20 tons of corn were used to film some scenes.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Where is A Quiet Place set
The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail bridge in New Paltz is part of a 15 mile long park following a railroad line that ceased service in 1997. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Katy Silberger - Map

A Quiet Place shooting location
Main St in Little Falls got an eerie look, like an abandoned area, for one of the sequences at the beginning of the movie. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and David Wilson - Map

A Quiet Place Waterfall
The Buttermilk Falls are also located in Little Falls.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

A Quiet Place film locations
The crew shot a scene in the Beacon Natural Market shop on Main Street of Beacon, NY.
Image courtesy of Google Maps

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  1. I found the old man's house that the father and son walk by in the movie. It is not far from the farm that was used in Pawling, New York. In Google Maps, search on the coordinates 41.580816, -73.610907. It will pinpoint the house.

  2. I believe the house is in the town of Pawling not the village of Pawling

  3. Does anyone know the exact address of the house?


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