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Due to climate change, Miami in the not too distant future is a sunken city. In a society hit by chaos and wars, there's a lot of nostalgia.

In this context, Nick Bannister (played by Hugh Logan Jackman) owns a machine that enables people to relive their memories as if past moments were happening again.

The movie is set in Miami, although Reminiscence was primarily filmed in New Orleans. There’s a lot of CGI involved in this film noir, but it's also featuring some awesome locations including a historical manor house and several Art Deco landmarks.

Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson

This is the first film directed by the co-creator of the Westworld series, Lisa Joy. Rebecca Ferguson (Doctor Sleep, Dune) plays Mae and Cliff Curtis (Avatar, Fear the Walking Dead) is the bad guy Cyrus Boothe.

The main cast is completed by Thandiwe Newton as Emily "Watts" Sanders and Angela Sarafyan as Elsa Carine - both actresses star in Westworld.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Reminiscence.

The Reminiscence City

The Reminiscence City
The filmmakers combined drone footage from Miami with visual effects to create realistic establishing shots of the city, half-submerged under the ocean.

The town is a bit like an aquatic version of Palmera City, the sci-fi and colorful version of Miami that appears in Blue Beetle.

Nick Bannister tank machine street
The Reminiscence tank machine is hosted in a former bank office, the fictional First Miami Bank.

These scenes were filmed at the old Whitney Bank building on Gravier Street in Downtown New Orleans.
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Image courtesy of HBO - Map

The Reminiscence House

Reminiscence house
Both the interior and exterior of the Miami-Dade County Courthouse were actually filmed at the magnificent 1930s Art Deco terminal building of New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

The superb architecture of this historical building has been featured in productions, from the 1973 James Bond classic movie Live and Let Die to the 2020 film Capone with Tom Hardy.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Sunken Coast
The scenes in the flooded "Sunken Coast" neighborhood, where the Coconut Club is located, were filmed in a set built on the parking lot of an abandoned theme park, the Six Flags New Orleans.

Opened in 2000, the amusement park had to close in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina flooded most of the facilities.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Coconut Club
Using as a reference the neon-lighted Colony Hotel pictured on the left, in the CGI'd version of Miami's South Beach the Coconut Club would be located on the corner of 8th Street and Ocean Court.

This section of the movie is set at the historic Miami Beach Art Deco District, composed of hundreds of buildings dating from the 1920s, designed in this delightful architectural style.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Submerged Sagamore Hotel
After leaving the club, Mae and Nick sail the small boat past the iconic Sagamore Hotel on Collins Avenue, located in the heart of South Beach.

In real life, you can stay in a suite at this beachfront complex for about US$250 per night.

Obviously, this scene was not recorded on location, but made using digital magic and green screens.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Mae house
Looking at Mae's apartment terrace, her home would be located in the edifice at the corner of James Avenue and Lincoln Road.

The buildings in the background are the Delano Beach Club, the National Hotel, the Sagamore, and The Ritz-Carlton.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Flooded Freedom Tower
In another scene, the couple walks across the Port Miami Bridge to the Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College in Downtown Miami.

Completed in 1925 in Mediterranean Revival style, this stunning landmark used to host services for Cubans fleeing to Florida. Today, it serves as a contemporary art museum.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Train from Miami to New Orleans
Digital work was done to flood the surroundings of the Government Center Train Station from where Nick travels to New Orleans.

This incredible trip, passing through viaducts elevated over the sea, would make more than 650 miles in a straight line.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Algiers Point train
This fictional railroad line has a station at Algiers Point, the picturesque suburb on New Orleans Mississippi River’s West Bank.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Warren Corner bar
Saint Joe's lair is Warren's Corner, a former bar now permanently closed, located on the corner of Patterson Road and Olivier Street.

However, it's not clear if the interior, featuring colorful glass windows, was reproduced in a set at the studios or if it was filmed at this former watering hole.

Daniel Wu, the star of AMC's martial arts series Into the Badlands and 2018's Tomb Raider plays drug lord Saint Joe.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Reminiscence drehorte
Following Elsa Carine's clue, Nick goes to a floating market at the park, filmed at Six Flags New Orleans.

Since the park was closed, the complex has been used in several productions including Jamie Foxx movie Project Power, Jurassic World, Claws, and Your Honor.

Reminiscence mansion
Land baron's Walter Sylvan and Tamara's house was filmed at the Longue Vue House and Gardens, a luxurious mansion located in the Lakewood subdistrict near Metairie in New Orleans.

Built in 1939, this property was also featured in an episode of The Purge series.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

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