Where was Tomb Raider filmed? Filming Locations of the 2018 movie

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Tomb Raider was filmed in South Africa and England. The Lara Croft action-packed movie is based on the 2013 reboot of the original Tomb Raider video game from 1993.

On this occasion, the athletic archaeologist will embark on a dangerous adventure looking for the fictional lost island of Yamatai.

Tomb Raider film location

Emerging star Alicia Vikander substitutes Angelina Jolie, who was the titular Lara Croft for the 2001 and 2003 films.

Into the Badlands led actor Daniel Wu plays Lara's ally, Lu Ren, and the bad guy is interpreted by The Hateful Eight actor Walton Goggins.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of the movie reboot of one of the most successful video games of all time.

The Croft House
Where is the Croft Manor? The Croft family manor house was filmed at Wilton House near Salisbury (Wiltshire, England).

This is considered one of England's most beautiful country houses, the seat of the Earls of Pembroke for the last four centuries.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Tomb Raider London Location
Laura makes deliveries for a restaurant that actually caters to Thai food, called Kinkao in Brick Lane (Shoreditch).

Alicia Vikander also filmed the cycling scenes in the streets of East London (Postman's Park, New Street Square, Basinghall Street...). The race starts at the Nomadic Community Garden in Fleet Street Hill (lower image).

This was a formerly neglected space that has been transformed into an alternative urban garden, thanks to the effort of a community of volunteers.
Images courtesy Warner Bros - Map

Croft Industries building
The headquarters of Croft Industries is located in a modern glass building at 62 Buckingham Gate in Westminster (London), as it appears in the movie.
Image courtesy Warner Bros and Google Maps

Hong Kong Shoot
Next, we travel to South Africa, where a section of Hong Kong's fishing harbor was recreated in Cape Town.

The South African city has become a filming hub in the last years; The Last Days of American Crime city from the Netflix action movie was also filmed here.
Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Tomb Raider beach
Lara lands after the storm on a private beach at Forest Hall, in the area of Plettenberg Bay (Western Cape).
Images courtesy of Warner Bros

Excavation scenes
A large part of the film, where Croft meets the Patna expedition, was shot in a quarry on a wine estate of the city of Paarl.
Images courtesy of Warner Bros

The old aircraft waterfall
The Cape Town Film Studios hosted several sets for the production.

One of them was the World War II bomber plane wreck waterfall scene, composed using lots of CGI.

The Kissing Booth 2 school and many scenes of the new Netflix movie were also filmed here in Cape Town.
Images courtesy of Warner Bros

Soundstage river shoots
An outdoor water tank was built in the studio's lot especially for the film.

So don't look for the river, the actual location of the waterfall, or the island, as it was all created using digital effects.
Images courtesy of Warner Bros

Tomb Raider drehorte
Also, the boat and Himiko's tomb were constructed in the hangars and sound stages of Cape Town.
Images courtesy of Warner Bros

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  1. does someone know where the rock of Himikos Tomb is located ? https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5303/hj7i4sgz_jpg.htm

    1. Ciao Marco! We believe that this stone arch actually doesn't exist, it seems to be one more creation from the CGI team. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot, Ra Moon for your reply. I think you are right, but nevertheless, many of the rocky scenes at "Yamatai" were shoot at an old quarry on Diamond Vine Estate in South Africa.


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