Where was The Chair filmed? The Pembroke College & all the Filming Locations

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The Chair is a six-part mini-series revolving around the new head of a college English department in crisis.

The show is set in the fictional Pembroke University, Massachusetts. There is a small town called Pembroke in MA, but the college pictured in The Chair was primarily filmed in two different locations in Pittsburgh and Washington in Pennsylvania.

Where is The Chair filmed

Written by The X-Files: I Want to Believe actress Amanda Peet, the series stars Killing Eve's Sandra Oh as the doctor of Korean origin, Ji-Yoon Kim.

Completing the main cast are Jay Duplass as the scruffy Professor Bill Dobson, Holland Taylor as the a-thousand-year-old Professor Joan Hambling, and Bob Balaban as near-fossilized Professor Elliot Rentz.

Welcome to Pembroke and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of The Chair.

The Chair Pembroke College

The Chair Pembroke
The establishing shots and many exterior scenes taking place at the Pembroke College campus were filmed at the Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA.

This private liberal arts college features the iconic twin towers of the Old Main academic hall, built in 1875.
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The Chair college
Located on the same campus, the beautiful architecture of the John A. Swanson Science Center (and the Lazear Hall on the left) served as a backdrop for many scenes in The Chair.

If you watched the outstanding Netflix series Mindhunter, this campus appears in several episodes as the Boston University where psychology professor Wendy Carr works.
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Andrew W Mellon Hall
However, the wood-paneled house with carved stone and stained glass where the direction of the Department of English is based is located in Pittsburgh.

The historic Andrew W. Mellon Hall on Chatham University's Shadyside campus was built in 1887 by a steel manufacturing tycoon.
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The Chair House
The Andrew W. Mellon Hall is a Tudor Revival-style mansion, previously known as Lenmarkee. The property was given to the University by Andrew W. Mellon's son in 1940.

As in the series, today the manor is used by the university as a student center with administrative offices.

Chatham College campus
There are many more scenes filmed on Chatham's Shadyside campus, including the Falk Hall, pictured.

Founded in 1869 in the vibrant Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Chatham University was historically a women's college. The institution now enrolls men and women to its prestigious academic programs.
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Jennie King Mellon Library
The library from episode four is the Jennie King Mellon Library, located on the same Chatham University campus.

This cubic structure, built in 1973, is a monumental example of Brutalist architecture.
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Pittsburgh International Airport
The scenes with professor Bill drunk as a skunk in the airport were filmed at Pittsburgh International Airport.
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The Chair drehorte
The sequence from the first episode, "Brilliant Mistake", with Bill on the scooter were filmed on Beaver Street in Sewickley's business district, a nice suburb located 12 miles west-northwest of Pittsburgh.

Also, the scene from the second episode, "The Faculty Party", with the small pink bike was filmed on Beaver Street and Broad Street in downtown Sewickley.
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Alpine Club Lanes
The bowling alley from the second episode is the Alpine Club Lanes at 735 Jefferson Avenue in Washington, PA.

The series has been a great success and Netflix will probably renew it for a second season.

Also joining the cast are Nana Mensah as Dr. Yaz McKay, the young faculty member of English department, David Morse as Dean Paul Larson, a dean at Pembroke University, Ron Crawford as Professor McHale, the Jurassic-era senior faculty member, Ji Lee as Habi, Dr. Kim's father, and Everly Carganilla as Ju-Hee "Ju Ju" Kim, Kim's adopted daughter.
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David Duchovny house
But where is David Duchovny's house? I mean the house used in The Chair with an awesome indoor pool, not the real one!

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