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The Purge Where Filmed

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What if one night a year, for 10 continuous hours all crime was legal, including murder? Described by its creators as a cautionary tale, The Purge is the new 10-episode series from USA Network, based on the movie franchise of the same name.

The show focuses on the purge night, but it also includes flashbacks with people planning. This way the plot can go deeper than the four previous movies, exploring and expanding the characters and their motivations to participate or to hide from this terrifying annual holiday.

The Purge series was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are some of the most relevant spoiler-free filming locations for the show:

The Purge city
The Purge gala is held at the Brown Mansion (4717 St. Charles Ave), a Romanesque Revival house from 1904, doubling as the Stanton Mansion.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of USA Network and Google Maps

The Purge Mansion
The guests are arriving to the property via the Longue Vue House and Gardens, the luxurious 1939 mansion in Lakewood. Image courtesy of USA Network and Tom - Google Maps

The Purge New Orleans
We first meet Penelope and the creepy cult members, going out to be purged, in the old Sophie Gumbel Training School (5700 Loyola Ave, Uptown New Orleans Historic District).
Image courtesy of USA Network and Google Maps

Where is The Purge series filmed
Miguel is the US Marine looking for his sister Penelope. There is a scene where he goes to ExhibitBe, an amazing abandoned apartment complex transformed into a graffiti Mecca (3010 Sandra Drive in Behrman, Algiers neighborhood). Image courtesy of USA Network and Mags - Map

Where is The Purge set
Miguel is also visiting the Warren's Corner Bar at 601 Patterson, also in Algiers.
Image courtesy of USA Network and Google Maps

The Purge Location
Jane meets a purge-assassin in the Tad Gormley Stadium at City Park.
Image courtesy of USA Network and Google Maps

The Purge series where filmed
The crew was also filming scenes at Morgan St, near Algiers Courthouse.
Image courtesy of USA Network and Google Maps

The Purge Filming
Thanks to local website NOLA.com, we know that the production was for several days filming at the Drainage Pump Station No. 6, on the 17th Street Canal in Metaire neighborhood. Image courtesy of Google Maps

The Purge Drehort

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Just in case if you feel like discovering this vibrant city, instead of purging your lovely neighbor, here are a couple of links to Lonely Planet New Orleans and to Frommer's Guide to the Big Easy:


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