Where was Made in Italy filmed? The Tuscan House Location

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Set and filmed primarily in Tuscany, Made in Italy revolves about bohemian London artist Robert (Liam Neeson), who returns 20 years later to Italy with his son Jack (Micheál Richardson). They will try to restore a gorgeous old country house inherited from Robert's deceased wife.

The cast and crew spent six wonderful months in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. After scouting Val d'Orcia, Atlas of Wonders tracked down the spectacular Made in Italy house, located in the movie 'out of town towards Pienza'.

Made in Italy House

As it already happened in Cold Pursuit, Liam and Micheál are real-life father and son. The main cast also includes Valeria Bilello (Sense8, Curon) as Natalia and Lindsay Duncan (A Discovery of Witches, Birdman) as Kate.

This is the directing debut of actor James D'Arcy, known for playing Howard Stark's butler and for starring in Dunkirk and Broadchurch.

Made in Italy Locations

Pienza skyline
The establishing shots of the quaint hill town near the villa are from Pienza in Siena province.

This small village of barely 2,000 inhabitants, has an imposing Duomo cathedral dominating the landscape. Considered the 'touchstone of Renaissance urbanism', Pienza was listed in 1996 as a World Heritage Site.
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Image courtesy of Hanway Films - Map

Locations in the town of Monticchiello
You can come to Monticchiello to have a limoncello on a day trip from Florence.

Renowned for its vineyards, Val d’Orcia is one of the most picturesque parts of Tuscany, although here you can easily skip the tourist crowds that flock to Florence or Siena.

Monticchiello is the small postcard village used to film the scenes when the characters are in the town. Natalia's restaurant, the Frantoio, is actually Ristorante Il Bronzino, hosted in an ancient 18th-century barn.
Image courtesy of Hanway Films - Map

Made in Italy movie house
The house was filmed in Villa Fontanelle, a charming estate that you can rent in Argiano, a few miles southwest from Montalcino.

The property is situated in an idyllic location surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, with sensational views of the cypress hills.
Image courtesy of Hanway Films - Map

The wall painting hall
The house, owned by a renowned Italian architect and interior designer, has been featured in several books and magazines.

As you can see, the film crew almost deconstructed the living room with vaulted ceilings for the shoot (the room where Robert's mural painting is located in the movie).

Villa Fontanelle interiors
Fontanelle can accommodate up to 16 people. It boasts 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and a large outdoor swimming pool that doesn't appear in the film.

Made in Italy drehort
What about the terrace view? According to Robert, this is 'One of the most spectacular convergences of nature ever with two cypress trees framing the compositions subconsciously propelling the eye across the negative space toward the focal point of the perfectly central villa all unified by these magnificent undulating Tuscany hills'.

This villa really exists - it's a lovely restaurant called La Pieve di Montalcino, featuring a 13th-century perfectly preserved church.
Image courtesy of Hanway Films - Map

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  1. Unbelievable spot.Tuscany is off the charts

  2. I really enjoyed this movie. Something different from Neeson

  3. Love Liam, his son Michael, and the film. Storyline had to be a bit difficult considering the death of Natasha Richardson, Liam’s wife and Michael’s mother.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the film! If Michael keeps at acting, I see a future James Bond in him.

  4. I am surprised the location scouts didn't recommend including shots of three of the most iconic sights in the D'Orcia Valley: Belvedere, the Chapel Vitaleta and the cypress copse a few miles north of San Quirico. At the time they were shooting, there would surely be morning mists to shoot? I know this because I take photographers on workshops to the Val D'Orcia in mid-to-end-of May.

  5. Wonderful, never miss seeing it. love all the main actors.

  6. Enjoyed the film. Location, actors, very well done. I love Italy and have seen the film three times. Could have left the London scene out. Change of pace for Liam, good job.

  7. Does anyone know the location in London of the art gallery that was managed by Michael's character?

  8. This movie presents how Tuscany with its atmosphere. So gentle and amaze. Should be more scene here to explore a lot of spots that 'Made in Italy'. Credit to Neeson & his son.

  9. I'm surprise with Liam, becouse he only make action films

  10. My life will not be complete until I visit Monticchiello

  11. We stayed outside the beautiful village of Pienza, and it looked exactly like it does in the movie. I knew where it was the second I saw the scenes of the village on the hilltop. It is absolutely beautiful and our chef told us it was the most beautiful valley in Tuscany. The movie really captured the feeling we had during our wonderful week in Tuscany, Bravo!


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