Where is Riverdale Filmed? - Complete and Updated Filming Locations for Riverdale Series

Where was Riverdale Filmed

Welcome to a town where everything looks perfect, but nothing is as it seems - nope, we are not yet returning to Twin Peaks. We are talking about Riverdale, the new adventures of Archie and his gang, based on a darker version of the old American comic book.

The CW Network series developed in the first season the story of a murder mystery that Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and friends tried to sort out. The cast is led by young actors K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse.

Riverdale was filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia. These are the updated filming locations for season 1 and 2 of this intriguing show, set to be visually stunning. Contains no spoilers!

Pops Diner Riverdale
The restaurant Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe was built in a set located in the parking lot of the studio in Langley. However, the pilot was filmed in Rocko’s Family Diner that you can visit in Mission, BC.
(You can open all the locations on a Map clicking on the link below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of CW and Google Maps

Riverdale where filmed
Exteriors for Riverdale High School were shot at Lord Byng Secondary School.
Image courtesy of CW and Arnold C - Map

Riverdale High School
Our favourite High School is actually an amalgam of several locations. Depending on the scene, the crew filmed at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School or at John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver. Image courtesy of CW

Riverdale set
The gymnasium where the Vixens train is from John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver, home of the Jokers.
Image courtesy of CW and John Oliver Secondary School

Riverdale Vancouver
Also the interiors for the hall where the ball takes place and Josie and the Pussycats make a performance, are from Point Grey Secondary School in Kerrisdale. Image courtesy of CW - Map

Riverdale Locations
The football games are taking place at Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Some filming also took place in the field near Point Grey Secondary School in Kerrisdale Park. Image courtesy of CW - Map

Archie House Location
The house of Archie and his father is located at 2037 East 3rd Avenue (Vancouver).
Image by courtesy of CW and Google Maps

Where does Riverdale take place
The Permanent building, also in Vancouver, is the set for the apartment of Veronica and family.
Image by Google Maps

Riverdale filming Vancouver
The house of Betty Cooper is at 111 Queens Ave in New Westminster.
Image by courtesy of CW - Map

Where is Riverdale
The Blossom Mansion was filmed in two different properties; One of them is the Copper Stone Mansion in South Langley (upper picture). The other one is the Cecil Green Park House at the University of British Columbia, used only for the first episode (below). Image by BC Locations and Wyn Lok - Map 1 - Map 2

Riverdale Filming Locations
Outdoors for Sweetwater river were shot around Alouette Lake, in Golden Ears Provincial Park and Alice Lake Provincial Park in Squamish. Image courtesy of CW - Map

Where is Riverdale set
The historic Fort Langley Community Hall is doubling as Riverdale Town Hall.
Image by Google Maps

Riverdale shooting locations
The sheriff's office exterior was shot in a post office at 33191 1st Ave in Mission. The aerial images from the intro in every episode are from Harbor Springs in Michigan, in the United States. Image courtesy of CW and Google Maps

Riverdale filming season 2
Gabby's Country Cabaret in Langley was turned into the Whyte Wyrm.
Image by Google Maps

Where was Riverdale shot
In episode 6, Betty and Jughead are visiting the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, filmed at the abandoned Riverview Mental Hospital in Coquitlam. Also it was used on season 2 as exteriors for Southside High, during the protest when the school is about to be turned into a prison. Image by courtesy of CW and Google Maps

Riverdale Drehort
Blossom Maple Farms may look familiar as the location is the same as the Kent farm from Smallville (890 248 St in Aldergrove near Langley). Image courtesy of CW - Map

Rebel Without a Cause is the last movie projected in the Twilight Drive-in of Aldergrove. Some more locations from season 1 include Port Moody Station Museum as Riverdale bus station, the City Centre Motor Hotel in Vancouver is the Mustang's Motel (episode 8), and Andrews Construction office, located near the Lighthouse Cafe in Mission. Image courtesy of CW - Map

Riverdale setting
Riverdale's hospital is the Wayward Pines Academy recycled. It is located at Kerrina Dr in Coquitlam.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Riverdale Town Location
Fort Langley Marina Park was used several times in season 2. Some other scenes in Fort Langley were filmed in Mavis Ave and Church Street. Image courtesy of CW - Map

Wo wird Riverdale gedreht
At the end of midseason 2 finale there is a key scene filmed at the old Albion Ferry exit in Fort Langley.
Image courtesy of CW and Judy and Ed - Map

Riverdale season 2 filming locations
The temple used for Veronica's confirmation with the Lodges is the St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Vancouver.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Riverdale lieux du tournage
Cheryl and others go to the movies at The Park Theatre on Cambie Street (S02E14).
Image courtesy of CW and Google Maps

Riverdale cabin in the Woods lodge
Also we suspect that the cabin in the Woods was filmed in a property in Bowen Island.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Riverdale Cheryl Blossom house
Can you help to find the missing filming locations of Riverdale?
Have you recognized other locations watching the series? To complete this report, any feedback, suggestions or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!


For further information, it is already available The Complete First Season in DVD and the official graphic novel Road to Riverdale, including the stories that inspired these new CW TV series. Riverdale#0 is a new special issue also focused on the show.

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  1. Betty Coopers house is 111 Queens Avenue in New Westminster, BC

  2. Cheryl's house is the Cecil Green Park House at UBC.

  3. The Sherriff's department exterior is a building on main Street in Mission BC, I believe it used to be an old Post office.

    1. It still is the Post Office.
      Source: I live in Mission, BC.

  4. pretty sure the football field in episode 2 is ubc!

  5. The lunch scenes at the picnic tables in episode 1 are also at Point Grey Secondary

  6. In the episode "Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness," Archie visits a songwriting teacher named Oscar. The exterior establishing shot for Oscar's location was shot at University of Southern California, specifically the PE Building there.

  7. The train station at the beginning of the pilot is in Fort Langley.

  8. I believe that they are walking along the Coquitlam river in Port Coquitlam while they are out looking for Betty's sister 'Polly"

  9. I believe the Riverdale sign is on a bridge on Chilliwack Lake road and the lake and part of the river is Chilliwack Lake and Chilliwack River

    1. I second that opinion. I also thought Chilliwack river immediately

  10. Episode 9 when Archie is talking to Val is outside Fort Langley Cemetery

  11. Wheres the trailer park Jughead dad lives in?

  12. There's constant filming being done at a house on 208th St and approx 100th ave in Langley, is this Riverdale too?

  13. south side high is James Kennedy Elementary in langley

  14. Pretty sure They were filming on 208 st near 98th Ave in langley on aug17-18.

  15. I know where the Blossom's real house is and where the trailer is but I'm not telling! :) This isn't totally accurate.

    1. Is someone knows where will be next filming

  16. the bus station jughead goes to at the end of season one is the port moody museum in port moody

  17. The blossom manor interiors/house party scenes and out by the pool were filmed at the minnekhada lodge in coquitlam

  18. Where are the studios in Vancouver located? Thank you :)

    1. The studios are located at 20146 100A Avenue in Langley

    2. Do you know if they allow tours of the studios?

    3. No they do not, it is closed to the public.

  19. Riveredale Hospital/Wayward pines academy is on the Riverview Mental Hospital site.

  20. It's pretty hard to tell from Google Street View. Kevin Keller's house is located at 8904 Nash St. in Langley.

  21. where i can send the fan post ? exist there any official address

    thanks for answer my question

  22. Where they catch the black hood in season 2 midseason finale is the old ferry exit in fort langley

    -Breanne & Dan

  23. where is lodge lodge