Where is Hanna filmed? The Meadows School Filming Location

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The Amazon series, based on the 2011 movie starring Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan, is back for season 3 with new countries and locations.

The show is a thrilling globetrotter: Hanna was filmed in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, and Morocco.

Hanna series actress Esme Creed-Miles

Hanna was created by David Farr, who also co-wrote the original movie and BBC's hit The Night Manager.

The story revolves around the lethal girl, trained by his father to survive in an isolated corner of Europe. She will try to uncover the secrets of her origins, having to face the dangers of the real wide world while being pursued by the CIA.

Esme Creed-Miles (the daughter of English actress Samantha Morton) stars as teenage Hanna. Mireille Enos (Good Omens, The Catch) is CIA's agent Marissa, and Joel Kinnaman (the star of Netflix's Altered Carbon) played Hanna's father, Erik.

Here is our -almost- spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of the series - you'll find the season 2 updates below in the report. Stay tuned for Season 3 updates on this page!

Hanna Locations

Forest cliff sequence in Poland
In the series, Hanna was raised in the remote forests of Poland. The crew was filming very close to this great Eastern European country, on the Slovak side of the Tatra mountains.

Pictured, a scene from the first episode filmed at the Tomášovský viewpoint in the Slovak Paradise National Park.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Amazon and Time For Slovakia - Map

Almeria railway and beach
Filming in Spain took place in Almeria province. Scenes for the second episode were mainly recorded there.

Local press reported that a French flag was waving in the roundabout of the old train station, and a nearby police station was also used for filming.

The production was shooting in the gorgeous Tabernas Desert and Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park (both are very popular filming locations - White Lines, Game of Thrones Season 6, and Assassin's Creed were filmed in this natural area).

The shoot continued on board a ferry to Nador in Morocco.
Image courtesy of Paco Lopez and Horrapics - Map

Liberty Square building Budapest
Many urban scenes were filmed in Budapest. Marissa's hotel in Berlin and the coffee from the third episode were filmed in the old Budapest Stock Exchange Palace in Liberty Square.

The casino in Las Vegas from Blade Runner 2049 and a key scene in the city where the Outside the Wire takes place were also filmed in this monumental building.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Google Maps

Church scene
In the 4th episode, Hanna goes into the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Budapest.

Several scenes are mixed with shots filmed in the streets of Berlin in Kreuzberg.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Fred Romero - Map

Hanna drehort
The Utrax CIA Facility in the town of Darabani in Western Romania is actually a complex located on the outskirts of Budapest.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Season 2 Locations

The Meadows Hanna
The new Utrax boarding school, called The Meadows, is in the series located somewhere in northern England.

This stately manor is actually the Bramshill House in northeast Hampshire, near Reading. This 17th-century grade I-listed building, which became a police training academy during the 1960s, is a very large and one of the best Jacobean Prodigy style mansions in the country.

The interior classroom scenes were also shot here, in the library and drawing-room. Watch out for the ghosts! There are up to 14 spirits reputed to haunt the house.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Metallic pyramid building
The modern building of pyramidal shape, the Foxley Hall, is also located near the Bramshill House in real life.

Nicknamed the Sunken Pizza Hut, this quirky 1980s structure hosts a very secretive part of the police service.

The Serious Crime Analysis Section investigates the most serious sexual attacks and stranger killings in the UK.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Hotel season two
The triangular hotel in Romania where Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) looks for her mother in episode two is the 4-star Alpine-styled hotel The Coppid Beech in Bracknell (Berkshire).

The student dorm of Jules and Hanna's first assignment in London is the Keyworth Centre at London South Bank University.

The tube station is the Bank Station in the City of London.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Maps: Hotel / Keyworth Centre

Locations in Barcelona
The locations in Barcelona include Plaça Reial, the historical 19th-century building of the University of Barcelona, the Ciutadella Park (upper picture), several small streets and squares in the old medieval Gothic district (like Plaça del Pi), The Monumental bullring (lower scene), the Opium Club in Barceloneta area, El Periódico de Catalunya newspaper headquarters, and the ferry terminal in the harbor.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Maps: University / Ciutadella / La Monumental / Club

Hanna Hotel in Barcelona
The rooftop swimming pool where Sandy (Áine Rose) is sunbathing with Kat in episode 6 is the Hotel Ohla.

The Metro Plaza hotel where the lawyer Robert Gelder is staying is Almanac Barcelona.

The scene in a barren landscape with Marissa in episode 7 was filmed near La Almolda town in Los Monegros, Aragón.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Maps: Hotel Ohla / Almanac

New Season 3 Filming Locations

Hanna Tower
Many scenes in season three were filmed in Paris and Prague. But one of the most interesting locations appears in episode 2, "Grape Vines and Orange Trees".

The Jested Tower near Liberec is a spectacular television transmitter with a cable car built in the 60s on the top of a mountain.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Cafe Municipal House Prague
The Art Nouveau bar in the third episode, "Nadiya", is the Kavárna Obecní dům, the Cafe Municipal House in Prague.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Magician's Lantern
The exterior of the abandoned American Embassy in episode four, "Look Me In the Eye", is the Laterna Magika in Prague.

Considered the world's first multimedia theatre, the Magician's Lantern was built in 1958 across the street from the iconic National Theatre.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Malvazinky Cemetery
The Hotel Cosmopolitan from episode five, "Eyeliner", is located at Zlatnická 1126 in Prague.

Marissa meets with Carmichael at the Czech National Library of Technology.

The graveyard scene, pictured, was filmed at Malvazinky Cemetery, also in Prague.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Hotel / Library of Technology / Cemetery

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  1. I don’t know what the buildings are but the location for the Utrax facility is at 47°35'54"N 19°05'38"E in Budapest

  2. very confused about these locations..lol

  3. Can someone shed light on the location of the motel which is in Episode 7? My other location clue would be the house where Erik's mom lives.
    Thank you

    1. The hotel looked a lot to me like the Renaissance at London Heathrow.

    2. Thanks but I was referring to the motel in the forest ( Motel Liniste is its name in the film ).

  4. The facility looks like a sewage/water treatment plant

  5. anyone know which train station was used to film Hannah while she's in UK?

  6. The hotel in episode 2, is infact the coppid beech hotel in bracknell.

  7. I just watched the first episode of this show and I'm very confused. Firstly, the facility Hanna's dad took her from at the beginning was in Romania, then all of a sudden they happen to be in Poland as it turnes out, living in that forest for 15 years. Did they just magically walk from Romania? It's a looong way to go. Then towards the end of the episode when that agent woman talks on the bench with another guy about their location they say it's in a forest in the north of Poland- there aren't any mountains like that in the north of Poland, there is the sea! Fair enough that it was filmed in Slovakia, we do share the mountain chains with them at the south of Piland, but why would the decide to say it's the north of Poland- it's stupid, I dont get it. I hope the rest of the show wont be like this. Bloody Americans

    1. Um ... I'm afraid you can't blame the Americans for this one.

      Eva Husson (France)
      David Farr (UK)
      Ugla Hauksdóttir (Iceland?)

      David Farr (UK)
      Paul Waters (UK)
      Laura Lomas (UK)
      Nina Segal (UK?)
      Charlotte Hamblin (UK)

  8. We were wandering what the last building pictured is. Where is it. It is such an odd piece of architecture?

    1. Yes, that building was the one I was interested in and searching for its identity. Why is it pictured with no info?

    2. The triangular building is at the same location as Bramshill House, if you look at it on google maps you will find it just north of the Georgian building.

  9. Epizode 2, when Erik comes out of the little shop in "Poland" was shot in Szentendre, Hungary, near Szamos Marcipan Haz (https://www.google.com/maps/@47.6664675,19.0764412,3a,75y,196.8h,87.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJZrFkPQJmOiaiOhYcVnDOQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656). You can see Marcipan Haz's sign in the background, left hand side.

  10. There are several shots at the end of season 2 at Balboa Park in San Diego posing as Spain. They try to disguise it but the statue of El CID is clearly visible as are several other locations there.

  11. The Triangle building was the offices of the National Missing Persons Bureau.

  12. Is there any info on the house used in EP 7&8? I would live to see a floor plan. It's where they ended the show also had a big shoot out scene.

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  14. I'm sure I spotted Portland House a part of Aldermaston Court in S2E1, this is the angled white glass building. Very cool building been closed for many years.

    1. Looks like it, only about 10 miles from Bramshill House too.


  15. The Passway building is known as Biopark in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. A recently disused science park. Now popular for Marvel and Simon Pegg movies.

  16. The former US embassy from season 3 can be found in Prague: 50.08083833477842, 14.414144978855683

  17. Where is the museum with the cool giant balloon or bubble? It appears in episode 305. In "Hanna" they call it the Design Center at Wattgasse, but none of my searches are turning up anything. Wattgasse seems to be an area of Vienna in real life.

    1. Wattgasse actually is a street in Vienna

  18. Hanna S01E07 filming location (dad's house): 47.44738634135488, 18.99692263199472

  19. The exterior of the "museum" is certainly the National Technical Library in Prague.

  20. Does anyone know the location house used for the house party Hanna and her colleague visited during their first assignment in London? Season 2 episode 6, is about 20 minutes in... kitchen goals!


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