Where is Magnum PI filmed? The new Robin's Nest house: Filming Locations Guide

Jay Hernandez as Magnum PI in Hawaii
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The reboot of the original 1980s television show Magnum, P.I. comes packed with big action, drama sprinkled with humor and a badass detective trashing Ferraris from time to time. In addition to a possible Tom Selleck Cameo, the series shares fictional universe with Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver, so we expect to see crossovers between them.

A mustacheless Jay Hernandez (El Diablo from Suicide Squad), portrays the legendary Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, who this time is an Afghanistan veteran, becoming a private investigator. Perdita Weeks plays Juliet Higgins, a former MI-6 agent bringing sexual tension into the household. Zachary Knighton (Rick), Stephen Hill (TC), Tim Kang (Katsumoto) and Amy Hill (Kumu) complete the core cast.

The 2018 Magnum series was filmed in Oahu, Hawaii. This is a great chance to check out some fabulous filming locations in this amazing island. We will be updating this list as more episodes from the second season are released (please scroll down to find the new season 2 locations):

Mokolii islet and Kualoa Mountains
The producers did not miss the opportunity to show off the alluring landscapes of Hawaii. Every episode shows amazing aerial shots of The Gathering Place. In episode one, Magnum is kayaking in Kāneʻohe Bay, near Mokolii islet (Chinaman's Hat), with Kualoa Mountain Range in the background. Also the opening credits sequence features this scenery.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Anthony Quintano - Map

Looking for the new Magnum's house location: Robin's Nest

Magnum original house Tom Selleck and John Hillerman
But Where is Magnum PI house? The original iconic estate owned by millionaire novelist Robin Masters, known as Robin's Nest, was demolished in April 2018. In real life, this beachfront estate was standing at 41-505 Kalanianaole Highway, Waimanalo. Image courtesy of CBS - Old Robin's Masters Estate Map

Magnum filming location
Regarding the exteriors of the new property, managed by Juliet Higgins, it is partially inspired by a oceanfront estate at 49-3 Kamehameha Hwy in Kaneohe (pictured below). The yard doberman chase from the pilot, featuring the lovely dogs Apollo and Zeus, was filmed there. Compare the pattern of the mountain range in the background of the top house with the middle pic, taken in Kualoa Ranch: the hills were copy-pasted digitally into the image. There is no mansion like this on the grounds of Kualoa Ranch; As you can see, the house doesn't exist, it was completely generated by CGI. Images courtesy of CBS and Anthony Goto - Map

Robin's Nest house
The aerial establishing shot of Robin's Estate, that appears in almost every episode, is situating the fictional house at Kualoa Regional Park. Image courtesy of CBS - Map

Magnum PI House
The Magnum's house is actually an amalgam of several locations. Most of the interiors and the car yard with the massive tree of the new Robin's Nest are from the luxurious Banyan House in Hawaii. The living room and some waterfront interiors are filmed in this seven bedroom, 14,000 square feet property, situated just minutes from downtown Honolulu at 4369 Royal Pl. Also some interiors are sets built in a soundstage. The series is hosted at Kalaeloa Studio in Kapolei. Image courtesy of CBS - Banyan House Map

Magnum drehorte
Thanks to Reel News Hawaii we find out many more details about the Magnum house; In episode 4 season one, Magnum rolls up on the Kayak at Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute. The beautiful covered shed by the seaside also stands here. In the first season, the Kayak Beach, some interiors and the exterior gate entrance are from a house at 50 Kaikea Pl, Kailua. Also the same gate was built in a set at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe.

Season 1 Filming Locations

I Saw the Sun Rise parachute scene
Magnum P.I also shot several scenes in Kualoa Ranch, an unmissable location for any production filming in Oahu. Series like Lost, the Jurassic Park movies and the locations of the new Jumanji movie have in common that they were all filmed here. The very first scene from S01E01 in North Korea features a Hawaiian Longhorn Bull.

Magnum Ferrari GTO and car with bullet shots
The house of Magnum's friend from episode one is located at Poipu Pl in Honolulu. Magnum finds the ambulance under a bridge in Keeaumoku St with Lunalilo Fwy. Image courtesy of CBS and Poipu Pl Map - Keeaumoku St Map

TC Helicopter taking off
TC and Rick take off from the real Magnum Helicopters Helipad at 130 Iolana Place, Honolulu. They've got the original TV series Hughes 500 model, that it's the same used for the new show and also to take tourists on a tour of the island. The Korean food stall from Magnum's friend in episode one was shot at Waikiki Beach.
Image courtesy of CBS and Google Maps - Map 2

Ferrari 488 Spider The Woman Who Never Died
The elementary school and the library with a sperm whale model from episode 3 are the Bishop Museum of Honolulu (pictured). In episode 2 Magnum and Rick visit Steve & Danno's restaurant from Hawaii 5-0 in Manoa Valley. Also in the same episode, Magnum and Higgins have a romantic evening at the Nobu restaurant in Ward Village. Image courtesy of CBS - Bishop Museum

Six Paintings One Frame buildings
In episode 4, the skyscraper with external elevators is the First Hawaiian Bank main branch in downtown Honolulu. Also there is a short scene filmed at Ko Olina Lagoon 4 (below). Images courtesy of CBS - Maps: Bank - Beach

Kakaako Honolulu and Old Police Station
The graffiti street art was filmed in Cooke St, in the heart of Kakaako, one of the coolest neighborhoods of Honolulu. Google Maps is not updated, so you can't see it in Street View, but there are more pics and a map of the murals by the POW! WOW! collective here.
Episode 4 was also filmed in the Old Police Station Building at 842 Bethel St. Images courtesy of CBS - Map 1 - Map 2

Death is Only Temporary chapter beach
In episode 6, Magnum's friends go surfing to the beach in Maili Point, with the hill of Puʻu O Hulu in the background. The boar hunter's house was filmed at Heeia Kea Jungle, one of the most used locations to film generic jungle stuff in the island, after Kualoa (the Jurassic movies, Jumanji, Lost, or the Hunger Games filmed scenes here). Image courtesy of CBS - Maili Map - Heeia Map

Market and Oahu airport
Episode 8: The hospital was filmed at Kahuku Medical Center (at the top north of the island). The battlefield and the shootout at the end of the episode were shot at Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Station, also in Kahuku. The Market where the bad guys are beating up Bobby is the check-in office and store at Malaekahana Beach Campground, Kahuku (top picture). Some driving scenes were filmed in a small portion of Kaukonahua Road in Central Oahu. Finally, an easy spot to find: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (image below).
Images courtesy of CBS - Malaekahana Camping Map - Airport

Bad Day to Be a Hero hotel
In episode 10, Maika Hotel is actually the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko'Olina. This is the same The Wrong Missy hotel resort featured in the Netflix movie. The scene below from the same episode was filmed on Fort Street Mall, between Pioneer Plaza and the American Savings Bank.
Images courtesy of CBS - Four Seasons Map - Fort St Mall Map

Villa La Pietra and Harbor
The Taipei Economic & Cultural Office from episode 13 was filmed in the Italian villa La Pietra in Honolulu. Built in 1922, this magnificent estate hosts a school for girls. The last action scene of episode 14 was shot in the old Hawaiian Flour Mills silos off Nimitz Highway, in the heart of Honolulu Harbor.
Images courtesy of CBS - La Pietra Map / Silos Map

Oahu Viaducts road
In almost every episode Robin's Ferrari is running up and down the spectacular Interstate H-3 Viaducts. In episode 15 there is also a key scene happening at the entrance of the Imperial Star Destroyer-looking Tetsuo Harano Tunnels. Image courtesy of CBS and Casey Loagan Bassett / Map

New estate Murder is Never Quiet
The courtroom from episode 16 was filmed in the beautiful downtown United States Postal Service building at Merchant and Richards streets. The gas station where Magnum refills the Ferrari with ten miserable dollars is Saiki Motors in Waipahu. The fight scene was shot in the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Waikiki.
Image courtesy of CBS - Postal Service Map / Gas station Map / Ritz-Carlton Map

Bridge The Day It All Came Together
The exteriors of the police station are at the Oahu Veterans Center at 1298 Kukila St. Katsumoto's house from S01E18 is situated at 2872 Manoa Rd, also in Honolulu. The bridge in Mong Ton (Myanmar) from episode 20 was shot in Kaiaka Bay in the north of the island, the same location where Netflix's movie Triple Frontier was filmed. Image courtesy of CBS - Police Station Map / Bridge Map

Season 2 Filming Locations

Season 2 Waikiki Beach and Honolulu
Obviously, the Great Wall of China from episode one was not filmed on location. The whimsical intro was all done using CGI. Magnum, Higgins and Rick watch a video in the iconic Waikiki Beach. The tattoo shop is open at 1001 Waimanu St in Kaka'ako, and the bank scene was shot in the junction of King St & and Smith St in Honolulu Downtown. Images courtesy of CBS - Shop Bank

La Mariana Sailing Club
La Mariana Restaurant from S02E2 is a real classic tiki bar in Honolulu. This relic of old Hawaii, adorned with traditional decorations, served also as a set for the Hawaii Five-O TV show. Images courtesy of CBS - Map

Season two Stadium and Turtle Bay hotel
The series is filmed in many iconic Hawaiian locations. Episode S02E04 shows some views of the colorful Aloha Stadium Hawaii in Aiea. The hotel from S02E07 is the Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, in the north of Oahu island.
Images courtesy of CBS - Aloha Stadium Map / Turtle Bay

Eternity beach and Waimea Falls
Episode 16 Farewell to Love features some cool locations. Magnum and Higgins pretend to be a romantic couple taking a tour to Mt Tantalus Lookout at Puu Ualakaa State Park. The beach where two tourists parody the From Here to Eternity 1953 classic movie kiss with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr is the Hālona Blowhole. The excursion continues to Waimea Valley, the north shore of Oahu (Puu Hele Crest according to the tour guide), and Waimea Falls. The action continues at Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach. The stained glass temple from episode 17 is St. Augustine Church By The Sea in Ohua Ave. Images courtesy of CBS - Maps: Mt Tantalus viewpoint / Waterfall / Church

Flying over Honolulu
A lot of action takes place in Honolulu and surroundings. Can you help to improve this article about the shooting locations of Magnum P.I.? To complete and correct this report, any feedback, info or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!
Image courtesy of Edmund Garman

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  1. As a fan of the current Magnum P.I. tv show, it's refreshing to get the low-down as to where Robin's Nest actually is and the other equally impressive filming locals. Thanks!!

  2. great shame this wasn't done for original series, and especially since we never got an official walk thru of the original Robin Masters estate before tearing it down or when it was actually used for the show. Damn shame. shoulda been a special feature in the dvd set.

  3. Thank you for this, great to know where the new Magnum is being filmed as it's a great show. Love watching Higgings as she's gorgeous.

  4. I visited the original Magnum house and was very sad to see how run down and falling apart it was. Then my next trip back to Hawaii I saw nothing but an empty field. After seeing the first few episodes of the new show, I could not figure out where the new Robin's Nest was. I could not match the background to the island. I have been to Oahu many times and now I understand why I could not find it. Thanks to editing magic. I did see that a lot of the shoots were filmed at the Kualoa Ranch where films have been made for years, as well as the old and new Hawaii 50 and Magnum, P.Is. If anyone makes the trip to Oahu, go take the film location tour offered out at the Kualoa Ranch, I am not trying to bring them business, but they do show a lot of the different movies and TV Shows and locations they filmed there. At least now, on my next trip, I won't have to drive around again looking for the new Robin's Nest. Oh, BTW, my last trip I did see them setting up for a shoot with 2 different ferraris'

  5. do you know where I get the tank top from season espiode 1

    1. Nick, not sure if it's commercially available, it could've been brought in by Jay Hernandez or made specially for the Magnum, P.I. production itself. I know this because I wanted an NCIS ball / uniform cap that had the Carhartt label/emblem on them, like the actors wore a few years ago. I contacted Carhartt directly with a photo of the character's wearing the cap, & was told "these are specially made for the production & not available for sale at this time." The CBS store as of April 2020, doesn't have a page for Magnum P.I. merchandise yet either see, https://www.cbsstore.com/pages/shop-by-show

  6. I don’t where this house is (but maybe some will recognize it), but CBS posted some Magnum PI zoom backgrounds to their twitter page and the first one appears to be where they got the lawn elements to combine with the Kualoa Regional Park mountains to create the GCI of Robin’s Nest. Still no idea where the actual exterior of the house came from, possibly an artist GCI rendering?


    Also, I believe they have shot several interior Robin Nest Scenes including ones of Magnum’s bedroom at Banyan House (https://www.banyanhousehawaii.com/honolulu-hawaii-luxury-rental-homes/banyan-house-hawaii/photos/)

    1. Thanks, definitely the Banyan House is a key location in the series!

  7. Hmmm, without Tom Selleck this just doesn't feel like Magnum to me.

  8. I know the difference with the old series, anyway all my thanks and compliments for all these infos!
    (Mauro Martini Raccasi)


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