Where was Murder Mystery 2 filmed? The Island & all the Locations

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The Spitzs are back for the hilarious action-packed sequel of Netflix's most-viewed movie of 2019.

Set on a private island and in some of Paris' most emblematic monuments, Murder Mystery 2 was filmed in Hawaii and France.

The sequel cast

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston return to their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz, who are now trying to make a career as private detectives.

Welcome to our guide to all the filming locations of Murder Mystery 2, sorted in order of appearance.

Following this link, you can also find the locations where the first Murder Mystery was filmed.

Silverfox house
Let's start from the beginning. In New York, Mrs. Silverfox hires Nick and Audrey Spitz to investigate her husband, who may be cheating on her.

The Silverfox household is actually located at 1914 Vancouver Drive in Honolulu.

This location was also used as Goldie Hawn's house in Snatched (2017).
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Murder Mystery 2 Island Location

Murder Mystery 2 Island
The couple is invited by their friend, the Maharajah (played by Adeel Akhtar), to attend his wedding with a French girl, Claudette (Mélanie Laurent), on his private island.

This establishing shot of the island is a CGI composition that seems to be inspired by the scenic Pitons mountains.

The Pitons are two volcanic cones in Saint Lucia, an island in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Mike Fleming - Map

Murder Mystery 2 Location
The chopper flies over Secret Island and Moli'i Pond at Kualoa Regional Park on Oahu Island, Hawaii.

Kualoa Ranch is a nature reserve and working cattle ranch known for its stunning natural beauty, and its popularity as a filming location for movies and TV shows.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Vikram Island
As Reel News Hawaii confirmed, the Vikram pier with the Balinese Gazebo was filmed in a spot near the Macadamia Nut factory on the shores of Moli'i Pond.

This is the same property where Jennifer Aniston filmed Along Came Polly almost 20 years ago.

The sharp mountain and the waterfall were CGI'd in the background of the scene.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Lanikuhonua Lagoon
The beach scenes were filmed in Lanikuhonua Lagoon at the Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute, a Hawaiian cultural center located in Ko Olina.

This beautiful and secluded stretch of sand is surrounded by lush greenery and offers stunning views of the ocean.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Murder Mystery 2 House

Murder Mystery 2 house
Nick and Audrey's gigantic room with a piece of unicorn cheese is the same location used as the Magnum P.I. series house, filmed at the luxurious Banyan House in Hawaii.

This seven-bedroom and 14,000-square-foot property is located just minutes from downtown Honolulu at 4369 Royal Place.

This historic mansion was built in 1933 and is known for its unique architecture, which features a Japanese-inspired design and a massive banyan tree in the front yard.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Banyan House Honolulu
However, the production filmed pretty much the entire guest house interior on the set built at Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.

The convertible roof and the window views were made using digital effects.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Indian wedding set
The entrance to the Indian wedding was located on the property on Moli'i Pond, the same where the pier was filmed.

But the marquee interior and the dance scene were filmed with a group of dancers from LAX Dance Studio in Paris.

Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute
The seaside bar where the rescue team negotiates the ransom is the covered shed at Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Locations in Paris

Nick and Audrey Spitz in Paris
Everybody heads to Paris when the kidnapper demands $70 million dollars to be delivered at the Arc de Triomphe.

This iconic landmark, built to honor those who fought for France in the Napoleonic Wars, was also a featured location in the new John Wick 4 movie.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Movie magic stunt
After the Spitzs get into the van, they go through the Champs Elysées. The chase scene was also recorded on Rue de Chaillot and Avenue Marceau.

At some point, the van enters the tunnel close to the Arc de Triomphe on Grande Armée Avenue.

Then, somehow it ends up (movie magic!) about 3 miles away from there, at the Port de Montebello with the Notre Dame Cathedral as a backdrop for the scene.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Streets / Tunnel / Port

Les Cailloux restaurant
The van ends up embedded in the fictional Café le Beau, filmed on a soundstage.

The exterior was shot outside Les Cailloux restaurant at 58 Rue des cinq Diamants on the 13th arrondissement.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Saira and Colonel Ulenga in the Opera
The duo meets Inspector Delacroix (played by Dany Boon) at the spectacular Opéra Garnier.

Opened in 1875 by the order of Napoleon III, the Palais Garnier is one of the most splendid buildings in Paris.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Countess Sekou palace
The palace that needs $70 million for the heating bill is the stunning Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte located in Maincy, at the Seine-et-Marne department.

This baroque French château is considered a masterpiece of 17th-century architecture and garden design.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Jean-Paul Gaillard - Map

Le Jules Verne restaurant
The Eiffel Tower sequence was actually filmed on location at the world-famous landmark, although some scenes were filmed on set at the studios.

The main characters meet at the Michelin-starred Le Jules Verne restaurant, located on the second floor.

The restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of the city and serves French haute cuisine created by chef Frédéric Anton.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Filming at Bar à Champagne
Adam Sandler said in an interview on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show that they shot the stunt sequence in the middle of the night, to avoid disturbing the thousands of tourists who visit the monument every day.

The scenes with Connor Miller (Mark Strong) on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower were recorded at the level where the luxurious Bar à Champagne is located.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Murder Mystery 2 drehorte
The Pont des Arts kiss scene was filmed on the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, a pedestrian bridge located near the Orsay Museum.

This is one of the several spots in the city where couples place love padlocks.

In the very last scene, the Spitzs are flying over the famous Acropolis of Athens.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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