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Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle cast
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the continuation (not the remake) of the original movie from 1995, starring Robin Williams and a very young Kirsten Dunst. Twenty years later, the wicked board game has become a nineties video game console. The device will transport four teenagers to a lethal (and funny) world of adventure.

Fast & Furious star Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black (School of Rock, High Fidelity), Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Kevin Hart (Ride Along) are taking on the leading roles of the four game avatars.

The movie is set in the African jungle, although this new Jumanji film was primarily shot in Hawaii and Atlanta. Just in case, this list is totally spoiler-free. You can also check out our new post about Jumanji: The Next Level filming locations following this link.

Where was Jumanji filmed?

Filming in Kualoa ranch
Most of the film's exteriors were shot during two months on the gorgeous Hawaiian landscapes of Oahu island. The peculiar mountains of Kualoa have been captured in dozens of movies and Tv shows; Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Kong: Skull Island and Lost are some of the productions set in this popular filming location.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and Anthony Goto - Map

Oahu island Kualoa Ranch
An outdoor set was built on the grounds of Kualoa Ranch, which served as the production headquarters in Oahu. The scene pictured, the Jaguar Temple, the motorcycle chase scene and the place where the characters discovered their powers and weaknesses were filmed here. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and - Anthony Goto

Waimea Falls sequence
According to Reel News Hawaii, the path to the jaguar, Russel Van Pelt's camp and a couple more of minor scenes were recorded in the Heeia Kea Jungle. The precarious cliffs edge was a set built in the parking lot of Waimea Falls Park. The scene where the characters land in Jumanji and Jack Black gets eaten by the hippopotamus is just off the main path leading to the falls. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures - Maps: Heeia Kea - Waimea

Jumanji Jaguar rock
Also thanks to our friends of Reel News Hawaii we discovered a very cool location: The treehouse where Alan Parrish spent his years in Jumanji's world was a set built on the big banyan tree at Kawela Bay. Very close from there was shot the scene where the game board was found: the beach at Turtle Bay, just in front of the Horse Stables. Some more filming took place in the jungles of Nuuanu (the kissing scene, Jack Black and Nick Jonas skipping stones). Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and Robert Linsdell - Maps: Kawela Bay - Turtle Bay

Waterfall scene with The Rock
The waterfall-jumping scene was filmed at Kawainui Falls, in the island of Hawaii (near Papaikou, north of Hilo).
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures - Map

Jumanji drehort
The Bazaar was built inside the old Southern Railway building in Atlanta. Some indoor scenes and the head of Jaguar Rock set were housed at Atlanta Metro Studios.

Alex House in Atlanta
The exterior of Alex's house is located at 1646 Friar Tuck Rd NE in the Ansley Park Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Atlanta. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures - Map

Brantford High School
According to IMDb and, the Westlake High School was transformed into Brantford High School.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures - Map

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