New Zebedee: Where was The House with a Clock in Its Walls filmed?

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The House with a Clock in Its Walls is a children's tale based on John Bellairs 1973's novel. Lewis is a 12-year-old orphan who's sent to live with his single Uncle Jonathan, who lives in an old haunted mansion.

The wonderful house becomes another character in the movie, mixing a Victorian 19th-century style with a bit of magic and steampunk thrown in.

House with a Clock in Its Walls movie poster

The cast includes Hollywood stars Jack Black and Cate Blanchett. The movie was directed by Eli Roth, a prominent terror film director and actor (Hostel, Death Wish).

The story is set in the fictional town of New Zebedee, Michigan, although The House with a Clock in Its Walls was filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

No spoilers lay ahead on this report. Here is all the information that we've collected about this production, which in 2018 premiered right in time for Halloween.

The House with a Clock Location
The exterior of the enchanted manor was filmed in a magnificent 1840's Victorian estate called Parrott-Camp-Soucy House.

The house with a clock is located at 155 Greenville Street South, in Newnan (Georgia). In real life, it also seems taken out of a fairy tale.

The house was also featured in the 2012 Disney movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The original period interior is amazing too, although it was not used in the movie.

This is a private property, if you are visiting, please be considerate to the owners of the property.
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Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps

Books of the novel and the house source of inspiration
Pictured on top, book covers from some editions of the original novel, with illustrations inspired by the Cronin House.

Built in 1872, this is the picturesque Italian villa that triggered the imagination of author John Bellairs.

The Cronin House is located in Bellairs' hometown in Marshall (Michigan) at 407 N. Madison Street.
Image courtesy of Google Maps

The staircase and interior hall of the mansion
The interior of the house (and most of the film) was shot in Atlanta Metro Studios in Union City.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

New Zebedee
The main street of New Zebedee was filmed in Court Square in Newnan, Georgia.

The Alamo movie theater actually exists, although it's not a cinema but a bar-restaurant.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps

Newnan downtown Clock Tower and house
The Clock Tower is the Coweta County Probate Court, located also in Court Square in Downtown Newnan.

The beautiful Victorian home that appears a couple of times in the movie is a historic house also located in Newnan.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Das Haus der geheimnisvollen Uhren drehort
IMDb includes Champ's Clock Shop in Douglasville as 'Clock Sound Recording' location.

This familiar business, which looks like the place where time stood still, claims to host the world's largest cuckoo clock.
Image courtesy of Champ's Clock Shop - Map

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  1. The school where they pick up the kids is Oakhurst Elementary in Decatur, GA

  2. I recognized the school immediately. I went there about 69 years ago. It hasnt changed at all.

  3. The inside of the school was an actual school in Newnan but now is a boys and girls club

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