Where was Mission: Impossible Fallout filmed? Filming Locations Guide

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Tom Cruise keeps on pushing his limits creating very dangerous stunts for each new installment of Mission: Impossible, the spy action film series. Almost no green screen or special effects are allowed.

The veteran star is always performing his own stunts: Cruise learned to pilot a helicopter to shoot risky maneuvers with it. The one who jumps out of a plane at high altitude is him.

Mission Impossible Fallout Film Location

The franchise, based on the old American television series, is a thrilling globetrotter. Mission: Impossible - Fallout was filmed on location in Norway, New Zealand, France, UK, and the United Arab Emirates.

Reprising their roles from previous movies are Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, and Ving Rhames. The new faces of this Hollywood blockbuster, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, are Henry -The Witcher- Cavill, Angela Bassett, Vanessa Kirby, and Sian Brooke.

Welcome to our guide to all the filming locations of Mission Impossible 6. As usual, we tried to keep spoilers at bay:

Where was Mission Impossible filmed
The world-famous landmark of Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock in Lysefjorden, Norway was the setting for the stunning last scene.

Not to be confused with Trolltunga, the troll tongue rock where the 2020 Netflix series Ragnarok is set in the town of Edda, Norway.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Max Elman - Map

The chopper chase Location
Most of the scenes involving helicopters were shot in the area of Queenstown, New Zealand.

Part of the action occurs in Lake Quill. The lake basin is overflowing into the Sutherland Falls, with a drop of almost 2,000 feet.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Bo Stern - Map

New Zealand scenery
The Impossible crew also filmed in one of New Zealand's South Island most iconic landscapes: Milford Sound.

The medical camp scenes in Kashmir were also set in the Queenstown area.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Tom - Map

Ethan Hunt agent jumping from a plane
The scene where Cruise jumps from a C-17 military plane -at 25000 feet- was filmed near Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

The country is becoming a popular filming location destination. The Michael Bay action film that takes place in the invented nation of Turgistan, 6 Underground, was also filmed here.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The shoot in Paris
A large part of the movie was filmed in Paris. Locations in the French capital include the Trocadéro Esplanade near the Eiffel Tower, Le Grand Palais (where a party is held), and the Arc de Triomphe, which was closed to traffic for 90 minutes for filming.
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Mission Impossible Fallout drehort
During the chase scene, the movie shows several well-known monuments of the city: the Opera Garnier, the Bercy Bridge (carrying a line of the metro), Quai d'Austerlitz...

Ilsa is riding a motorcycle through Galerie de Valois (pictured). Ethan also meets her later nearby in the Jardin du Palais Royal (upper image). Almost all of these Parisian landmarks are also featured in the Emily in Paris locations.
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Motorbike chase with BMW car
The bridge from where Ilsa shoots the car is the crossroads of Rue du Rocher, Rue de Madrid, and Rue Portalis in the 8th arrondissement (upper image).

In the next scene, the chase continues quite far away from there, in the Boulevard Garibaldi, under an elevated section of line 6 of the metro (15th arrondissement).
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Bridge Map / Garibaldi Blvd Map

On location in the streets Paris
Ethan runs over Ilsa's motorcycle in the Rue de Valois. The scene pictured below with the truck was filmed at the small Rue des Barres, behind Saint-Gervais church.
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Boats tunnel
The sequence with the boats and the underground river was shot at the Canal Saint-Martin. In the picture above, the Austerlitz Viaduct.

Before leaving Paris, Ethan meets the White Widow by the Seine, with a splendid view of Notre-Dame cathedral.
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Scenes in Tate Modern with Tom Cruise
In London, Mission Impossible 6 was shot at Tate Modern, with Cruise on top of the iconic tower.

Cruise delayed the production for a few weeks after he injured himself while jumping from a roof in London. Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Filming in St Paul Cathedral
The chase sequence includes scenes filmed at St Paul's Cathedral (pictured) and in the Blackfriars Bridge area.

During the filming of this sequence, Cruise broke his ankle, halting the production for seven weeks.
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Pennington Street Warehouse location
A less obvious filming location is the underground spot where the team meets, the Pennington Street Warehouse vaults in the St Katharine's and Wapping area.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Paul the Archivist - Map

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  1. This was great, thanks!

  2. I'm desperatly trying to find out the street name where Ilsa is standing on the bridge with the sharpshooting rifle and then drives down the stairs on her motorcycle to follow Ethan on the street below. The same bridge and stairs are seen in a scene of "The Dreamers".

    Anyone knows that filming location? Based the scene just before that one it should be in the vicinity of the Trocadero. (I know films usually don't take geography very seriously, but in The Dreamers, the scene before the one at the bridge with the stairs was also at the Trocadero, making me think it might actually be nearby.

    1. Hey Brandis, I hope you are happy, we found it for you following the lead of an 'église en restauration à Paris' (you can see it at the end of the scene). This way we came across the Saint-Augustin church and your bridge.

    2. May I ask why it was so desperate?

  3. Do you know where the underground scenes were filmed? The part where Alec Baldwin was killed.

    1. A less obvious filming location is the underground spot where the team meets, the vaults of the Pennington Street Warehouse (St Katharine's & Wapping area). Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Paul the Archivist - Map

  4. what about the place ... a tree line where ethan and ilsa meet???? ... Movie time 1:15:00

    1. Ethan meets Ilsa later nearby in the Jardin du Palais Royal

  5. Just watched Fallout for the first time last night, and wondered where the fantastic cliffs were (if real at all!) - thanks so much for the info, and the pics. Great site, very useful, so thanks a lot from the UK.

  6. The cliffs are real for sure: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Lysefjorden, Norway. It's a well-known tourist attraction that you can visit (for free, of course, this is Scandinavia).

    But, please don't try to do Cruise's stunt if you go there, even though the place in itself is worth the journey. Climbing this cliff most certainly is a "don't attempt to do this at home" situation. The fall, in reality, is much deeper than it seems in the movie and the bottom is as hard as the rest of the rock.

    Still, you should go there and you will never forget - and I'm neither a local nor a Norwegian.


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