Where was Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning filmed? All the Filming Locations

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The seventh installment in the popular Mission Impossible saga, Dead Reckoning was filmed in Italy, England, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.

The franchise features some of the greatest stunts in movie history. This time, Tom Cruise, who has always performed his own stunts, pushed his boundaries by riding a motorbike off a cliff, BASE-jumping, and fighting on top of a moving train at 60 mph.

Dead Reckoning locations

Reprising their roles from the previous movies are the Impossible team, Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, and Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell.

The new faces include Hayley Atwell as Grace, Pom Klementieff as Paris, and Esai Morales as Ethan's nemesis, Gabriel.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning. We have sorted the locations into chronological order.

Dead Reckoning Part One Locations

Where was Dead Reckoning filmed
The scenes in the Arabian Desert, near the border with Yemen, were filmed in the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates.

The abandoned house was a set reminiscent of Kolmanskop, the dramatic Namibian mining town swallowed by sand.
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  Image courtesy of Abu Dhabi Film Commission - Map

Midfield Terminal Building
The filmmakers decided to shoot the desert sequence at the EUA because they loved the spectacular Midfield Terminal Building at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The cast and crew had the entire new terminal and its roof, still under construction at the time of filming in 2021, to themselves.

This structure features the longest single standing arch in the world. The Dhafra Air Base scenes were also shot here.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Hayley Atwell as Grace
Rome is a huge city of nearly three million inhabitants, spanning almost 500 square miles.

What a coincidence that the Italian authorities decided to take professional thief Grace to a scenic police station next to the famous Colosseum.

Located, on Via delle Carine, this building actually hosts a middle school.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Mission Impossible Rome
There's no Mission Impossible movie without a frantic car chase.

The sequence continues on the road between the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia (pictured) and the Forums, called Via dei Fori Imperiali.

The moped-crushing scene was filmed on a corner of Piazza Venezia, around the Piazza d'Aracoeli fountain.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Dead Reckoning Mini Fiat 500
Ethan and Grace find the safe car parked in front of the Church of St Catherine on Via dei Funari.

The producers made a special, faster, and more powerful Mini Fiat 500 for the movie, at the point where director Christopher McQuarrie suggested that it seem to be possesed.
Image courtesy of Skydance and Google Maps

Cruise and Atwell handcuffed
If the last 2023 Fast and Furious film, Fast X featured a giant ball rolling down the the world-famous Spanish Steps, in Dead Reckoning the mini takes over this popular Roman landmark.

To make things more realistic (and more complicated), Cruise and Atwell were actually handcuffed while filming this sequence.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Via delle Carine Roma
During the chase appears a tunel, the Traforo Umberto I in Via Milano.

Somehow (movie magic!) the Mini returns to the original street where the police station is located, on Via delle Carine.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Dead Reckoning Teil Eins drehorte
McQuarrie commented that Venice was a difficult location to shoot because no vehicles are allowed in the city and everything has to be brought in by boat and carried to the set by hand.

Ethan's team enters the city in style, navigating the Grand Canal against the backdrop of the Basílica de Santa Maria della Salute and the Ponte dell'Accademia.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Conservatory of Music Benedetto Marcello
The neglected building is the Conservatory of Music Benedetto Marcello, a location also featured in James Bond's Casino Royale.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Ethan Hunt and Ilsa Faust
This scene pictured had to be filmed on the top of the Palazzo Pisani Gritti, a magnificent building that houses the five-star luxury hotel The Gritti Palace.

Located opposite the Church of the Salute, this stunning Venetian Gothic palazzo dates back to the 14th century.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Mission Impossible Venice
The filmmakers shot the night sequence at the iconic Doge's Palace, the residence of the supreme authority in the former Republic of Venice.

To make the building feel alive, they brought in digital projectors for the midnight gala held by arms dealer Alanna Mitsopolis (played by Vanessa Kirby).
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Ponte dei Conzafelzi
The bridge fight scene was filmed on the Ponte dei Conzafelzi, one of the 391 bridges that connect the 118 islands on which the city was built.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Rauma Railway Norway
The train sequence in the Austrian Alps was filmed on the Rauma Railway line in northwestern Norway, known as one of the most beautiful train lines in the world.

The filmmakers built a fully functional, working train on a railroad track, with all the different cars from scratch, as there were no wrecked trains available to destroy them.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Kylling Bridge
During the one hour and forty minute journey, the Rauma Railway takes you through the rugged mountains surrounding the town of Dombås to the magnificent fjord at Åndalsnes.

Although the explosion is obviously CGI, the bridge is inspired by the picturesque 1921 Kylling Bridge (or Kylling bru) near Øverdalen.
Image courtesy of Skydance and Kabelleger / David Gubler - Map

Dead Reckoning train scene
Everything was shot practically. The fight on the roof of the train was filmed at 60 mph (almost 100 km/h).

Crashing the train had to be carefully planned, as they only had one shot.

This scene was recorded at Darlton Quarry in Derbyshire, England.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Tom Cruise motorcycle jump
The insane motorcycle jump was filmed on the over 4,000-foot tall (1246-meter) Helsetkopen mountain cliff known as Trollveggen or The Troll Wall.

Director Christopher McQuarrie, said Cruise put together a master plan to coordinate all the experts in each of the disciplines involved in this dangerous stunt, including BASE jumping, skydiving and motocross.
Image courtesy of Skydance - Map

Tom Cruise cliff jump
The ramp was first built at a former airbase in Oxfordshire, probably at RAF Upper Heyford, to rehearse the jump and get data on the bike's trajectory.

The construction of this ramp alone was estimated to have cost over two and a half million dollars.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Mission Impossible motorcycle ramp
It took several months to build the ramp in Norway. The crew had to helicopter everything up the mountain.

In all, Cruise made about 30 jumps a day, more than 500 skydives and 13,000 motocross jumps to perfect every aspect of the stunt.

Tom Cruise BASE jumping
Cruise jumps into a rock bowl with a stone wall around him, and he has to BASE-jump out of this area.

I was wondering where the motorcycles ended up, and I got an answer: some of the crushed machines were saved from destruction by the major of Stranda, who wants to put them on display in the town.

Tom Cruise Speed flying
The final scene was filmed in the Buttermere area of the Lake District in England.

With the paraglider's canopy open, Cruise flew very close to the rocks, practicing one of the world's most dangerous sports, speed-flying.

Speed-flying involves racing down a mountain just a few feet off the ground.

When he was landing, Cruise had to fly toward the camera vehicle, and hit the exact mark at high speed, over 50 mph (80 km/h).
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

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