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Now back for the third season, Ragnarok is set in the fictional city of Edda in Norway.

This time, the filmmakers didn't make a major effort to hide the real location where Ragnarok is filmed, the charming town of Odda.

Ragnarok Netflix series Filming locations

If you have visited Norway as a tourist, it is likely that you've been here. Odda is a small city, the main commercial and economic center of the Hardanger region.

Odda is also the tourist hub where many travelers stop before hiking the world-famous Trolltunga rock, also featured in the show.

Despite including superpowered teenagers and the Scandinavian legend of Thor and his brother, Loki, the show has nothing to do with Marvel movies.

Ragnarok Season Three

The series revolves around Magne, portrayed by David Stakston, a misfit teen who moves to the city with his mother and brother Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli).

When an old woman approaches Magne, ancient forces emerge to battle the Jötnar, the supernatural demons that poison the valley.

Here is our spoiler-free, guide to all the Ragnarok filming locations. You'll find the new season 3 updates below in the report.

Where is Ragnarok filmed? The city of Edda, Norway

Edda Norway
Odda doubles as Edda, Norway. The city's environment is surrounded by waterfalls, emerald fjords, incredible mountains, and lush valleys.

There are two jaw-dropping national parks in the area, the Buerbreen glacier, and Trolltunga, the rock formation shaped like a troll's tongue where in one episode Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) appears in the buff.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Edda, Norway location

Hvor ble Ragnarok filmet
The white church and almost everything else in the town is located in Odda.

The Spar grocery store, where Wenche (the reincarnation of Völva) works and where Wotan (Odin) spends most of his time outside drinking beer, is across the street from the church.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Church / Supermarket

The Ragnarok House

Ragnarok series House
However, where is the sinister mansion of the villainous Jutul family? This imposing house, overlooking Edda's valley, is basically a CGI creation.

The location of the house is actually occupied in real Odda by the Trolltunga apartments Viking Haug.

This accommodation consists of fully furnished and equipped apartments for rent with fantastic views over the fjord.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Vikinghaug - Ragnarok House Location

Jutul family mansion
The design of the Jutulheim house in the series is inspired by the Norwegian Dragon Style architecture, featuring Viking and Norse motifs, serpents, and dragons.

The Dragestil was very popular between 1880 and 1910. If you'd like to visit a real house constructed in this style, a good example is 1907' Villa Balderslund in Balestrand.

Ragnarok High School
Every Netflix coming-of-age series has to have a high school. Edda secondary is the local Odda Ungdomsskole.

The stadium and football field are also there, not far from the waters of the Hardanger Fjord.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Edda High School Map

Edda Grill
You can have a meal at Edda Grill, a fast food restaurant that in real life is called Odda-Grillen.

The first episode opening song is the sensational M83's Midnight City.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Ragnarok drehort
In Ragnarok, its inhabitants say that something is wrong in Edda, a strange town poisoned by pollution.

The Jutul Industries complex featured in the series was filmed in the Boliden Odda factory, located in a peninsula just out of town, next to Sorfjorden. This is a major zinc and sulphuric acid producer.

According to Wikipedia, Jutul is a Norwegian sports club from Bærum, a city located in Viken County, Norway. Maybe the screenwriter is a supporter of the rival football club?
Image courtesy of Netflix - Edda Factory Location Map

Lokasjoner huset Ragnarok
Pictured, the famed Trolltunga tongue rock, featured in several episodes.

If you search Edda in Wikipedia, you’ll see that this is the name in Old Norse of a collection of Medieval Icelandic poems.

The books were written during the 13th-century, and are connected to the Viking Age and the Norse mythology tradition.

Ringedals Dam
In the first episode of the third season, "War Is Over", Magne and Wotan visit the plant electrician Marit.

The scene pictured was filmed at the historic Ringedals Dam (Ringedalsdammen), a structure completed in 1918 located on the outskirts of Odda.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Fantakroke inlet
The place where Laurits secretly visits the snake monster is on the small inlet of Fantakroke near Skjeldvik, about seven miles (12 km) north of Odda.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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  1. Excellent background to Edda, thank you.

  2. HI! Just adding a comment, a jutul is a mountain giant, so I think that Adam Price gave the family the name based off that. I guess that fact that it's also the name of a football club is just mere coincidence lol.

    1. The mountain giants are actually called jotunn.

    2. Wouldn’t be too sure about that. The track pants that the fjor wear are also called Jutul so the sports club makes since also.

    3. Nah a Giant is a Jotunn.

    4. Jutul is a troll or jotne.

  3. Amazing series... Every episode I literally have a hard time getting through because of the amazingly breathtaking scenery... One of these days I will visit Norway to honor the land of my chosen gods...

  4. Terrific series got hooked on it! I was always a bit of a fan of Norse mythology, but this was really great and the scenery is breathtaking. I had to stop at various parts of the series just to look at how gorgeous looks. It's on my bucket list, I will take a long visit to Norway, maybe next year, maybe even sooner. It's a must! I'm already 71. Great great show folks!

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  7. Ich bin schon mehrmals in Odda gewesen. Wir waren in Nå am Sørfjord, zum Angelurlaub.Der Fjord ist tatsächlich verseucht, durch die Industrie ( Zinkwerk und Düngemittelfabrik). Der Ort ist wirklich recht schaurig. Man könnte fast sagen, vor Hässlichkeit schön. Die Landschaft ist Atemberaubend.Odda wurde auch oft, vom deutschen Kaiser besucht, was man an einer Gedenktafel, an einem naheliegenden Wasserfall, dokumentiert sieht. Wir haben in Odda, sehr hübsche Menschen, aber auch regelrechte Trolle, gesehen.Ich glaube, dort zu leben, ist sehr hart. Es ist so eine Art, Ende der Welt Atmosphäre.

  8. I have just finished watching season 2 of Ragnarok. The landscape, greenery, waterfalls, locales, culture, Northern Lights - so well depicted and filmed. Fantastic, fingers crossed that I may be able to see these for myself.

  9. En jotun eller jotne, også kalt turse, rimtusse, jutul, jøtul og gyger, er en kjempemessig skapning i norrøn mytologi som holder til i Jotunheim, der borgen eller stedet Utgard ligger.

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    Fantastic series so far! Hold onto that hammer, you Odinists - reality will bite soon!

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