The real Edda town in Norway and the house: Where was Ragnarok filmed?

Ragnarok Netflix series Filming locations
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Ragnarok is a six-part Netflix series set in the fictional city of Edda, Norway. This time the filmmakers didn't make a big effort to hide the real location where Ragnarok is filmed, in the nice town of Odda. If you have visited Norway as a tourist, there are big chances that you've been here. Odda is a small city, the main commercial and economic centre of the Hardanger region, but also the tourist hub where many travellers stop before hiking the world famous Trolltunga rock, that is also featured in the series.

According to its inhabitants, something is sick in Edda, a strange town poisoned by pollution. Magne (portrayed by David Stakston), is a misfit teen who moves to the city with his mother and brother. When an old woman approaches Magne, ancient forces emerge to battle the demons that poison the valley.

Despite including superpowered teenagers and the Scandinavian legend of Thor and its hammer, the show has nothing to do with Marvel movies. The series features a sort of Greta Thunberg environmental activist called Isolde, played by Ylva Bjørkaas. The opening song of the first episode is the sensational M83's Midnight City. We have a few more interesting details about the series and the filming locations of Edda, like the impressive house that appears in this mythological fantasy action drama:

Where is Ragnarok filmed? The city of Edda, Norway

Edda Norway
Odda doubles as Edda, Norway. The town's environment is surrounded by waterfalls, emerald fjords, incredible mountains, lush valleys, two national parks, the Buerbreen glacier and Trolltunga, the instagramable troll tongue rock formation where Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) exposes himself au naturel. The white church, the grocery shop Spar and almost everything else is located here.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Edda, Norway location

The Ragnarok House

Ragnarok series House
However, where is the sinister mansion of the villainous Jutul family? This imposing house, overlooking Edda's valley is almost on one hand, a CGI creation. The location of the house is actually occupied in real Odda by the Trolltunga apartments Viking Haug. This accommodation consists of fully furnished and equipped apartments for rental with fantastic views. The design of the Jutulheim house is inspired by the Norwegian Dragon Style architecture, featuring Viking and Norse motifs, serpents and dragons. The Dragestil was very popular between 1880 and 1910. If you'd like to visit a real house constructed in this style, a good example is 1907' Villa Balderslund in Balestrand. Image courtesy of Netflix and Vikinghaug - Ragnarok House Location

Ragnarok drehort
Any Netflix coming-of-age series has to have a High School. Edda secondary is the local Odda Ungdomsskole. The stadium and football field are also there, not far from the waters of the fjord. The Jutul Industries complex featured in the series was filmed in the Boliden Odda factory, located in a peninsula just out of town, next to Sorfjorden. This is a major zinc and sulphuric acid producer. By the way, according to Wikipedia, Jutul is a Norwegian sports club from Bærum, a city located in Viken County, Norway. Maybe the screenwriter is a supporter of the rival football club? - Image courtesy of Edda High School - Edda Factory Location

lokasjoner huset Ragnarok
If you also search Edda in Wikipedia, you can learn that this is the name in Old Norse of a collection of Medieval Icelandic poems. The books were written during the 13th century an are connected to the Viking Age and the Norse mythology tradition.

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