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Rogue One where filmed
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The first of the new three spin-off Star Wars movies came packed with stunning scenery and epic battles. The action takes place after the events of the Revenge of the Sith, and before the original Star Wars IV episode.

Rogue One follows the adventures of a group of rebels, starring Felicity Jones and Diego Luna. We are spoiler-free as usually, and -of course- we don't have any clue about the fate of the Death Star that appears in the movie.

This Lucasfilm production travels to amazing locations all around (our) world. Rogue One was filmed in the dark southern coast of Iceland, the desert of Jordan, the studios of England, and in a fabulous paradise-like destination in Maldives:

Rogue One Location
We start in Iceland, looking at this beautiful shot filmed for the opening scene on planet Eadu.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One Filming Locations
This is the out-of-this-world plain and windy landscape, east of the small town of Vík, in the south of the island.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One Iceland
Reynisfjara and Mýrdalssandur beach was the bed of a huge glacier during the last ice age. I would like to thank again to the inventor of the copy-pasting option, for all the help when having to name the mountains Hafursey (pictured) and Hjörleifshöfði. Image by Austin Matherne

Rogue One Island
But in terms of visuals, we reckon that this new Star Wars story is going to be noted for bringing a commando of Stormtroopers landing in a tropical beach. Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One Maldives
The shooting was carried on in the Laamu Atoll in Maldives, around Berasdhoo Island and Laamu Gan (that look more or less like this alluring picture from Atoll Addu, also in Maldives. Sorry, so far we don't have a good pic from Laamu). Image by Hussain Didi

Rogue One Scarif
Maldives is doubling as the wonderful planet Scarif, where a massive battle scene takes place.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One shooting locations
Some of the sequences from Scarif were filmed in Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England. The first image is from the movie and the one below, of the same explosion, from the making of. Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One underground
An easy spot to be visited for the fans is the Canary Wharf tube Station in London, where some scenes for an Imperial base or an evil spacecraft were filmed. Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm and Sunil060902

Where did they filmed Rogue One
The scene was filmed on location during the hours when the line is closed to the public, from midnight to 4 am.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm and Tiago Miranda

Rogue One Jordan
What would it be a Star Wars film without a Tatooine-like dusty desertic planet? That bring us to Jordan.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One Wadi Rum
In the last years, the hills of Wadi Rum valley have seen many big productions filming here, like The Martian or Prometheus. Image by Dougie O'Brien

Where is Rogue One set
This new planet called Jedha has been described as the Mecca or the Jerusalem of Star Wars, a pilgrimage place for believers in the Force. Many other scenes located in this planet have been filmed in Pinewood Studios, near London. You can also check out the filming Locations of the new Apple+ and Lucasfilm series in our new report: Where was The Mandalorian filmed?

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For further information, we recommend you the book The Art of Rogue One including awesome artworks like concept paintings, sketches, storyboards, and character, costume, and vehicle designs. It is also interesting the official The Ultimate Visual Guide with detailed cross-sections of vehicles and mapped-out locations.

We are looking forward to get a copy of the 96-page special of Entertainment Weekly: The Ultimate Guide to Rogue One to be released on December the 9th.
Finally, don't miss if you can the luxurious edition of Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie, an amazing collection of illustrations (already with a vintage touch), and almost everything else related to the most iconic artist in the history of the saga. Just have a look to the outstanding customer reviews and photos to feel the force!


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