Where was Rogue One filmed? Guide to all the Filming Locations

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The first of the new Star Wars spin-off films traveled to incredible real locations situated on this side of the galaxy.

Rogue One was filmed on the southern coast of Iceland, the desert in Jordan, the studios in England, and a fabulous paradise-like destination in the Maldives.

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The 2022 Disney series Andor, taking place five years before the events of this Lucasfilm production is a prequel to Rogue One.

The action, packed with stunning scenery and epic battles, takes place after the events of the Revenge of the Sith, and before the original Star Wars IV episode.

We are spoiler-free as usual, and -of course- we don't have any clue about the fate of the Death Star that appears in the movie. Here is our guide to all the filming locations and the places that inspired them in Rogue One.

Rogue One Locations

Where was Rogue One filmed
The movie opens with a sequence on Planet Lah'mu, where scientist Galen Erso and his family are in hiding from the Imperial troops.

This is the out-of-this-world landscape located east of the small town of Vík in the south of Iceland.
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  Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Planet Lahmu
Lah'mu was filmed on the Mýrdalssandur beach, the black sand bed of a huge glacier that stood here during the last ice age.

Orson Krennic's arrival is set against the backdrop of the picturesque mountains of Hafursey and Hjörleifshöfði.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Planet Jedha
The imperial-occupied moon Jedha is inspired by locations in the Middle East.

This new planet has been described as the Mecca or the Jerusalem of Star Wars, a pilgrimage place for believers in the Force.

The Tatooine-like dusty desertic planet was filmed in Jordan. The buildings carved out of the rock are inspired by the structures on cliff faces and mountainsides of the ancient city of Petra.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Planet Jedha

Wadi Rum desert landscape
The Jedha landscape was shot in the Wadi Rum Valley, situated in the desert in southern Jordan.

This location has been used in many big productions including The Martian and Prometheus.

Also, this is one of the key filming locations where Dune, the 2021 movie directed by Denis Villeneuve was recorded.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Rogue One Jedha
The most distinctive landmark of Wadi Rum, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, was CGI'd into the scene pictured on top.

In Saudi Arabia, there is an important city on the Red Sea called Jeddah near Mecca.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm and Map - Dale Gillard

Rebel Alliance headquarters
The capital of Jedha was a CGI creation inspired by medieval towns in the Middle East, such as the Citadel of Aleppo in Syria or the Fortress of Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

All the scenes with the actors were filmed in the sound stages of Pinewood Studios near London.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Maps: Aleppo / Erbil

Planet Yavin 4

Yavin 4
The Rebel Alliance headquarters in Yavin 4 are inspired by Tikal, the stunning ruins of a Mayan city located in the jungle of northern Guatemala.

Built around the 1st century A.D., the iconic temple-pyramids and palaces of Tikal were part of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Planet Scarif

Stormtroopers tropical Island
In terms of visuals, this Star Wars movie is going to stand out by bringing the Stormtrooper commandos and UA-TT Walkers to a tropical beach.

Planet Scarif
The Maldives doubled as Planet Scarif, where the massive final battle scene takes place.

The establishing shots were recorded at Laamu Atoll in Berasdhoo Island and Laamu Gan.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Scarif imperial security complex
The sequences at the Scarif imperial security complex were filmed at Elstree Studios and the former RAF Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire, England.

The scene pictured on top is from the movie and the lower picture, of the same explosion, is from the making-of video.

Bovingdon also served as a filming location for Justice League, 1917, and Good Omens.
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm - Map

Rogue One London Tube Station
An easy location to visit for Star Wars fans is the Canary Wharf Tube Station in London, where were filmed some scenes of the interior of the Imperial base.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm and Sunil060902 - Map

Star Wars in Canary Wharf
The scene was filmed on location during the hours when the line is closed to the public, from midnight to 4 am.
Image by courtesy of Lucasfilm and Tiago Miranda

The cast is headed by Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, and Ben Mendelsohn as Orson Krennic.

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