Filming Locations Guide: Where was Prometheus filmed?

Where was Prometheus filmed
Posted by Ra Moon
The 2012 film from Ridley Scott, a prequel to the brilliant Alien series, has great outdoor settings and -what a coincidence- this website has been to most of them.

So thanks to a few screen captions, we can have a look at how these places have been transformed into the dark, atmospheric scenes where Prometheus takes place. For once, instead of suffering like Lieutenant Ripley, running through suffocating and claustrophobic corridors full of alien slime, this time some of the new candidates getting facehugged onboard the lucky spacecraft will also get the chance to burst in the open air.

[Update: You can also find here the locations where Alien Covenant was filmed]

Waterfall Prometheus Iceland
The opening scene is located at the Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland.
Image by Hugi Ásgeirsson

Prometheus Iceland
Add a flying saucer, and it does the job.
Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Dettifoss Waterfall
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan who stole fire to give it to humankind, an act that enabled progress and civilization. He also created man from clay. Image by Peter Nijenhuis

Prometheus Locations
Just before getting to the waterfall, the camera flies you over the Krossá river, in Landmannalaugar.
Image by M'sieur rico

Introductory establishing shoot
Find out more about Landmannalaugar here.
Image by Bram

Prometheus Old Man of Storr
The Old Man of Storr in Scotland is the perfect setting for some archaeological discoveries.
Image by Asands

First scenes of the movie
Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Isle of Skye
Find out more about the amazing Isle of Skye here.
Image by Cyril Abad

Glen Coe
Also in Scotland, the Glen Coe makes up a part of the collage of snowy mountains seen when the vessel first lands on the planet. Image by Ben Matthews

First scenes in Prometheus
Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Wadi Rum Prometheus
The sight of the steep mountains in Wadi Rum, Jordan, provides the background for a large part of the movie.
Image by Sillie R

Prometheus Planet
Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Wadi Rum
The last Transformers movie was also shot here, but I'm not brave enough to watch that one. Find out more about Wadi Rum, the valley of where The Martian was filmed here. Image by Deltron3032

Flying over the planet
There's a scene where David is watching Lawrence of Arabia. It's not a coincidence: Wadi Rum is where the legendary Lawrence of Arabia led the Bedouin people through this hostile and labyrinthine valley to launch a surprise attack on the Turkish army. Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

The spacecraft landed on the surface
In the end, the butler did it.
Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox


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