Filming locations: Where was Justice League filmed?

Justice League Location
Over the course of several movies, DC superheroes have saved the world multiple times. Justice League - Part 1 is a new installment from DC Extended Universe, where these extraordinary champions will do it again, all in together.

Ben Affleck leads the returning cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the amazon from Themyscira Island, Superman is performed by Henry Cavill, Aquaman is Khal Drogo Jason Momoa, Cyborg is played by Ray Fisher, and the comic relief of the group, The Flash, is interpreted by Ezra Miller.

Justice League was primarily filmed in various locations around England and Iceland. These are the most relevant filming locations for this Marvel blockbuster - Contains no spoilers!

The factory village location
The shoot in Iceland is the most original and interesting location of the whole movie. Aquaman Iceland scenes were filmed in Djúpavík, a tiny village in the remote region of the Westfjords.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Scenery in Iceland
Djúpavík is surrounded by spectacular scenery. The hamlet consists of various houses, a hotel and the old herring factory that was used for filming. Image by Junaid Rao

soundstage shoot
Justice League was based at the Warner Bros Leavesden studios in England. Also reshoots took place at the massive hangars of the old airfield in Cardington Studios (Bedfordshire). Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Justice League drehort
Some scenes were shot on location in London, although so far there is very little information available about this.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Justice League city
According to Imdb, some filming took place at the British Museum. As far as we know, Amazonian warrior Diana Prince works in the Louvre’s antiquities department in Paris. Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Where is Justice League set
This explosion scene was filmed in the Central Criminal Court (or The Old Bailey) in London. spotted the production crew filming in the Shorts Building in New Cardington. Also there is the rumour that they used the mansion at Southill Park (Bedfordshire) as Wayne Manor. Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

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  1. The building you are looking for is Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) in London

  2. The Superman black banner is from the tower bridge image from the West. The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard is the glass building.


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