Where was Dune filmed? Guide to All the Filming Locations

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With the release of Part Two, the new Dune movies were filmed in Norway, Italy, Budapest, Jordan, and the UAB in the Middle East.

To create the visually arresting world of this mythical space opera, which inspired the Star Wars saga, most of the filming locations appearing in the movie are real.

Where was Dune filmed

Dune is the story of the Atreides family, sent by the galactic emperor to a dangerous desert planet which is the source of the most valuable substance in the universe. Powerful clans fight to control the supply of Melange, the spice that allows humans to navigate through deep space.

The big challenge of director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) was to adapt the complex, massive, sophisticated original 1965 novel of the same name by Frank Herbert into a big-screen, quality blockbuster for larger audiences.

Welcome to Arrakis and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Dune. You'll find the new second part updates below in the report.

Dune Filming Locations

Dune Filming Locations
The scenes on the homeworld of House Atreides, Caladan, were filmed in Norway.

The big forked rock is the mountain cliff of Kinn Island, known by the locals as Kinnaklova.

According to Western Norway Film Commission, the island is inhabited permanently by only a couple of people and a herd of goats.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Kystpilgrimsleia Rogaland - Map

Caladan planet
The scene pictured and the sandy beach with boulder rocks where Paul watches his last sunset before departing for Arrakis were filmed in Myresanden in the Stad or Stadlandet Peninsula.

This spot is located near the westernmost point in Norway on the gorgeous and rough Nordfjord Coast.

The Atreides are allegedly of Greek descent, although Caladan is very similar to Caledonia, the Latin for Scotland. Also, the soundtrack includes the sound of Scottish bagpipes.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Google Maps

Dune Wadi Rum
In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Villeneuve said that one of the conditions he requested to make the movie was that he wanted to shoot on location in a real desert.

The director sought to inspire the entire cast and crew with the spirituality and mysticism of such a fascinating place.

Arrakis Fremen people
The Fremen are the long-settled tribes adapted to survive in the remotest regions of Arrakis.

The scenes in the movie filmed in the rocky areas of the planet were filmed in Wadi Rum, a large designated protected area in Jordan.

You've probably seen this dramatic scenery in many other productions including Lawrence of Arabia, Prometheus, The Martian, Rogue One, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Aladdin.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Dune 2021 desert scene
The scenes showing the vast immensity of the open desert infested with monstrous sandworms were filmed across 11 days at the Liwa Desert in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula (United Arab Emirates).

Considered one of the most beautiful rolling dunes landscapes in the world, the 5-star Qasr Al Sarab Resort is an oasis located in the middle of the desert, ideal to host film crews.

Also, the colossal 300 meters tall Moreeb Dune, situated nearby in this area known as the “Empty Quarter”, comes very handy to record the stunning aerial footage of Arrakis.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Arrakeen Palace
The local people of the fortress city in Arrakis are inspired by the Muslim culture, but the Arrakeen Palace on top seems out of the Teotihuacan archaeological complex in Mexico.

The pyramid of Giedi Prime, homeworld of House Harkonnen, also recalls the Blade Runner 2049's Tyrell Corporation building, shrouded by artificial lights in the darkness of the night.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Carlos Van Vegas - Map

Set behind the scenes
The movie was headquartered at the sound stages at Origo Studios in Budapest, Hungary, the same ones where Blade Runner 2049 was created.

The production occupied enormous, spooky sets, employing as many practical effects as possible, making minimal use of green screens.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Dune drehorte
Two bodies of the cool dragonfly-like 'Thopter' or 'Ornithopter' aircraft were built full-scale on the studios.

Hans Zimmer composed the superb score, featuring a soundscape played with effects made with new digital instruments created for the movie.

The new Dune: Part Two locations

Dune Part Two location
In Part Two, some scenes in the Emperor's quarters with the Bene Gesserits were filmed at the Brion Tomb in Altivole, a town located in the Veneto region of Italy.

Designed by the renowned Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, this is the private burial ground for the Brion family.

Completed in 1978, the memorial is considered a masterpiece of post-modernist architecture, blending the concrete buildings with nature and the surrounding landscape.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Filippo Poli - Map

Emperor's quarters Dune
The scene in which the Emperor Shaddam IV receives the message from Paul was filmed at the Labor Movement Mausoleum in Kerepesi Cemetery, also known as the Fiume Road National Graveyard in Budapest, Hungary.

Established in 1847, this is Budapest's most historic and significant burial ground.

Completed in 1958, the mausoleum was designed in a modernist style with sculptures and reliefs honoring socialist and communist activists.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Jean-François Gillet - Map

Makers' Temple in the South
Production designer Patrice Vermette revealed in an interview with Condé Nast that part of the facade of the Makers' Temple in the South was a set built into a rock formation in the Wadi Rum area of Jordan.

The temple carved into the rock in the desert is reminiscent of Hegra, the 1st century AD archaeological site in Saudi Arabia (pictured), or the famous city of Petra, also in Jordan.
Image courtesy of Richard Hargas - Map

Water Of Life Sand Worms temple
As in Part One, many scenes were filmed in the studios, such as the chamber where the young sandworms are kept in captivity.

Some elements in this area, such as the columns, are inspired by the architecture of Hindu temples in India.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Andrea Kirkby

Arrakis Sea of Sand
A small unit with Villeneuve and Anya Taylor-Joy traveled to Africa to shoot a scene that was kept in total secrecy, not to reveal that the popular actress had been cast in the production.

We can't confirm this, but in Atlas of Wonders suspect it may be a very short sequence filmed at the Namib Sand Sea in Namibia.

This is one of the few places in the world where massive sand dunes extend all the way to the coast, creating a stunning and unique landscape where the desert meets the ocean.
Image courtesy of Rüdiger Wenzel - Map

House Atreides
Don't they look a bit like the Starks? Denis Villeneuve assembled an extraordinary cast to "create Star Wars for adults".

Dune stars Timothée Chalamet (Wonka, Little Women) as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson (Doctor Sleep, Mission: Impossible) as Paul's Bene Gesserit mother, Lady Jessica, Oscar Isaac (Star Wars, Moon Knight) as Duke Leto Atreides, Josh Brolin (Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) as weapons master Gurney Halleck, Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) as Duncan Idaho, and Zendaya (Euphoria, Spider-Man) as the young Fremen woman, Chani.

Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica
Completing the main cast are Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) as the Fremen leader, Stilgar, Stellan Skarsgård (Pirates of the Caribbean, Chernobyl) as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, See) as Glossu Rabban of the House Harkonnen, Austin Butler (Elvis) as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, Christopher Walken (The Dead Zone, Severance) as Emperor Shaddam IV, and Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Oppenheimer) as the Emperor's daughter, Princess Irulan.

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Sorry, I have to tell you that the Emperor's quarters scenes were made only partially in Budapest. The 'garden' with stone walls and guards is in the Graveyard of Fiume Street.

Especially the scene where the Emperor receives and reads the message from Paul.

   2- Ra Moon - Apr 28, 2024, 14:09 PM
   Thank you, updated!

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One scene was filmed in the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig.

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