Filming Locations: Where was Doctor Strange filmed?

Doctor Strange Location
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Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the mysterious sorcerer, this 2016 Marvel film takes Dr. Stephen Strange to the lands of the Kathmandu Valley. The doctor will have to find a wizard who could help him recover from a car accident. There he will be introduced to sorcery and mysticism by The Ancient One.

Doctor Strange has been filmed on location in Nepal, shortly after the catastrophic earthquake of 2015. The movie also takes place in England, Hong Kong and in the United States:

Doctor Strange Location
In Nepal, some exteriors were filmed in the iconic Swayambhunath temple, overlooking Kathmandu from the top of a hill. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange Nepal
In this screencap, Stephen Strange walks to one of the bridges leading to the temple of Pashupatinath, at the other side of the city. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange Temple
Pashupatinath is one of the largest and most famous temples of Kathmandu, and a UNESCO world heritage site.
Image by Jorge Láscar

Where was Doctor Strange filmed
In this promotional image, Cumberbatch is standing near monuments of the popular and central Patan Durbar Square in Kathmandu. The area was damaged by the 2015 earthquake, and the team was filming the movie just a few months after the tragedy. Probably the scene was made with the help of some CGI, although the Krishna Mandir temple (in the front) and the tower in the background have survived the disaster.
Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Streets of Kathmandu
The Marvel movie was also filmed in Thamel and New Road in Kathmandu.
Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Hong Kong scene
A few sequences were shot on the streets of Hong Kong, although most of what is seen in the film was built on a service road at Longcross Studios. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

The New York shoot
The movie gets a bit trippy, with scenes like this one that reminds us of the induced dreams of Inception (2010).
Filming in New York took place near Manhattan in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and Flatiron District. The Feel the Beat city was also set in New York. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Sanctum Sanctorum
In your face! - Many elements and places from the isolated community of sorcerers of Kamar-Taj was built at Longcross studios in England. Also the Sanctum Sanctorum was filmed in these studios.
Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

Blending church Kaecilius powers
The spectacular scene of the bending kaleidoscopic church with Kaecilius, was filmed in the Exeter College Chapel of the Oxford University in England. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

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