Cathedral Beach

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The Beach of the Cathedrals is a magnificent example of nature's raw power in action. The Atlantic ocean tides perform, again and again, a living spectacle engulfing and exposing this amazing coast sprinkled with arches and caves.

The naves and chambers of these cathedrals paved with sand, have been formed when the Cantabrian Sea waves carved and carried away the softer parts of the rock. Now we are the lucky ones to be living in the time of this ongoing geological process, in which we can see the arches before they collapse.

As Catedrais beach
The also known as 'Beach of the Holy Waters' is located in Galicia, northwest of Spain.
Image by Jl.Cernadas

Beach of the Holy Waters
If you come there, bear in mind that you can only explore the caves when the tide is low.
Image by Darkrigel

Beach of the Cathedrals
It is recommended to be back to the main beach before the waves start to cover it again, which happens very quickly. Image by Hugo Barros Bermúdez

What a fantastic turquoise waters, but this is not a tropical beach.
Image by Darkrigel

Beach Cathedrals
Yeah, we are still in the wet and green Celtic north of Spain.
Image by Darkrigel

Playa de Las Catedrales
Porch of the Glory.
Image by Darkrigel

Cathedral Beach Spain
Image by Min Master

Aguas Santas
The cliffs are around thirty meters high.
Image by Darkrigel

As Catedrais
Image by Eleder JH

Playa Catedrales
As Catedrais have a resemblance to The Twelve Apostles, a world famous limestone formation in Australia.
Image by Eleder JH

Natural monument Spain
The area is protected and has been declared a natural monument.
Image by Eleder JH

Beach Cathedrals
You can check the tide forecast and plan your timing with this useful website.
Image by Juanjolostium

Praia da Catedrais
Image by Txema León

Cathedral Beach
Image by Carloswes

Natural rock formations
There are many natural rock formations in the world nicknamed the 'something' cathedral, like this one in Chile.
Image by Darkrigel

Spain cliff beach
The view over the cliffs are also worth your attention.
Image by Caese

Beach of the Cathedrals Spain
Have you been to magical places?
Image by Paulo Brandão



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