Where was The Diplomat filmed? The House & all the Locations

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Starring Keri Russell as Ambassador Kate Wyler, The Diplomat was filmed primarily in England and Paris.

The show boasts some magnificent locations, including grand homes and historic buildings in and around London.

Keri Russell as Ambassador Kate Wyler

The series revolves around a newly appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom who is tasked with resolving international conflicts.

On top of that, Kate must also navigate the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband, Hal Wyler (played by Rufus Sewell), who is also a career diplomat.

Welcome to our guide to all the filming locations of The Diplomat. You'll find the locations more or less in order of appearance.

The Diplomat Locations

U.S. Embassy in London
The establishing shots of the U.S. Embassy in London were filmed at the actual diplomatic mission building in Nine Elms.

This new building, which opened in 2017, is the largest American embassy in Western Europe.
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  Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Winfield House in The Diplomat

The Diplomat house
The Winfield House is the official residence of the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

In real life, this house, built in 1936, is located in Regent's Park and has the second-largest private garden in London after that of Buckingham Palace.

However, the Winfield House that appears in the series was filmed at Wrotham Park, a large country house in South Mimms, Hertfordshire (pictured).
Image courtesy of Netflix - Real Winfield House Map

Winfield House The Diplomat
Completed in 1754 and rebuilt in neo-Palladian style in 1883, Wrotham Park is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.

This magnificent property has been used as a filming location in many productions including Downton Abbey, The Crown, and Bridgerton.
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Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office building
The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office building is an impressive 18th-century Italianate complex on Whitehall.

During the series we can appreciate the Old World charm splendor of the Grand Staircase (upper picture), the Grand Locarno Room, and the Durbar Court (lower pic) in the former India Office.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Cinderella Thing
The funeral scene was filmed at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Located on the River Thames, the ensemble of buildings at Maritime Greenwich is a monumental UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is also a popular tourist attraction and filming location for hundreds of productions, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyfall, and The Sandman, just to name a few.
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Grosvenor Crescent
The house where CIA Station Chief Eidra Park (played by Ali Ahn) and Foreign Secretary Austin Dennison (David Gyasi) are staying is one of the eight terraced houses on Grosvenor Crescent in London's Belgravia district.

This street is considered the UK's most expensive residential area - each house has an average house price of nearly £17 million (about $21 million)..
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Rose Deli Café
This scene from the second episode, "Don't Call It a Kidnapping", was filmed at the Rose Deli Café, formerly known as O Fumeiro.

This former Portuguese restaurant in Nine Elms has closed for good.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Livery Hall at Drapers' Hall
The gala in the fourth episode, "He Bought a Hat", was filmed in the dazzling Livery Hall at Drapers' Hall in London.

Located in the heart of The City, this historic 1770s hall is now a spectacular event venue.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Dogcatcher
The country house in the fifth episode, "The Dogcatcher", is Ditchley Park near Charlbury in Oxfordshire.

Considered one of the finest houses in the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill used this vast estate as a secret weekend retreat during the Second World War.

This 18th-century Palladian-style mansion was also featured in The English series.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Some Lusty Tornado
The SIS or MI6 Building at Vauxhall Cross, bombed out in the 007 movie Skyfall, appears in the sixth episode, "Some Lusty Tornado".
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Drayton Beauchamp house
Drayton Beauchamp is a unique house in Buckinghamshire.

Believed to have been built around 1620, this 4-bed thatched house has been featured in several movies and films.
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Keep Your Enemies Closer
The wine shop in the seventh episode, "Keep Your Enemies Closer," is the old wine merchants Berry Bros. and Rudd on St. James's Street.

Founded in 1698, the business has grown into an international company with six offices worldwide.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Smith and Wollensky restaurant London
This restaurant was filmed at the Smith & Wollensky steak house, located at Covent Garden Riverside in London.

With its luxurious décor and sophisticated atmosphere, the restaurant offers a fine dining experience.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

116 Pall Mall
The scene pictured was shot at 116 Pall Mall, an event and wedding venue near Trafalgar Square.

Originally built in the early 1820s, the building features grand Georgian architecture and elegant interiors.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The James Bond Clause
The Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in the series finale, "The James Bond Clause", was filmed at the Royal Society of Arts in central London.

The society is located in a 1774 Georgian townhouse featuring the Great Room decorated with 18th-century paintings.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Diplomat Locations
The scenes in Paris were filmed at the Palais-Royal in Paris, home of the Conseil d'État (French Council of State).

Built in the 17th century for Cardinal Richelieu, it later became the residence of the French royal family until they lost their heads in the French Revolution.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Le Saint-Régis restaurant
The Parisian restaurant is Le Saint-Régis, a cozy eatery located on the Saint-Louis island in the center of the city.
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The Coronation of Napoleon in the Louvre Museum
Like the new John Wick 4 movie, The Diplomat had also the privilege of filming inside the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

We see a scene with the iconic Winged Victory of Samothrace and this one pictured with The Coronation of Napoleon on the Denon Wing.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Diplomatische Beziehungen drehorte
The very last scene of season one was filmed on the Pont Royal, situated between the Louvre and the Orsay Museum over the Sena River.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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Your photo of the real Winfield House is wrong, it's a brick-faced building!

2- Anonymous - Dec 21, 2023, 1:12 AM
Can you check the location of the hotel she was staying in the last episode? Was it Hotel Brighton on Rue de Rivoli? (100m away from Pont Royal) We just stayed there this week and I watched the series coming back on the plane and the room is identical to the room we stayed in!


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