Where was Ghosted filmed? The Restaurant & all the Locations

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Starring Captain America Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, Ghosted was primarily filmed in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New Mexico.

The story of this action-comedy movie revolves around a farmer who has a bumpy romance with a secret CIA agent who goes into Mata Hari mode to retrieve a lethal biochemical weapon from some bad guys.

Where was Ghosted filmed

Including several Marvel Universe cameos, the main cast is rounded out by Adrien Brody as an arms dealer.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas also showed off their chemistry in the murder-mystery movie Knives Out.

Here is our guide to -almost- all the filming locations of Ghosted. You'll find the locations more or less in order of appearance.

Ghosted Filming Locations

Ghosted Location
The movie opens with Sadie driving through a wooded area on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., although this scene was actually filmed in another state.

The old bridge trestle supports are in the Tallulah Falls Lake, part of Tallulah Gorge State Park in the north Georgia mountains.
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Marietta Square
The marketplace where the pair first meet was filmed in downtown Marietta, Georgia.

Cole's stand was located in North Park Square with Root Street in Marietta Square.

The scene where he decides that there is enough sexual tension to ask the girl out was shot in front of the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre.
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Ghosted house
The Washington area that reminds Sadie of the Amsterdam canals is the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in the Georgetown neighborhood.

The scene was filmed between Thomas Jefferson and 31st Streets.

The village of Georgetown thrived as a hub of commerce and trade, thanks to the construction of the canal in the early 19th century.
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Ghosted drehorte
The lovely birds visit the Lincoln Book Tower at Ford's Theatre in Penn Quarter.

With over 15,000 volumes, the tower is a tribute to President Abraham Lincoln and his love of literature.
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Exorcist Stairs
The Exorcist Steps is a famous filming location from the 1973 horror classic.

Also located in Georgetown, the steep staircase has become a popular tourist attraction for movie fans.
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National Gallery of Art atrium hall
The duo continues their romantic first date at the National Gallery of Art.

They discuss their fears under the main Atrium Hall dome, pictured.

With free admission, this premier art museum boasts an impressive collection of more than 150,000 paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts by renowned artists from around the world, including Monet.
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Wharf Jitney recreation pier
The swing and the first kiss scenes were filmed on the Recreation Pier.

Originally built in 1910 as a city pier, this area has been renovated and offers stunning views of the Washington Channel.
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The Vault 1894
After being ghosted, Cole decides to travel to London and follows a location app that leads him to the historic riverside street of Shad Thames.

The Vault 1894 is a hidden cocktail bar located under the famous Tower Bridge.
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Funky bus in Pakistan
The action sequence in the Khyber Pass mountains with the funky bus in Pakistan was actually filmed in New Mexico.

Mingora in Northern Pakistan
To film the streets of the city of Mingora in northern Pakistan, the producers built a large set in Atlanta.

As you can see, a section of the square was filmed using blue screens and other special effects.

But the level of detail on the set, as we can check out in the behind-the-scenes videos, is quite impressive.

The cameo scenes
The best part of the movie are the cameo scenes when a Marvel actor appears on screen.

Captain America's friends appear out of nowhere as hitmen or Ana de Armas' ex-boyfriends.

This way we get to enjoy The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan) minute or glory along with the hilarious Ryan -Deadpool- Reynolds scene.

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta
The interior scenes at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, were filmed at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta.

The complex, which resembles a sort of Disneyland for adults, consists of a museum, restaurants, and a track where you can drive some of the German brand's exclusive cars for a fee.

This location has appeared in several Marvel movies doubling as the Avengers Headquarters.
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The Ghosted Restaurant

Capital Heights Hotel
The fictional Capital Heights Hotel in Washington is actually the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in the city's downtown.

The spectacular atrium of this iconic 52-story hotel was also a featured location in the Marvel series Loki.

The circular restaurant atop the building was CGI'd into the scene.
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Ghosted restaurant
The exterior is also a CGI creation that seems to be inspired by Seattle's Space Needle.

The rotating restaurant looks like the one at the Stratosphere Las Vegas or the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower in Toronto.

The interior was filmed in the studios and at the Polaris Lounge, a real revolving rooftop restaurant in Atlanta.
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John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
The final scene three months later, when the couple goes to the movies, was filmed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Opened in 1971, this large complex was established as a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy.
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1- Anonymous - Apr 23, 2023, 1:27 PM
Also filmed at Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.

2- Anonymous - May 3, 2023, 1:32 PM
The filming about Pakistan was quite bad, there are no camels in the mountains, the whole north of Pakistan is mountains and cold weather, while the cars shown are quite different in Pakistan, they usually drive kei cars from Japan. The funky bus you are talking about does not exist in Pakistan at all.

   3- Anonymous - Jun 19, 2023, 1:26 AM
   The funky buses exist in Pakistan, it's ok!

4- Anonymous - May 4, 2023, 6:52 AM
Actually, the rotation restaurant scene was filmed in Polaris Lounge, Atlanta. Same as the movie, this restaurant is a rotation restaurant too.

5- Anonymous - Jun 21, 2023, 12:09 PM
Thanks for this article- just watched and it’s so good to know the locations. The entire movie was a fantasy and was far from realistic on so many levels - I didn’t think they were in Pakistan for a second. Fun film, however! Glad I stuck it out to get past the “Hallmark Channel-esque” opening.


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