Where was The English filmed? Hoxem, Wyoming, & All the Filming Locations

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Co-produced by the BBC and Amazon Studios, this violent, epic Western featuring great cinematography is one of the best shows of the year.

The six-episode series is set in the American West in 1890. However, The English was primarily filmed in Spain and England.

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer in The English

Emily Blunt plays Cornelia Locke, an aristocratic Englishwoman who seeks revenge on the man she believes responsible for the death of her son.

Along the way, Cornelia meets Pawnee ex-cavalry scout Eli Whipp, played by Chaske Spencer, a Native American explorer with a troubled past.

Costume designer Phoebe de Gaye dress

Director Hugo Blick delivers a cinematic style series where the landscape and the wide open spaces essentially became another character in the show.

Welcome to Hoxem, Wyoming, and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of The English.

The English Locations

The English house
Considered one of the United Kingdom’s finest houses, Ditchley Park doubled as Lady Cornelia Locke's manor in London.

Located near Charlbury in Oxfordshire, the present Palladian-style country house was designed in 1722.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill used this vast estate as a secret weekend retreat.
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Image courtesy of Amazon Studios and Paul Keller - Map

Where was The English filmed
Due to the pandemic, instead of Alberta or Kansas, the show runners looked into Spain to find the right locations.

Almeria, in the south of the country, was home to the old spaghetti Westerns. But director Hugo Blick considered that it would not work for the Kansas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma locations where the series is set.

High Plains Kansas
An extensive location scouting was carried out in Spain, and the filmmakers liked the flat, desert landscapes with a low horizon of La Mancha.

In Toledo province, The English was lensed in an area known as "La mesa" near Mojón hill, about five kilometers away from the town of Tembleque.

The solitary hotel in High Plains, Kansas, from the first episode and the Western Magnetic Cable Company compound in Wyoming of the fifth episode, were filmed here.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

The English series in Spain
The scenes where Cornelia and Eli find the Mennonite children and John and Katie Clarke's farm were filmed in a spot between the towns of Dosbarrios and La Guardia, near Tembleque.
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The English filming locations
From April to June 2021, the crew built the sets that were dismantled once filming was complete.

The canyon, pictured, was also filmed in the old quarries next to Mojon hill.

The studios were looking for extras with blond or red hair and brunette teenage girls in Tembleque.
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Hoxem, Wyoming

Hoxem Wyoming
But most of the filming took place elsewhere during the hot summer months of 2021.

The Hoxem set, the largest of The English, was shot in a huge private livestock farm in an area called Campo Azálvaro, situated near El Espinar town.

Located between Ávila and Segovia provinces outside of Madrid, director Hugo Blick commented in the Behind The Scenes video that they "wanted to place the first scar of civilization on a landscape that was previously untouched".
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Chalk River Wyoming
The local press reported that the production build several sets in Campo Azálvaro, including a village with wooden houses.

The scenes in Chalk River, a territory of Wyoming, were also recorded here.

Most of these landscape crest mountain ranges are lined up with dozens of wind turbine fields, so they had to be deleted digitally in post-production.

Hoxem Caine County
It is not clear where are exactly located the beautiful rock formations in Wyoming, which appear in many key scenes.

From what the director says and looking at the mountains in the background, it seems that the boulder field is also located in the Campo Azálvaro area.

There are many peculiar rocky formations in the Guadarrama mountain range, like Sierra de la Paramera in the south of Ávila or Sierra de la Cabrera in Madrid.

Dónde se rodó The English
In Ávila, near a town called La Hija de Dios (meaning The Daughter of God), there is the filming site of the 1982 Conan The Barbarian movie.

The "Wheel of Pain" scene in Conan also featured stunning rocky formations.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

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The first episode was shot in the Wichita mountain wildlife refuge near Fort sill, Oklahoma.

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There may be another location for the interiors of the London scenes as when one of the characters opens the front door you can clearly see houses across the street. Could it be Linley Sambourne House in Kensington?


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