Where was Peter Pan and Wendy filmed? Guide to all the Filming Locations

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Set in the magical world of Neverland, Peter Pan & Wendy was filmed in Canada and the Faroe Islands.

Directed by David Lowery (Pete's Dragon), this new take on the classic story brings a more modern and inclusive approach to the beloved J.M. Barrie character in an epic live-action adaptation.

Where was Peter Pan and Wendy filmed

The movie follows the original story of Peter Pan, with Wendy and her brothers being whisked away to Neverland by Peter. There they will meet the Lost Boys and face off against Hook and his pirates.

The cast includes Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, Ever Anderson (Milla Jovovich's daughter) as Wendy, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, and Jude Law as Pete's nemesis, Captain Hook.

Welcome to Neverland and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Peter Pan & Wendy. You'll find the locations more or less in order of appearance.

Peter Pan & Wendy Locations

Peter Pan and Wendy house
Most of the interiors, including the Darling home, were filmed on a soundstage in Vancouver.

Of course, the Disney production made extensive use of studio sets and CGI, but it was also filmed on several gorgeous real-world locations.
Image courtesy of Disney - Map

 Peter Pan and Wendy Neverland
The sequence in which the troupe arrives at Neverland flying was filmed on Mykines Island in the Faroe Islands.

This tiny and remote islet is the westernmost of the 18 main islands that make up this territory, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Mykines is known for its stunning natural beauty and unique wildlife, including puffins and gannets.
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Peter Pan and Wendy location
Tindhólmur is an uninhabited islet near Mykines and one of the most iconic landmarks in the Faroese Archipelago.

With its distinctive shape, Tindhólmur features several towering peaks that rise dramatically from the surrounding ocean.
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Risin and Kellingin sea stacks
However, the kids are gunned down by Captain Hook at the Risin and Kellingin sea stacks, located in real life about 30 miles away from Tindhólmur.

Risin, which means "The Giant", stands at 71 meters high, while Kellingin, which means "The Witch", is slightly shorter at 68 meters.

Local legend has it that the two stacks were once giants who tried to drag the Faroe Islands back to Iceland, but were caught by the rising sun and turned to stone.
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Captain Hook's ship
As the local press reported, Captain Hook's pirate ship was built ashore on a movie set in Richmond near Vancouver.

Peter Pan & Wendy was filming in British Columbia for about two months.
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Trinity Beach Bonavista
Wendy is washed up on a beach located quite far away from the Faroe Islands.

She ends up in the coast near Trinity in Newfoundland and Labrador, the easternmost province of Canada.

Located halfway up the Bonavista Peninsula, Trinity is a small and remote community surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery.
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Tiger Lily warrior
But - more movie magic- in the next scene where Wendy meets the warrior princess Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys she has actually traveled about 35 miles north until Cable John Cove.

The rugged cliffs and wind-swept grasslands featured in this scene are located near the Klondike Trail between Elliston North and Spillar's Cove.
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Tickle Cove Sea Arch
The Tickle Cove Sea Arch is a natural wonder located on the eastern coast of Newfoundland.

This massive red sandstone arch spans over 20 meters wide and rises 15 meters high, with the Atlantic Ocean crashing against it below.
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Water tank on a soundstage
We can't confirm this, but the cave sequence was probably entirely filmed using a water tank at the studios.

Captain Hook crew
The scene where Captain Hook and his crew come out of the water was filmed in a small cove at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver located on the other side of the country.

This spot has been used as a filming locations in several productions filmed in the Vancouver area, including the Legion and Siren series.
Image courtesy of Disney - Map

Traelanípa cliff boat
The impressive scene where the pirate ship levitates over the sea was filmed back to the Faroe Islands in Trælanípa, on the island of Vagar.

This breathtaking cliff is a vertical wall of rock that rises 465 feet (142 meters) out of the sea.

The cliff is situated near the equally spectacular Bøsdalafossur waterfall, which flows directly into the ocean.
Image courtesy of Disney - Map

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