The real Bristol Cove: Where is Siren filmed? Season 3 Filming Locations

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The coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its local legends about mermaids, was shaken by some mysterious events with the arrival in the city of Ryn (Eline Powell), a young girl who brings to light a truth that no one, or almost nobody, has ever believed.

The mermaids from the series feature a terrifying beauty. They are incredibly strong creatures, who can transform their bipedal appearance in contact with water. A lot more of them are coming in Season 3!

Where is Siren filmed

But, is Bristol Cove a real town? Do not confuse the Siren village with Easter Cove, Maine, the town where the 2020 indie movie Blow the Man Down is set.

The fictional town is an amalgam of locations. Siren was filmed in Vancouver and its surroundings in British Columbia.

Here are the most relevant filming locations of the Freeform show. No spoilers ahead!

Where is Bristol Cove?

Siren location
The city of Port Moody in Metro Vancouver is where most of the scenes taking place in the streets of Bristol Cove were filmed.

Pictured, one of the first scenes from the first episode shot at Vivio Flower Gallery on Clarke Street.
Image courtesy of Freeform and Google Maps

Siren Town
The Marine Research Center is located at the west end of Reed Point Marina, also in Port Moody.
Image courtesy of Freeform - Google Maps

Where is Siren set
Siren was filming at the historic site of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery (Moncton Street) and at the Canadian Fishing Company, both in Steveston (Richmond).
Image courtesy of Rosie Tulips - Map

The bar restaurant scenes
Still in Steveston village, some more shots were filmed at 7th Avenue and in the Buck And Ear Pub.
Image courtesy of Freeform and Google Maps

Vancouver beach ocean shore sequence
Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver has several nice spots for shooting scenes near the shore.

There was also filmed the first episode of Legion series.
Image courtesy of Colin Knowles - Map

Siren drehort
The list of locations in Coquitlam, according to, includes Scott Creek Middle School, a house on Harbour Dr, and Riverview Hospital (pictured).

This last location is a very versatile set of buildings. It has been used in lots of films and TV shows like Altered Carbon, Riverdale, Sabrina, or Nancy Drew just to name a few.

The cast and crew were also recording scenes in Burnaby at Hart House Restaurant (located within Deer Lake Park), and at the Former Burnaby Youth Detention Centre.
Image courtesy of Waferboard - Map

Siren cabin location
In the second season, Ben's cabin for newly arrived mermaids is the caretaker’s cabin in Murdo Frazer Park on Vancouver's North Shore, near the Pitch and Putt Public golf course.

This spot often appears on movies and TV shows; This is one of the locations where Virgin River was filmed.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Google Maps

Horseshoe Bay Park
Horseshoe Bay Park, Royal Avenue, and Bruce Street in Horseshoe Bay served as additional filming locations.
Image courtesy of Province of British Columbia - Map

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  1. The parts with the seals are filmed at the west end of Reed Point Marina, Port Moody.

  2. Wonderful show! I hope for a fourth season!

  3. I have a hunch, I believe the bar called the Anchor was filmed at the exact location of the boathouse in the secret circle.

  4. Anyone know where Calvin & Janine’s wedding was? The spot where Ben & Ryn sit on the rock?

  5. Hi! I think I just figured out that the mountains Ben was climbing in S1 was West Lion... I'm no mountain expert but one picture I saw looked like a total match!


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