Filming Locations Guide: Where is Legion Filmed?

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Head-tripping Legion is one of the most interesting projects on TV and definitely one of our favorite shows, and we are not short of it.

Fargo's series creator, Noah Hawley, has got all the freedom and support from Marvel Studios to develop an X-Men spin-off with lots of potentials.

Where is Legion Filmed

Superheroes have saved the world multiple times over the course of comics and movies. However, this time the approach is slightly different.

David Haller (Dan Stevens) has spent most of his life in psychiatric centers since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age.

At some point, David realizes that his craziness could be something else, in a world where people don't know (yet) about the existence of mutants. The series takes place in a parallel universe that is not connected with the movies.

The first season of Legion was filmed in Vancouver and in British Columbia. In season 2, the series moved down to Los Angeles.

Welcome to our guide to the filming locations of Legion. No spoilers ahead:

Legion Locations
For season 1, the production was based in a temporary huge studio built in a former supermarket warehouse off 11th Avenue in Burnaby in the southeast of Vancouver.

Here were located the sets for the fictional Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.
Image courtesy of FX Networks

Mental Hospital
Exteriors for the hospital were filmed at 5255 Heather Street in Vancouver.

The crew also was spotted shooting at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Google Maps

Rachel Keller sitting in Vancouver UBC
Wish You Were Here. Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller) sitting at the University of British Columbia's Buchanan Courtyard.
Image courtesy of FX Networks

Legion Filming Locations
Pictured, the Koerner Library in the campus of the UBC, as seen in the first episode.

The Belgrave University from The Order series was also set here; you can find all the locations in our report: Where is The Order filmed?
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Xicotencatl

Legion filmed
David passed by Martha Piper Plaza, the fountain at the intersection of University Boulevard, before continuing on to the Buchanan Complex.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Xicotencatl

BlueShore Centre
Legion was also shot on location at the BlueShore Financial Environmental Learning Centre from the Cheakamus Centre.

This amazing eco-friendly high-tech building is a rural campus of the North Vancouver Outdoor School.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Cheakamus Centre

Town night Halloween sequence
The Halloween scene was filmed in West 11th Avenue near Manitoba Street.

The Amazon Prime series Tales From the Loop created by Nathaniel Halpern, also the writer of Legion, was shot in Manitoba.
Image courtesy of FX Networks

Actors going out the cliff on the ocean shore
The last scene of episode one was shot at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Jim Forest

Footage set in the park
More outdoors: In the second episode, David and Syd talk on the shore of Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.

Also, there's a short scene from the seventh episode filmed here.
Image by Kenny Louie

Legion drehorte
Also in episode 7, David has an illuminating talk with himself at Telus Studio Theatre, located at Chan Centre on the UBC.

This is also one of the locations where the Netflix movie The Unforgivable was filmed.
Image by Jeff Hitchcock

Lighthouse scene
The lighthouse of Dr. Poole from episode four was located at Barnet Marine Park.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Google Maps

Singing in the mental hospital
By the way, do you know who Serge Gainsbourg is? No, it's not the guy camouflaged as a tree in the background. He was the legendary French singer of Pauvre Lola.

Legion Season 2 Locations

Legion locations season 2
In season 2, the team somehow has ended up in a government base, Division 3.

The building is the Oviatt Library at California State University in the Northridge neighborhood, minus the hexagonal tower and the skyscrapers.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Tony Hoffarth - Map

Legion filming locations season 2
Also, the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium from the same university appears in the series.
Image courtesy of FX Networks and Denyx - Map

Where is Legion season 2 Filmed
Most of the sets were built in a studio in Los Angeles, as you can check in this article from Newsweek.

The swimming-pool opening scene was filmed in a house in Hollywood Hills.

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  1. The last 3 pictures are located at Cal State University Northridge! I was a student there. Graduate on the front lawn of the library which is the base of the hexagon building. They did A LOT of special effects on the building. The hexagon part does not exist. Nor does the backdrop. The square building in the last picture also exists. Look up CSUN planetarium building and the Oviatt library!

    1. That's great, thanks a lot for your help. Updated!


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