Where was 'Knives Out' filmed? The house, the city and the filming locations of the movie

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Knives Out is a brilliant comedy thriller about a murder mystery, a classic whodunit film inspired by the original Sleuth movie from 1972. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional family who is brought together to celebrate the 85th birthday of crime novelist and wealthy patriarch Harlan Thrombey. The next morning, he is found murdered in his rich mansion.

This new film from Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is boasting a stellar cast including James Bond Daniel Craig, playing an American Poirot detective, Benoit Blanc. Also joining the cast are Captain America Chris Evans, Don Johnson (Watchmen, Miami Vice), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Ana De Armas (No time to die, Blade Runner 2049), Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music, All the Money in the World), Toni Collette (Unbelievable), Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why), Jaeden Martell (It) and Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water).

Knives Out was filmed in and around the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The house is the key location of the film, becoming a full-scale clue board game. This filming locations report includes no spoilers:

Knives Out location
Most of the film takes place in the Ames Mansion, a 1920s home located south of Boston in Borderland State Park. This manor, that has belonged to the same family for more than 100 years, provided interiors like the main hall and library. Production designer David Crank commented in an interview that they only used the first floor of the house and sections of the exteriors. The crew built the second and the third floor on a soundstage.
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Knives Out drehort
The exteriors of Harlan Thrombey's house were filmed in a mansion located in the Hunnewell Estates Historic District, in Wellesley and Natick (Massachusetts), about 17 miles west of Boston. Hill Hurst is a Ch√Ęteau style residence that went recently through a complete restoration process. This Gilded Age mansion designed in the Queen Anne style in 1883, is a 20 room residence with a huge surrounding land around Lake Waban. The houses within the district were built by the prosperous Bostonian Hunnewell and Welles families, and most of the structures are still in the family. Please remember that the property is a the private residence, and is not open to the public. Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Google Maps

Knives Out manor
The restaurant where Ransom Drysdale talks to Marta Cabrera is the Flat Penny Bar & Grill at 263 West St, Berlin (MA). Image courtesy of Google Maps

Knives Out haus
The Norfolk County Medical Examiner building burned down is the old Registry of Motor Vehicles building on Marlborough's Maple Street. Image courtesy of Google Maps

Knives Out city
Several scenes are set in Maynard. The car chase scene goes through the Maynard Mill (pictured at the left), now known as Clock Tower Place. John's Cleaners is a real business, located at the right of the image in Main St. The alley is in Waltham, right off of Moody Street. Some more reported filming locations include the Medfield State Hospital and Canton. Image courtesy of Google Maps

Knives Out Ransom house
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Knives Out town

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  1. Husband and I went to see the movie today...it is fabulous! Loved all the twists and turns as you went down the journey with the movie theater audience to help solve the murder. Lots of ahs and I told you so whispers in the audience. Daniel Craig was outstanding. Always have been a Don Johnson fan so he was easy on the eyes to watch! Go and enjoy this awesome entertaining movie! M-

  2. The two pictures of the mansion posted ARE the same estate.....

    1. One was a screenshot, the other one from the making of the movie.

  3. Apparently the HH Hunnewell Estate, Pond Rd., Wellesley/Natick

  4. Hill Hurst,
    42.282759, -71.317060

  5. Main Street in Maynard is featured prominently, including the Maynard Mill, now known as Clock Tower Place, and John's Cleaners, which used to be my dry cleaner!

  6. is anyone aware of the name or location of Ransom's house in the movie~?

  7. Marlborough ma is not in Norfolk county it is in Middlesex county!

  8. The Norfolk Medical Examiners (that was on fire) was the old Registry building at the corner of Mill and Maple st ( rte 85) in Marlboro, ma. https:// binged.it/2QLbx6P

  9. why did they change the county name that Marlboro is in?
    why did the letterhead have the wrong county?

  10. The restaurant is "The Flat Penny" located just off Rt 62 in Berlin, MA, near the Berlin/Clinton town line.

    1. That's great, thanks to you all for your help!

    2. It’s changed names now, it’s “On the Trax” same address, but if anyone wanted to go there they’d have a hard time finding the Flat Penny now

  11. What was the modern house that belonged to Chris Evans' character?

  12. Several shots were in Natick Center, on both Main Street and Central Street. The chase scene looks like it was filmed on state Route 27 north of Medfield, heading to the Charles River when they turned off on Hospital Road.


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