The New Asgard Location: Where was Endgame filmed? The Avengers in St Abbs

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In Endgame, the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe village of New Asgard was filmed in several locations in Scotland, including the picturesque harbor town of St Abbs.

As in Thor: Love and Thunder, this popular site for scuba divers has experienced a surge in tourism after it was featured in the superhero movies.

New Asgard location

As its twin and predecessor movie, Infinity War, both films were shot simultaneously for financial and logistical reasons to accommodate the availability of the actors.

Featuring an all-star cast, Endgame was filmed primarily in Georgia and the United Kingdom.

Welcome to New Asgard and our comprehensive guide to all the filming locations of Avengers: Endgame, ordered by first appearance.

Avengers: Endgame Filming Locations

Barton Farm
Let's start from the beginning. The Barton Farm is the Christopher Farms, a fertilizer supplier in Sharpsburg, Georgia.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios - Map

New Avengers HQ
The new Avengers Headquarters was filmed partially at the SANY America head office, a construction equipment supplier in Peachtree City, Georgia.

The main entrance of this company's building was digitally mixed with the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, which already appeared in Captain America: Civil War.
Image courtesy of Marvel - Maps: SANY America - Porsche Center

Five years later, Scott Lang leaves the U-Store-It facility after escaping from the Quantum Realm.

According to MovieMaps, this location was filmed at the MET Atlanta business park.

Maggie's home is located at 840 Clemont Drive Northeast in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood in Downtown Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Marvel - Maps: MET Atlanta / House

Tony Stark's cabin
As Reel News Hawaii revealed, Tony Stark's cabin in the woods is located about a 20-minute drive from Atlanta on the Big Lake, near the village of Campbellton.

The price of the cabin, available for rent on Airbnb, went from $335 a night to more than $1,000.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios - Map

The Avengers restaurant
The restaurant where Scott, Bruce, Steve, and Nat meet up was the old Landmark Diner at 2277 Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta, now permanently closed.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Map

The real New Asgard location

New Asgard Avengers
The very beginning of the New Asgard sequence, where we see the road sign, was filmed just behind St Abbs lighthouse looking North, with the village CGI'd in the background of the scene.

This spot is located about eight miles north of the town, twinned in 2019 with New Asgard.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Google Maps

St Abbs as New Asgard
The small town of T√łnsberg in Norway, also known as New Asgard, was filmed in St Abbs in Scotland.

As you can see, this quaint harbor fishing village was created by casting some digital magic to have a more Scandinavian look.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Magnus Hagdorn - Map

 Asgardian refugees settlement
When Rocket and Hulk arrive in New Asgard and get out of the Land Rover, they have actually just driven from the end of the seawall, a dead end - filmmakers and the liberties they take!

This Berwickshire coastal village is situated about 50 miles from Edinburgh.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Google Maps

Thor house
However, Thor's cabin is located just north of St Abbs, in the small harbor of Cove.

The beautiful house in the harbor was used for the exteriors of Thor's home.

The interior of the house was scanned and built on a soundstage back in the US, for what we actually see in the film.
Image courtesy of Marvel and S. Rae - Map

Tokyo street
The Tokyo street where Natasha finds Clint was filmed on Broad Street Southwest in South Downtown Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Marvel - Google Maps

Alley in New York with the Avengers
Back in 2012, the alley in New York where the Avengers are teleported is located on Cone and Williams Street in Downtown Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Google Maps

Camp Lehigh Army base
The behind-the-scenes VFX video shows how the Camp Lehigh Army base in New Jersey, birthplace of Captain America, was filmed at the studios using buildings, vehicles, and blue screenshots.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Fame Focus

Asgard Temple
In 2013 Asgard, Thor meets her mother (played by Rene Russo) inside the stunning Durham Cathedral in North East England.

The crew added some elements and covered sections of the main nave for the shoot.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Barnyz - Map

Stark Tower hall
The lobby of the Stark Tower was filmed at the Proscenium Cafe and Market in Midtown Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios - Map

New Asgard town
The spot overlooking New Asgard near the end of Endgame, when Thor is talking to Valkyrie, is on a cliff near Horsecastle Bay.

The Milano spacecraft was CGI'd in a bit further to the northeast.
Image courtesy of Marvel and Google Maps

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