The real Mahal Island Location: Where was Shotgun Wedding filmed?

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Set in the fictional Mahal Island Resort in the Philippines, Shotgun Wedding was filmed in the Dominican Republic.

The story revolves around a massive wedding party on a luxury island holiday resort that goes south when a gang of pirates shows up, taking all the guests hostage.

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel

The film stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel as the comical bride and groom, Darcy and Tom.

The movie also features Darcy's ex-boyfriend, Sean, remarkably played by Lenny Kravitz. Jennifer Coolidge, the star of the acclaimed black comedy-drama The White Lotus also set in magnificent hotel locations, appears as the eccentric future mother-in-law, Carol.

Welcome to Mahal Island and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Shotgun Wedding.

The Mahal Island Resort in Philippines

Mahal Island
The movie was primarily recorded in a single location, at the jaw-dropping ÀNI Dominican Republic resort.

In the movie, Mahal Island is a CGI image based on a real private peninsula located in the north of the country, near Río San Juan.
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  Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Mahal Island Philippines
The ÀNI resort is nestled on a gorgeous estate featuring panoramic 270-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean.

This spectacular tropical hideaway only accommodates up to 28 guests in 14 suites positioned on either Villa Amber or Villa Larimar.

ÀNI Dominican Republic
This beachfront all-inclusive retreat has a dedicated team of over 30 staff members.

The facilities include a private spa, gym, putting green, tennis court, and infinity pool where the guests spend half of the film.

Shotgun Wedding location
According to Ministry of Villas, this exclusive swanky 5-star complex costs over US$23,000 per night, although the minimum stay is three nights.

Surrounded by an unspoiled and laid-back rural area, the resort is only minutes away from a world-class golf course and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.
Image courtesy of Exceptional Villas

Shotgun Wedding island
As the local press reported, some scenes in the jungle were filmed in the remote Samaná Peninsula, on the northern coast of the island.

The Dominican Republic has hosted the filming of iconic productions including The Godfather trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and more recently, the action-comedy film starring Sandra Bullock, The Lost City.
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Zip line scenes
Zip line scenes were filmed at the Runners Adventures area of Monkeyland park near Punta Cana.

Known for its white sand beaches and blue turquoise waters, Punta Cana is one of the top vacation destinations in the Caribbean nation and also in all of Latin America.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Shotgun Wedding resort
All the studio work was filmed at Pinewood Studios Dominican Republic in Juan Dolio near San Pedro de Macorís.

This large and modern complex features one of the most advanced water-filming facilities in the world, the Horizon Water Tank.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

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I just want to thank the Producers and Directors of the movie Shotgun Wedding for featuring in this movie a private resort called Mahal Island Resort located in the Philippines. Great movie, performed well by Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. Congratulations!


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