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American Gods Filming Locations
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Based on the 2001 bestseller novel by Neil Gaiman, American Gods tells the quest of Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday to bring the Old Gods (from classical mythology) together, and get ready for the war against the New Gods, invented by man. The gods are a bit like Marvel super heroes, but with real life problems, like most people.

Leading the cast are Ricky Whittle (The 100) as Shadow, Ian McShane (John Wick: Chapter 2, Pirates of the Caribbean) as Wednesday, and Emily Browning (A Series of Unfortunate Events) as Laura Moon.

The two main characters travel across the country in a road trip, so potentially interesting filming locations are expected. American Gods was filmed basically in Ontario (Canada), Oklahoma and Wisconsin. The Cinespace Studios in Toronto served as headquarters for the Starz series. We will also update this report with the new shooting locations for season 3:

House on the Rock American Gods
In the second season, American Gods finally arrives at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. This place plays an important role in the book, as here is located the Infinity Room. This is a real place situated between Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin. This Japanese-style home, built over a 60 feet rock in 1959, has become a unique attraction, filled-up with quirky artifacts and exhibits. Image courtesy of Starz - Map

Motel America
The neon lighted Motel America near the House on the Rock from S01E02 already appeared in season one. It's the New Plaza Motel located at 4584 Kingston Rd, Scarborough (Toronto). However, the last scenes of the episode have been filmed somewhere else. Image courtesy of Starz and Google Maps

The airplane on the way to the rock house
We love the cinematography of American Gods. One of the S02E01 perfect shots features the plane parked outside Don Q Inn, an ex-military Boeing C-97. It's on the way from Dodgeville to House on the Rock, so probably the director of photography couldn't resist the temptation of recording a road trip sequence here. This hotel is quite peculiar itself, with themed-rooms and a honeymoon suite located in a church steeple.
Image courtesy of Starz - Map

American Gods Cairo
Several scenes taking place in Cairo were filmed in the streets of the historic downtown in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Image courtesy of Starz and Google Maps

American Gods Location
The funeral scene from the first season was shot at Hamilton Cemetery (Ontario).
Image courtesy of Starz

Bank scene
Wyndham Street in Guelph (also in Ontario), was doubling as downtown Chicago. Here is located the bank from the third episode, the Dominion Public Building. Image courtesy of Starz - Map

Starbrite Motel
The Starbrite Motel from episode 5 is located outside Toronto, off the Highway 400 at exit 89.
Image courtesy of Starz

Vulcan Virginia town
Vulcan (Virginia) was filmed in Cambridge (Ontario), near Queens Square, the bridge, the presbyterian church and in the Galt area. This is a very familiar location for The Handmaid's Tale fans. Image by JJ Losier

Bay Roberts in Newfoundland
The coastal landscapes with the Irish girl from episode 7 belong to Bay Roberts in Newfoundland (Canada).
Image courtesy of Starz

Spring goddess Manor Estate
The mansion of Easter, the Old Goddess of spring, from episode 8 is the Hawkridge Farm (the famous Eaton Family Mansion) in Caledon (Ontario). It was built by George Eaton, heir to the Eaton's Department store chain. At one point it was for sale and listed at 24$ Canadian million. It was the most expensive piece of real estate in the whole country. According to Inside Caledon, "the huge estate covers 150 acres that includes forests, a freshwater stream, cattle pastures, walking trails, gardens and a pond. The 24,000 square foot home includes a large living room, formal dining room, a large kitchen, 11 bedrooms and an indoor pool".
Image courtesy of Starz - Map - Thanks Tommy for your help finding this!

Jail season one
For the next locations we move from Canada to the USA. Exterior shots for the prison were filmed on location at McAlester State Penitentiary in Oklahoma. Image courtesy of Starz

Ponca City street
The streets of the historic district of Ponca City served as the set for an exterior scene. American Gods was filming at various locations throughout the state of Oklahoma. Image by Jeffrey Beall

Gloss Mountain
This scene from episode one (with a sign of Shakamak State Park), was filmed at Gloss Mountain, also in Oklahoma. Image courtesy of Starz

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Finally, if you are enjoying the show, we recommend you the brilliant novel by Neil Gaiman American Gods that inspires the series:

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  1. Where did they film the last scene in episode 8?

    1. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, that looks like the turnoff to the midlothian castle, near Burk's Falls, Ontario.

    2. the police chase to the house in Cairo is Niagara falls

    3. Having driven through that intersection a few dozen times, I would say it is at County Road 8 (Mono Centre Road) and 3rd line EHS in Mono Township, Dufferin County.

      Which is the South East corner of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

      44.036812, -80.058900 is the coordinates on the Map

  2. Was any of it filmed in Ireland?

  3. The motel is just off the 400 at exit 89, saw them filming

  4. Vulcans house in the episode where they go visit him is the Scottish Rite masonic centre in Hamilton Ontario.

  5. Does anyone know the motel location from the first episode?

    1. It says up top outside of toronto off a highway

    2. The motel is the 'Motel 400'. It is located in Ontario, Canada north of Toronto at Just off of Highway 400 at Highway 89. Here's a map link. Cheers.,-79.6576992,324a,35y,174.97h/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

  6. To the last book recommendation, I got the book on Audible after watching the show last year, they have a version of the 10th anniversary book that is performed by the Show's main cast members.

  7. where is the diner in nashville at in season 2 episode 7

  8. Pretty sure the scene where Laura and Mad Sweeney steal the ice cream truck was filmed in Dundas Ontario at a place called Dyments. The same scene was used in an episode of The Umbrella Academy. It's in my hometown 🙂

  9. I thought I'd post the map link to 'Easter's Mansion',+Caledon,+ON+L7K+1R8/@43.8221776,-79.9949951,807m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882b05eebce8d683:0x8c4dc1cecb76c249!8m2!3d43.8221738!4d-79.9928064?hl=en

  10. The scene where Shadow and Mr. Wednesday walk into a Chicago diner was shot in my neighbourhood in Hamilton, On, right beside the steel factories

  11. I lived in an apartment off of Queens Square in Cambridge and saw them film Handmaids scenes


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