Where is Mayor of Kingstown filmed? Guide to ALL the Locations in Kingstown, Michigan

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Mayor of Kingstown is the story of an ex-cop living in a city where the local economy almost only centers around a prison-industrial complex.

The series is set in the fictional town of Kingstown, Michigan, based on Kingston, Ontario, which is where the show was partially filmed.

Mayor of Kingstown Location

Created by Taylor Sheridan (the director of Yellowstone’ with Kevin Costner), the desolate Paramount+ drama stars siblings Mitch and Mike McLusky, played by Bloodline’s Kyle Chandler and Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner.

This is the best guide to the filming locations of Mayor of Kingstown that you can find. We have (almost) everything right here.

The Mayor of Kingstown prison

Mayor of Kingstown prison
The interior and exterior scenes in the large prison pictured in the series were filmed at the former Kingston Penitentiary or Kingston Pen in Canada.

Opened in 1835, this maximum-security center was closed down in 2013. Today, the Victorian-era complex can be visited on a tour until plans for future development are completed.

Hugh Dillon, the co-creator of the show who also plays Ian Ferguson, is from this town. Kingston, Ontario, is known for having multiple jails in and around the city.
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Welcome to Kingstown, Michigan

Kingstown Michigan
The McLusky office is located at 290 Queenston Road in Glenview East, Hamilton.

The June 2021 Google Maps street images still show how the film crew dressed the exterior of this building, previously occupied by a Bank of Montreal branch.
Image courtesy of Paramount+ and Google Maps

The Red Carriage
The Lakeview Restaurant in Toronto's Dundas Street doubled as The Red Carriage diner where Mike met up with some guards.

This iconic restaurant was also featured in several productions including The Shape of Water, Hairspray, and The Boondock Saints.
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Kingstown Michigan prison
Miriam McLusky (Mike and Mitch's mother, played by Dianne Wiest) teaches in a classroom of a huge female prison.

The exterior is the Art Deco R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in the former city of Scarborough in Toronto.

The construction of this stunning cathedral-like structure, with opulent marble interior halls, started in 1932 and became operational in 1941.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Mayor of Kingstown city
The establishing shots of Kingstown were filmed in the post-industrial areas of Hamilton.

The Canadian city has often been used to stand in for Detroit in productions filmed in Ontario.

The spectacular bridges pictured are the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge and Bay James N. Allan Skyway, connecting Hamilton Harbour and Lake Ontario for boat traffic, and the cities of Hamilton and Burlington by land, respectively.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Mike and Mitch McLusky
In the first episode, Mike and Mitch meet on Hamilton Beach with the hydroelectric towers running beside the bridge.
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Incarceration business
The McLusky brothers visit gang leader Deverin "Bunny" Washington (played by Tobi Bamtefa) to negotiate with him.

These scenes were filmed at 8 Crown Hill Place in South Etobicoke.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Vera at the club
According to this film notice, the scenes at the strip club with Vera Sunter (played by Elizaveta Neretin) were recorded at Filmores Gentlemen's Club on Dundas and George Street in downtown Toronto.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Gaelic Bar
The Gaelic Pub is Sam's Tavern at 632 Barton Street E in the Gibson neighborhood in Hamilton.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Mayor of Kingstown house
The McLusky house is located at 31 William Street in Brantford.

This is a private residence - if you are visiting, please be considerate to the owners of the property.
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Mayor of Kingstown drehort
The second episode, "The End Begins", opens with a scene filmed at the historic Bayview Cemetery in Burlington.
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus - Map

Big Mountain Arrow and Bow
The Big Mountain Arrow and Bow shop is actually Triggers and Bows, a hunting store located a 15-minute drive west of Brantford on the outskirts of the town of Burford.
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus - Map

The End Begins
The car chase was filmed along Clarence Street in Brantford, with the collision taking place at the corner of Grey Street.

By the end of episode two, there is a scene in a hotel with Iris (played by Emma Laird) recorded at The Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Toronto.
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus - Maps: Car Chase / Hotel

Filming in Hamilton
In the third episode, an explosive scene was filmed at Twin Spring Cottage Condo Community and Camping in Burford, County of Brant.
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus - Map

Mayor of Kingstown in Hamilton
Also, in episode 3, the house stormed by the police squad is located at 10 Keith Street in Hamilton.
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus - Map

Hamilton Harbor pier
The scenes taking place in the docks where filmed near the Heddle Shipyards area at the Hamilton Harbor.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

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1- Anonymous - Nov 21, 2021, 9:10 PM
The bar where Mike McClusky smashes the guy's face off the bar is at the corner of Barton Street E and Chestnut Street in Hamilton. It's called Sam's Tavern.

2- Guilherme - Nov 24, 2021, 6:21 AM
The women's prison is a real building in Toronto called the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant. It has been used in several films, including Mimic and In the Heart of Madness.

3- Anonymous - Nov 29, 2021, 10:09 PM
The house that SWAT raids in episode 3 seems to be the same house that was used in Four Brothers.


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