Where was SAS: Red Notice filmed? The House and ALL the Filming Locations

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Although it doesn't look like Hungary, SAS: Red Notice was primarily filmed in Budapest, with additional locations in England and Spain.

Most of the movie takes place underground in the Eurotunnel connexion between the United Kingdom and the European mainland beneath the Strait of Dover.

However, the film also contains a couple of outstanding filming locations: the Lewis house in London and the stunning coastline and the estate in Mallorca featured in the last scene.

Sam Heughan in Englefield House

The story of this action thriller is an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by former SAS soldier Andy McNab.

The Scottish star of the Outlander series, Sam Heughan plays suspended special forces soldier Tom Buckingham.

Tom is caught up in a hostage rescue on the Eurostar train en route to Paris, where he is planning to propose to his fiancé, Dr. Sophie Hart played by Hannah John-Kamen (The Stranger, Game of Thrones). Ruby Rose, the Batwoman star and the mute security enforcer of John Wick: Chapter 2 is the bad psychopath Grace Lewis.

If you want to know everything there is to know about SAS: Red Notice filming locations, look no further, we have everything right here:

Gveli Pass in Georgia
The movie opens with a sequence set in a village located at the fictional Gveli Pass in Georgia.

This Caucasian republic bordering Russia is a country blessed with breathtaking scenery, producer of excellent wines.

The background mountains pictured in the movie look like they've been CGI'd, as this section of the movie was filmed in Hungary.
Image by courtesy of Sky Cinema

Towers in a Svaneti town
To make the scene more realistic, the filmmakers could have included establishing shots of the impressive towers of the Svaneti region.

Situated in the northern valleys of Georgia, these fortified watchtowers are part of the traditional architecture of the area. We were there exploring this wonderful corner of the world, where every house used to be a fortress, a few years ago.

If you'd like to know more about the spectacular land of towers in the Caucasus, please follow this link.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image by Atlas of Wonders - Map

SAS Red Notice house
Tom's family's ancestral house is an asymmetrical Elizabethan countryside manor called in the movie Buckingham Estate.

The Englefield House is a magnificent 16th-century listed Grade II building, located near Reading in the English county of Berkshire.

You may have seen this property before, as it has been featured in multiple popular productions including X-Men: First Class, The King's Speech, Great Expectations, Black Mirror, in the Disney TV movie series Descendants, and also appeared as the Sandringham Estate in Netflix's The Crown.
Image courtesy of Babel Stone - Map

Englefield church
The beautiful church where Tom drives his motorcycle is also located on the grounds of Englefield House.

A note on gossip - in 2017 the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, got married to financier James Matthews here at St Mark's Church.

Writer's Villa in Budapest
The Black Swans nest is the fictional Habsburg house, located in Hampstead Heath in North London.

The Lewis household is actually the lovely Writer's Villa in Budapest. I hope that after the assault, the special forces commando didn't damage this art nouveau marvel too much.

All the interior scenes, including the staircase, the rooms with the colorful vintage wallpaper, and the dining room were filmed here on location.
Image courtesy of BrodyLand - Map

The interior of the Habsburg home
Located in the Buda hills area of the city, the Writer's Villa is an 1881 luxurious home with dazzling stained glass windows and the rare Zsolnay porcelain fountain.

The gorgeous garden with a swimming pool was designed by Dutch landscaper Baroness Margaretha Voërst van Lynden. We have no idea who this lady was, but you have to recognize that she has a badass name.

The property comprises seven double bedrooms with five bathrooms and can be booked as a glamorous setting for private events from film and fashion photoshoots, to birthdays and weddings.

The actors driving a motorbike at London St Pancras
Location manager Jane Soans said to LMGI that “Surprisingly, Eurostar didn’t want to have anything to do with it,” when the production team contacted the international high-speed rail service to talk about the movie.

Apart from the scene in London St Pancras International Station (pictured), most of the Channel Tunnel part of the movie was filmed at the Mafilm Studios in Budapest.

The interior scenes set at the St Thomas' Hospital in Westminster were also filmed in Hungary.
Image courtesy of Sky Cinema - Map

Sa Foradada viewpoint
The final wedding scene features awesome drone footage flying over the coast of the island of Mallorca.

Legend has it that the Sa Foradada peninsula hole (the pierced one in the Catalan language), was made by a cannon shot during the 1582 war between North African pirates and the Mallorcan Christians.
Image courtesy of Ubacher - Map

SAS: Red Notice haus drehorte
The Buckingham Villa in Mallorca is worth a James Bond villain house. Son Marroig is nestled in the impressive Serra de Tramuntana mountain range near the nice towns of Deià and Valldemossa.

The gazebo overlooking the sea was made with Carrara marble. The property was the former Mediterranean mansion of Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, who bought the estate in 1863.

Today, you can visit the house hosting a small museum dedicated to the Archduke.
Image courtesy of Sky Cinema - Map

The supporting cast includes Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, The Lone Ranger) as the crazy millionaire William Lewis, Andy Serkis (Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy) as George Clements, and Tom Hopper (Luther in The Umbrella Academy) as Declan Smith.

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