Where was The Stranger filmed? Cedarfield and Harpurton Filming Locations

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The Netflix series The Stranger is set in the fictional town of Cedarfield, located somewhere in Northern England.

Also, the village of Harpurton, featured in one episode, doesn't really exist. The Stranger was primarily filmed in the Greater Manchester area.

The Stranger Netflix

The series is an adaptation based on the 2015 novel by author Harlan Coben, about web-based secrets and blackmail. In the original The Stranger book, Cedarfield is an exclusive American suburb in New Jersey.

Everything suddenly changes in the comfortable life of Adam Price when a girl appears out of nowhere and tells him a devastating secret about his wife.

Here is our complete guide to all the filming locations of The Stranger.

The Stranger locations

Sports Club building
The series begins in the Cedarfield Sports Club, where Adam is first approached by The Stranger.

These scenes were filmed in the Monton Sports Club located in Welbeck Road in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

This is also one of the Fool Me Once filming locations.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The Stranger house
Adam Price's family home is located in Didsbury, a pricey suburban village south of Manchester city centre.

This house and his neighbour's Tripp home, located across the street (played by Shaun Dooley, pictured below), are both historical Grade II listed buildings.
Image courtesy of Netflix - The Stranger house

The Stranger location
The Price family home is the Park End House, a seven-bedroom residence built mid to late 19th century.

Tripp's home is the Pine House, constructed around 1840.

The houses are located in the same neighbourhood where the Stay Close series was filmed.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Cedarfield UK
The decapitated alpaca body found in the center of the village was actually shot in Bury, below the Robert Peel Statue near the Church of Street Mary the Virgin.

Bury is a nice town located almost eight miles northwest of Manchester, home to the East Lancashire Railway, a popular market, and a few interesting museums.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

White Peak Alpacas in Mobberley
The animal farm from the first episode of The Stranger is the White Peak Alpacas in Mobberley, a village part of Cheshire.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The empty City street with Adam's car
Adam's friend Martine Killane (Stephen Rea), lives in a terraced Victorian home in a neglected area looking like a ghost town. This house is on Webster Road in Liverpool (between Wavertree and Toxteth).

At first, we thought that these scenes had been shot in Clayton (East Manchester), in a part of the town known as the Ben Street Regeneration Area.

According to Manchester Evening News, Clayton became one of Britain’s most deprived areas after many big employers of East Manchester’s 20th-century industrial base shot down before or in the nineties. Now the city council is planning a massive regeneration scheme, basing the plan on building sporting venues.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map Location

Brown Sugar Café Manchester
The Brown Sugar Café, owned by Heidi (Jennifer Saunders), is a tea room called the Café At The Cathedral (also listed as Proper Tea), a cozy venue located right across the street from Manchester Cathedral.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The Stranger filming locations
The Stockport Market Hall appears in The Stranger as if it was located near the coffee shop.

However, the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport is seven miles south-east of Manchester city centre.

The covered market is a remarkable Victorian-era landmark, located in the heart of Stockport.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map Filming Location

secondary school grand room
The Cedarfield High School is the Bolton School, according to Wikipedia one of the largest independent day schools in England.

The Great Hall, built at the beginning of the 20th century, boasts a traditional church organ and a magnificent vaulted ceiling.

The complex includes the Riley Sixth Form Centre, also featured in the series. Bolton is a large city located around 15 miles northwest of Manchester.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Manchester scene actors
The sequence when Heidi goes to the city to meet her daughter Kimberley (Callie Cooke), was filmed in St Peter's Square in Manchester downtown.

The arches are under the building near the Central Library.
Images courtesy of Netflix - Map

Ich schweige für dich drehort
Adam visits Suzanne’s house in the second episode, shot near St Philip's Church in Salford.

This location was easy to recognize thanks to the characteristic nineteenth-century bell tower.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

All Star Lanes Manchester
The bowling centre at the beginning of the third episode was filmed at All Star Lanes in Manchester.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Grand Designs house
Dante's house is an ultra-modern eco house featured in an episode of Grand Designs.

Located in Bolton, this five-bedroom home went £200,000 over budget, spending more than £550,000 for its construction in 2018.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Ancoats Coffee Co
Adam finally meets Suzanne in the Ancoats Coffee Co, situated in the Royal Mills.

This is a historical early-twentieth-century cotton mill complex.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The house Adam Price visits by the end of the third episode, the Brickfield Cottage, is on College Road in Whalley Range, also in Manchester.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The bridge in the fictional town of Harpurton in the fourth episode is the scenic Martholme Viaduct in Lancashire, located between the town of Great Harwood and the village of Read.

This magnificent disused 19th-century railway bridge, similar to the bridge in Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, was reopened to walkers and horses in 2017.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Viaduct location

Stockport Railway Station
The train station is the Stockport Railway Station. Ed's office is located in Hardman Square, Manchester.

He meets the Stranger in The Grill on New York Street (Blackhouse) restaurant, also in Manchester.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Railway Station / Hardman Square / The Grill

Italian restaurant Gusto Manchester
The bar where Adam meets his old close colleague, Sally, is the Italian restaurant Gusto at 4 Lloyd Street, Manchester.

Johanna meets Heidi's daughter, Kimberley (Callie Cooke), in Parsonage Gardens.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Restaurant / Parsonage Gardens

movie theater and police office
The Stranger works in a cinema, The Plaza in Stockport, a historic Art Deco cinema and theatre from the 1930s.

She lives in a flat located at Brunswick Mill Rehearsal Rooms on Bradford Road (Manchester).
Image courtesy of Stephen Needs - Maps: The Plaza / Flat

Cedarfield police station
The Cedarfield police station is the Old Magistrates Building in Bolton.

In episode five, Johanna and her partner are sitting in the large staircase of Bolton's Town Hall in Victoria Square.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Grand Pacific Restaurant
The scene where the police set a trap for the businessman in a bar with Johanna and Katz (Paul Kaye), was recorded in the Grand Pacific Restaurant.

Located at the top of King Street in the center of Manchester, this is a prestigious and luxurious venue, hosted in a splendid colonial-style Grade II listed building.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Royal Infirmary
The Royal Infirmary seems to be, as the Manchester Evening News suggests the former Spire Hospital in the Whalley Range area, set to be demolished.

However, at least the scenes showing the modern section of the hospital were filmed in Salford University.

The chase through the streets in the seventh episode (pictured) was shot in downtown Stockport.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Hospital / Salford University /Stockport

Railroad station yard
The old train depot where the chase ends is the East Lancashire Railway in Bury.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Bloom Coffee Shop
The Bloom Coffee Shop from the last episode, where Adam speaks to the private investigator, is also located in Bury.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Danny Brocklehurst, the creator of the 2018 British drama Safe, also shot in Manchester, is involved in this project starring Richard Armitage as Adam Price (known for his role as the dwarf prince in The Hobbit), Jacob Dudman as his son Thomas (Medici, The A List), Siobhan Finneran as DS Johanna Griffin (Benidorm, Happy Valley, Downton Abbey), Hannah John-Kamen as The Stranger (Game of Thrones, Ghost in the Marvel movies), Jennifer Saunders as Heidi (Absolutely Fabulous), Dervla Kirwan as Adam's wife Corinne and Anthony Head as Ed Price (Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

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  1. Bolton school is the school they use

  2. The exterior of "Brickfield Cottage" the house Adam Price visits about 10 minutes from the end of episode 3 is on College Road, Whalley Range, Manchester. I've been waiting for this to turn up since I saw the vans filming and noticed a sheet with the programme title behind the windscreen of one of them.

    1. Thanks for your help, updated!

    2. Yes thank you! I’ve been wondering what they were filming for ages. Also never seen the front of the house either, gates are always closed! Great spot

  3. Where is the town with the bunting when Adam is chasing her

    1. Hi Ingrid, these scenes where filmed in the streets of the centre of Stockport: Great Underbank, Little Underbank and Market Place.

  4. It’s not Rosso the restaurant is grand pacific across the street

  5. Is the derelict area really Clayton? The architecture (bay windows with cast iron pillars) looks more like equally derelict parts of Liverpool (the “Welsh streets” area near Ringo Starr’s birthplace, for example).

    1. Good question, let's see if anyone from the area can confirm this.

  6. Abondened street is actually in Liverpool, Webster Road

    1. Thanks a lot, now we found the real location!

  7. The scenes of the hospital are Salford University

  8. The stranger's flat is located in Brunswick Mill Rehearsal Rooms on Bradford Rd in Manchester

    1. If you look on Google maps, the entrance to the mill still has the same graffiti as that seen on the show.

    2. Cool, thanks a lot for your help, updated!

    3. The flat used is Back Piccadilly facing onto Mangle Street. The production company also used the same location for Heavens in Safe, also by Harlan Coben

  9. Where is the chase scene through the railway depot/old trains filmed?

    1. I was wondering that too, I thought it looked like ramsbottom??

    2. East Lancs Railway in Bury

    3. No not ramsbottom. It does show up though as Harpurton. When he drives passed a pub called The Railway and then on the next scene. Standing on the footbridge over the railway line before they get to the viaduct.

  10. Did any of the filming take place in The Avenue, Sale?

  11. Brickfield cottage is actually directly opposite 113 & 115 college road which is a tree lined road and part of the conservation area of whalley range. I've lived here for 26 years and seen a lot of location filming take place here as in cracker & blue murder and most recently the stranger. On the day of filming the guy who provided the black volvo xc90 was parked outside my house and I made him and his assistants cups of tea. We were chatting when the location manager asked if I could park my cars on my drive to give a clear view of the area outside the cottage when filming. They were here most of the day with tea & biscuit's on tap all day.

  12. Hi. Do you know anything about Dante's house? I thought I had seen it on grand designs. Thank you :)

    1. I think it was part of a channel4 grand designs

  13. Where is the beautiful reservoir in series 8?

  14. Could anyone say where the forest, edged with moorland, were filmed? This is the reason I searched and it is only place no site covers. It looks like the Forest of Bowland or similar.


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