Where is Walker filmed? Guide to (almost) all the Series Filming Locations

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Following CBS’ Magnum P.I. and MacGyver, the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger is the new incarnation of a beloved character from a couple or three decades ago.

But, where is the new series filmed? If the original show was primarily shot in Dallas and several locations and ranches near Santa Fe in New Mexico, Walker is set and was filmed in Austin, Texas.

Jared Padalecki and Lindsey Morgan

After fifteen seasons starring in Supernatural, Jared Padalecki will play Sergeant Cordell Walker, updating the character that Chuck Norris embodied from 1993 to 2001 in the original CBS network.

Lindsey Morgan, who starred as Raven Reyes in The 100, leads the supporting cast as Micki Ramirez, Cordell's new partner-in-law.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of the Walker series.

Walker Texas Ranger city
Many landmarks of the city of Austin appear in the show between the scenes as establishing shots. Pictured, the Texas State Capitol framed from the Congress Avenue Bridge, likely shot from the Austin American office entrance.

The Austin City Council approved an agreement offering an incentive of $9.3 million with the producers to bring the show into town.

According to the local newspaper American-Statesman, the series was also filmed in several locations in Caldwell, Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of The CW - Map

Location where the new Walker Texas Ranger is filmed
In the first episode, Cordell and Micki, his new partner in the Texas Rangers, have lunch in a food truck located near the Church On Congress Avenue in South Congress.

The out-of-focus buildings are Maya and Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds (1508 and 1506 S Congress Ave).
Image courtesy of The CW - Map

Back in the Saddle
Just before visiting the fictional Flores de Alma flower shop, there's an establishing shot showing the Austin Rhapsody Mural located at 1021 E 11th Street in the East Austin district.

Designed in 2003, this beautiful 50-foot-long artwork celebrates the time when this part of the city was a boiling pot of blues and jazz music.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Sacred Heart High
Stella's school (played by Violet Brinson), the fictional Sacred Heart High, is the Baker School at 3908 Avenue B in Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Nowadays, this building is primarily the headquarters of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Walker location in Austin
We reckon that the gazebo in a lookout point to the city skyline was built just for filming somewhere in the Zilker Park or the Butler Metro Park areas.

Also, according to a resident of Dripping Springs (thank you, Mark), most of the outdoor "woodsy" scenes were shot on the Storm Ranch, which is at the corner of Gatlin Creek Road and Gatlin Creek Road.
Image courtesy of The CW - Maps: Park / Ranch

Maxine's Cafe and Bakery
The Maxine's Cafe and Bakery from the third episode "Bobble Head" at 905 Main Street in Bastrop.

Located just about 30 miles southeast of Austin, Bastrop is considered "the most historic small town in Texas."

Many scenes were filmed in the charming downtown streets of this small town, which also served as the location of the Amazon series Panic, set in Carp, Texas.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Bastrop County courtroom
The Bastrop County Courthouse doubled as the Travis County Courthouse.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Greenhouse at Driftwood
The botanical garden of the fourth episode "Don't Fence Me In" is the Greenhouse at Driftwood in the Texas Hill Country.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Greenhouse at Driftwood
Many scenes of the fifth episode "Duke" were filmed at Mayfest Park, home of the Bastrop Homecoming and Rodeo organization.

You’ll also find our article revealing all the locations where the 1883 series was filmed in Texas following this link here.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

Walker Series Side Step Bar
The cool bar featured in the series, "Side Step", is located on St Johns, just east of Lamar Boulevard next to Barrett's Coffee Shop in Austin.

According to some of our readers (thanks a lot!), the building was an empty auto mechanics place or some sort of old metal shop turned into an art studio, before being transformed for the show.
Image courtesy of CW - Map

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  1. I’m pretty sure the gazebo is located in zilker park across from the Austin dog park because you can see Barton springs down the edge of the hill

  2. Did you ever find out the name of the bar?

  3. many shots are from Bastrop... Court house, main street, bakery, and gracey's.

  4. In the episode titled "Duke" a majority of the shots are filmed at Mayfest Park, home of the Bastrop Homecoming and Rodeo. Located near Historic Bastrop on 25 American Legion Dr. The covered show barn gave it away, having taught some archery lessons in the very location.

  5. Where are the bars that they used for filming?

  6. The bar is on St. John's and Lamar.

  7. The bar in the show "Side Step" is located on St Johns, just east of Lamar next to Barrett's Coffee Shop. Just drove by and they were filming, had to look up what Side Step was from and here I am! Lol. It was an empty auto mechanics place if I remember correctly, before being transformed for the show.

    1. In the above picture, you can not read the sign on the building next to what looks like Walker's truck. But the sign reads "radiator drop off" I know for a fact that that part of the building was a scrap yard. They took cans and other scrap metal. I think the name was DNT. The building nextdoor might have been a part of it, where the actual bar seems to be, but I am not sure.

  8. The Bar is some sort of old metal shop turned art studio, from what I heard.

  9. Hello, there Did you film a scene at Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms in Austin? Our guide told us you filmed using the side of their Scarborough Barn as a backdrop.

  10. Was the RAM truck used as Walkers a rental? He rarely drove it, most of the action used Micki F150. Not the RAM according to my Texas sources, most if not all DPS Investigators operate out of the States fleet of F150 pickups.

  11. Some of the episodes were filmed in Sanger, Texas.

  12. I was an atmosphere performer on an episode of “walker.” But I live in Atlanta. I can’t find any information about which episode it was. We filmed at Georgia Tech stadium. Can any of you help me figure this out? Thank you!

  13. To correct a few things: first, the food-truck scene was filmed on S. Congress, not Congress Ave. – and yes, there's a difference. Congress Ave. is only 11 blocks long, north of Town Lake (and it dead-ends at the Texas Capitol), whereas S. Congress extends through almost the entire southern half of Austin (south of the lake), almost to the city limits. Also, absolutely no one calls the area "South River City," despite how it's labeled on Google Maps. South Congress bisects two neighborhoods – Bouldin Creek & Travis Heights – but most longtime locals just call the area itself "South Congress," since it's not technically in either one of the two. (Newbies tend to call it "SoCo," which irritates us natives!) Similar story with the mural: it's in East Austin, not "Central East." Finally, the "Baker Business Center" is much better known as the Baker School, and it's a landmarked building that actually *was* a school until relatively recent times. Nowadays it's primarily the HQ of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain (which is based in Austin), but the exterior is almost entirely unchanged.

  14. Awesome, thank you, Kirker.

    But in the caption, the "Church On Congress Avenue" is the name of the church located on S. Congress.


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