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Every small town has a secret. The dead-end town of Carp, Texas, has a game called Panic. No one knows who invented it or when it first began, but, every summer, the graduating seniors risk their lives to win a large cash prize, considered the only way out of the town.

Panic was filmed in and around Austin, Texas. Obviously, the producers changed the name of the real town where most of the action takes place, which is actually a small, but nice city in Bastrop County.

Where was Panic filmed

The 10-episode Amazon series is based on the 2014 hit novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver.

The main cast is led by relative newcomers including Olivia Welch as Heather Nill, Mike Faist as Dodge Mason, Jessica Sula as Natalie Williams, Ray Nicholson as Ray Hall, Camron Jones as Bishop Moore, and Enrique Murciano as Sheriff James Cortez.

Here is our spoiler-free Panic filming locations report:

Carp Texas
In the series, Carp is located in the fictional Richards County. Most of the scenes were filmed in Smithville, Texas, located just 42 miles southeast of Austin near the Colorado River.

Smithville preserves many picturesque century-old houses and buildings in the historical center, perfect for filming. The village is a designated Film Friendly Community by the Texas Film Commission.

Several large productions have been shot here, including The Tree of Life (2011) starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain and Hope Floats (1988) with Sandra Bullock.
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Panic city
Panic filmed many scenes in Smithville, particularly along Main Street. The film crew took over the town and dressed up many storefronts.

The bar-restaurant Dot's diner, the Grand movie theater, Lile and Sons Pharmacy, and Dickenson's Tools & Hardware were all created for the series. Only the Back Door Cafe is a real coffee shop.

Richards County
The Richards County Sheriff's Department is a house located at 404 Fawcett Street. The iconic water tower overlooking the river near the bridge also exists, but it was digitally painted with Texan colors and the Carp name.

The local library (with the God bless Carp sign) is the Smithville Public Library at 507 Main Street.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Maps: Sheriff's station and Library

Smithville train
The yellow train car that appears in the season finale is located at Railroad Park also in Smithville, featuring a 1966 Union Pacific Caboose.

Although it seems written on purpose, the painted sign on the train "Safety is an equal opportunity for all" was already there before the series came to town!
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Panic house
The haunted house from episode five, “Phantoms” is an 1897 historic manor called Bloor House located at 709 N Lexington Street in Manor, Texas.

Built in Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles, this protected landmark sitting on an entire city block was CGI'd to look abandoned and run-down. The house features two turreted corners, but the belfry was also added digitally.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Carp tx water tower
According to Austin Film Meet, the series was also filmed in several surrounding areas of Austin including Bastrop, Elgin, Lockhart, and Georgetown.

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1- Anonymous - July 21, 2021 at 8:45 PM
Was the fenced area and barn scene where Heather worked for the lady filmed at The Last Resort in Smithville, Texas?

  1. Episode 8: Tumbleweed maze is at J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor.


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